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Baptiste - Imaginary Friend Legacy--Updated 3/13


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    It's been a long time since I've caught up reading on any of the challenges I follow but I can't wait to see Naomi's baby or babies! And I know that the twins will be in relationships in no time
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    I couldn't play for a little while due to losing my disc and issues with updates but I got a chance to play for a bit last night. I'll be adding an update tonight.
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    Naomi couldn't wait to tell her mother about the baby.
    Grace was very excited to hear that there was a new baby on the way. Joshua was happy to hear he was going to be an uncle again.
    Grace gave her a hug. "I'm so happy for you, sweetheart."
    Grace decided to go visit Quinn since she knew she was going to have her baby any day now.
    Quinn was very happy to see her mother.
    They had barely finished saying hello when Quinn went into labor.
    Grace drove Quinn to the hospital since Jack was out of town for the day.
    Hours later they left with Quinn's new son, Grace and Cedric's first grandchild. Quinn told her mother that she and Jack had decided to name him Stefan.
    While Grace was at the hospital with Quinn Naomi went to the spa to get a massage. She left feeling very relaxed.
    Perhaps too relaxed because when she saw a little puppy in the pat shop window she could not resist bringing him home.
    Time flew by and before she knew it Naomi was feeling the first pains of labor.
    Naomi called Isaiah at work and told him she would meet him at the hospital. Then she drove herself there.
    Isaiah got there as soon as he could and then ran into the hospital.
    He got there in time! A few hours later Naomi and Isaiah headed home with their newborn son, Garion. He has the traits Friendly and Excitable.
    Naomi was happy, but tired when she got home with baby Garion.
    Grace was excited to snuggle her new grandson. "Welcome to the world, Garion!"
    He did not, however, get a doll in the mail so he is not eligible to be an heir.
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    Just found your story and I love it. It's strange how not every baby gets an IF doll, when you really need them.
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    Just found your story and I love it. It's strange how not every baby gets an IF doll, when you really need them.
    Glad you are enjoying it! I'm about to add an update. There was a time that every baby got a doll. It was a glitch that happened with one of the expansion packs (I forget which). That I found with my 50 Foals Challenge. And for the first generation when everyone got a doll. Then one of the patches fixed that glitch. So now it is harder. It is a pain but it adds to the challenge. If everyone gets a doll I suppose it would be easy. But it can definitely be frustrating. Stay tuned for my next update!
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    Okay, I don't believe it!! I just spent over an hour typing up a long update. Then as I was about to finish I accidentally clicked in the wrong place and my browser took me to a new page. I tried clicking the back button ... but no luck. Everything I typed was gone! I'm extremely aggravated and it's now after midnight and I have to work in the morning. I'll rewrite it tomorrow night.
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    Because I forgot with the last update: Garion has the traits Friendly and Excitable.
    Naomi enjoyed being a mother so much that she was already thinking about having another baby. Luckily Isaiah was willing.
    After all Isaiah felt there was no better way to get ready for work than when Naomi hopped in the shower with him.
    Grace had also started painting a portrait of Naomi.
    Joshua had not been able to find a date for the prom. He went by himself. He hoped to meet someone at the dance.
    Unfortunately poor Joshua had no such luck.
    The pain of rejection was probably the reason for what happened next.
    While he was out Grace had finished her portrait of Naomi. It wasn't bad but she felt she could have done better.
    Naomi was totally thrilled when she learned that baby number two was on the way.
    Maya the puppy had grown up into a good looking dog.
    Not long after Garion became a toddler. He inherited his mother's eyes. His black hair seems to be a throwback to his great-grandfather, Dante.
    Naomi set to potty training him right away. With a new baby on the way she felt that the more he learned before the baby came, the better off she was.
    Grace was inspired by spending time with her grandson to write a children's book. She read it to Garion every night for bedtime. Garion absolutely loved it!
    Cedric loved spending time with his grandson. He could often be found visiting the apartment over the garage to spend time with Garion.
    Before they knew it Joshua's birthday was upon them. They threw a party for him and invited everyone. Grace ran outside to greet Quinn. She was happy to see her oldest daughter, and couldn't wait for her new baby to be born.
    The whole family had come, including the twins, Jeremy and Brennan, and some of Joshua's friends from school. Everyone cheered while he made a wish.
    Joshua was very excited to reach adulthood.
    He's still a handsome young man. He gained the trait Bookworm.
    As everyone was getting their cake Quinn suddenly went into labor. Everyone panicked, even the women. The only one who kept his cool was Jeremy. After calling her husband Jack, who was at work, Quinn headed off to the hospital. Jeremy had offered to drive her.
    That night Dante's ghost came by to see the great grandson who had inherited his hair color. He went up to Naomi and Cedric's apartment and looked down at a sleeping Garion for a while. Then he went down to the kitchen to have something to eat.
    In the wee hours of the morning Grace got a call that Quinn had given birth to a baby girl named Erika. Both mother and baby were doing well.
    The next day it was Joshua's graduation. He was so excited that he threw some confetti up in the air to celebrate before the family headed out to City Hall.
    Everyone went to the graduation ceremony. Grace was so excited to see her "little baby" graduating.
    As they were heading inside Grace suddenly felt very strange.
    She looked over to Cedric to tell him that she didn't feel well but was overcome ...
    Before she knew what was happening she was just a ghost floating in the air. What just happened? she wondered as she looked down at herself.
    When the Grim Reaper showed up she understood.
    Everyone else had gone inside but Cedric was frozen in shock. "No! Grace!" he cried out. The Grim Reaper ignored Cedric, pointed to Grace and called out GRACE BAPTISTE!
    Then he started to call Grace's soul.
    As Cedric sobbed Grace fell to her knees and begged for her life.
    "Please! Just give me a little more time! I want to see my son graduate. I have a grandchild I want to see born!" She could hear Cedric crying and it broke her heart into a million pieces. I can't leave him behind! she thought.
    The Grim Reaper seemed to pause. "Please have mercy. I just want a little more time," she begged.
    But the Grim Reaper had no mercy. In a blink Grace disappeared and Cedric was left behind sobbing and heartbroken.
    Everyone else had gone inside before they saw what happened to Grace. Naomi and Isaiah wondered where they were but assumed they had only gotten separated in the crowd. Joshua had a last moment of happiness before learning about his mother's death as he crossed the stage and took his diploma.
    When they got outside and learned what had happened the shock and grief that washed over Naomi caused her to go into labor.
    Cedric pulled himself together enough to tell them he would watch Garion and tell them to go to the hospital. With tears still streaming down her face Naomi and Isaiah drove to the hospital.
    After they had left Cedric gave his grandson a bottle. He stared off into space feeling heartbroken and lost. He couldn't imagine how to go on without Grace. She had been the center of his existence for as long as he could remember.
    Joshua didn't even throw his diploma. He couldn't stop the tears from flowing after he learned that while he was getting that diploma his mother had been dying.
    When they got to the hospital they ran into Jack, Quinn's husband. Naomi paused long enough to tell him the news through her tears so that he could pass it on to Quinn and the twins.
    It was just starting to get light when Naomi arrived home. She didn't know how to feel. She was devastated at the loss of her mother. But on the other hand she was totally in love with the baby in her arms.
    She also loved the loved the little baby in Isaiah's arms. She wished her mother could have lived to see her grandchildren. Isaiah was in shock. First Grace's death had rattled him. She had been the closest thing to a mother he had ever known, and he had loved her too. Then the discovery that Naomi was carrying twins.
    The baby started to fuss and he gave her a bottle. "Don't worry, sweetheart, Daddy loves you. It's just been a crazy day."
    The next day a package arrived in the mail!!
    The baby girl is Isabella. She has the traits Excitable and Couch Potato. She is a potential heir.
    The baby boy is Caleb. A strange thing happened. The game felt Naomi's pregnancy hadn't gone well enough for me to select traits. So it assigned him the traits Can Apprehend Burglar and Rocker. Because both are hidden traits it then popped up the trait selection box. He rolled the additional traits Artistic and Loves the Heat. He is a potential heir.
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    :shock: WOW!! Now that is ALLOT of drama in one chapter. Birthdays, births, graduation and death...seems that your poor Sims just couldn't catch a break could they?! Poor Grace, she didn't even get to see her grandchildren born or her son graduate... :cry: That would have been hard for me too.

    Excellent update, looking forward to more! :D
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    That is a very sad death. But so many happy events happened too. Wonderful update.

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    I know. I expected Grace to live a lot longer so it surprised me. Cedric is still going strong where I am in game play and the twins are children and Garion a teen. I know he might go at any time though because he is well past the normal life span. Grace was just taken early for some reason.
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    By the next morning the loss of her mother had really hit home with Naomi. It was an awful loss.
    Isaiah grieved for Grace as well. She had been like a mother to him.
    They laid Grace to rest beside her parents.
    That night Heather appeared as if to see her daughter's grave.
    Naomi and Isaiah had their hands full with two infants and a toddler. They did the best they could but it was a lot of work and they were exhausted most of the time.
    Cedric was devastated by the loss of Grace. He couldn't imagine going on without her.
    One evening Grace's ghost appeared in the little cemetery.
    Although she could move through walls she went around to the front door. She wasn't used to the idea of being a ghost yet.
    She went upstairs to the game room, away from the rest of the family. Almost as if he knew that she was there Cedric felt drawn to the game room. When he got upstairs he was surprised to see Grace's ghost sitting on the couch. Without looking around she stood up and turned toward him. In an oddly hollow voice she said his name with the same love she had always used when she was alive.
    "Grace!" Cedric rushed around the couch to see her face to face. "I miss you so much! I don't know how to go on without you."
    "I know, my love. I have seen you grieving. I miss you too. But don't be in a rush to join me. I wish I had more time here to be with our children and grandchildren. Spend time with them. Give them extra hugs and kisses for me."
    Although it was not easy to think about being without her, Cedric couldn't say no. He did love his children and grandchildren, and he knew Naomi and Cedric had been busy with their little ones and could probably use his help. "Okay, Grace. I miss you but I'll wait to be with you again. I'll enjoy the time with our kids and grandchildren." Cedric was surprised when Grace wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. It was a very strange sensation. She was not exactly solid, but even though she was transparent there was some substance to her. "I will always love you, Cedric. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes." Cedric felt the tears sting his eyes. "I will be along soon enough. Until then I will love them all enough for both of us."
    When he let go of her Grace disappeared in a puff of smoke. Although he still felt her loss he had a new purpose and reason to go on. So he went back downstairs to snuggle each of his grandchildren.

    Cedric was true to his word and spent as much time as he could with his grandchildren. Naomi and Cedric appreciated all the help. The time flew by and almost before they could believe it the time had come for the twins to become toddlers. Caleb was first.
    He inherited Naomi's hair and eyes. What a little cutie!
    Immediately he started to play with his doll. Her name is Genevieve.
    Next it was Isabella's turn.
    She got her grandmother's red hair, and Naomi's eye color. I didn't get a picture of her with her doll but she named him Sebastian.
    Three toddlers were a lot of work but they managed. Isaiah loved playing with them.
    Cedric pitched in all the time to help take care of them.
    And they were also old enough to amuse themselves sometimes. Caleb loved playing in the toy box.
    Garion preferred the blocks. The twins both played with their dolls frequently. But Garion was a happy boy and never seemed bothered by not having a doll.
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    Almost before they knew it Garion's birthday arrived.
    They had a little party with just those living in the house.
    He's a cute kid.
    He was excited for his first day of school.
    Joshua was an adult now and he decided it was time for him to move out on his own. He had been searching on the Internet for a place to live. When he found a good place he let the family know and packed his things and moved out.
    Cedric was a little sad to see him go but he still enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren.
    Heather's ghost apparently approves of the pool because she comes back every so often to go swimming.
    Naomi discovered a few weeks after Garion had started school that she was expecting another baby.
    Isaiah was happy to hear about the new baby. Things continued on as usual. Garion enjoyed using the slip and slide in the back yard.
    His great grandfather Dante seems to enjoy it as well.
    One night when Cinnamon and Pongo had both come back to visit Maya went out to visit with them. She didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that they were ghosts.
    Cedric was handy to have around the house. He fixed the dishwasher for them when it broke.
    That night Naomi woke up to labor pains. "Isaiah, it's time!"
    He panicked a little bit. "Now? Are you sure? Oh, of course you are. I'll let your dad know."
    A couple hours later they were heading home with their new baby girl. Her name is Arianna. She was born with the traits Genius and Artistic. She did not get a doll so she is not eligible to be an heir.
    The next day they got a call from Jeremy that he was going to get married.
    Isaiah and Naomi took time teaching the twins to talk while Cedric took care of the baby.
    So far Cedric had continued to work even though he was older. But now he has achieved his lifetime wish.
    Isaiah's birthday took him by surprise while they were busy with the kids.
    He still looks pretty good. Unfortunately he started having a midlife crisis.
    Naomi had her birthday as well.
    She got a new hairstyle but she still looks good. Unfortunately she also started having a midlife crisis.
    Cedric took a turn helping Caleb learn to talk.
    They got a babysitter and everyone went to Jeremy's wedding.
    Not long after Naomi and Isaiah their birthdays it was time for the twins to have their birthdays. Caleb was first.
    He's a cute kid! He gained the trait Star Quality.
    Isabella was next.
    She's a pretty little girl. She gained the trait Dog Person.
    Not long after Genevieve came alive.
    Caleb was happy to see her and they started chatting right away.
    Isabella's IF Sebastian came alive also.
    They started talking too.
    Cedric decided it was time to retire so he let his boss know and then headed down to City Hall to register as retired.
    Afterwards he went to the local diner for his own little celebration.
    While he was out he got a call from his oldest, Quinn, that she and her husband were expecting another baby.
    Naomi didn't like having a midlife crisis. It led to strange temptations, like wanting to flirt with another man. She knew she didn't really want anyone other than Isaiah, she never had. But the midlife crisis was wreaking havoc on her emotions. So she went to the medical center for some therapy.
    Naomi got home feeling much better and in time to have a little celebration for Arianna's birthday.
    She got her mother's eyes too!
    Not long after it was time for Garion to become a teen. Naomi could hardly believe her little baby had gotten so old. She cheered for him even though she was holding back tears at seeing how big he was getting.
    He's needs a change of clothes and a new hairstyle.
    Better. He's a handsome teen. He gained the trait Vegetarian.
    Isabella and Sebastian were always together having fun. She had the benefit of having parents who totally understood what having an Imaginary Friend was all about.
    Caleb also spent time with Genevieve. They loved playing tag, even in the rain.
    Naomi had determined that she just had to figure out the potion to make an Imaginary Friend real for her children's sakes. Neither of them had gotten a letter from the science center. She was wondering if the science center in this town didn't do that. She still experienced a lot of failure though.
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    Hi! So, my laptop broke a while back and I lost all my sims data and the IF legacy, but I'm starting a new legacy if you want to go check it out?

    Thanks :D
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    Oh gosh, I just read the whole thing.... love it, and your Sims are so pretty! I might have to try this. :)

    Happy Simming!

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    Glad you enjoyed it! And if you start one definitely let me know. I'd love to see it! I hope to add more updates soon so keep checking back.
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    WolfLady74 wrote:
    Glad you enjoyed it! And if you start one definitely let me know. I'd love to see it! I hope to add more updates soon so keep checking back.

    Yay, I bookmarked this... so will definitely be back to check for updates! If I start one, I will post it :)
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    Soon it was time for the family dog to become an elder.
    Most of the family gathered around to celebrate.
    Then there was some sparkles and the addition of some gray fur.
    Naomi missed the event because she was upstairs a little overwhelmed at the news that she was expecting another baby.
    Caleb was becoming quite the little artist. Genevieve always loved to watch him. Honestly, she loved being anywhere with him. She got a little hungry, and pulled out a cupcake she had stashed somewhere.
    Isiaih took the news of the new baby quite well. He was a little worried about what they would do if it was twins again. Naomi set to teaching Arianna her skills before she had a newborn to care for.
    She was learning very quickly.
    Naomi was so proud of her little girl she gave her a snuggle and then let her go play for a while.
    To her amusement when she went downstairs she found her father distracting the maid by bragging about his grandchildren. The maid clearly just wanted to get back to work so Naomi called her father over.

    "Dad, let the poor girl work."
    "I can't help it! I'm a proud grandfather!"
    Naomi grinned. "I know. I bet Quinn would love to see you. You could spend some time with her new baby girl."
    "Wonderful idea!" Cedric headed off to go see his other daughter. He was home in time to help Isabella with her homework.
    Time flew by and one evening as she was getting ready to put Arianna to bed Naomi went into labor. Her grandfather, Dante, happened to be visiting and he freaked out.
    Naomi let her father know he needed to babysit. Luckily she met Isaiah out front as he was arriving home from work. "It's baby time," she told him.
    They arrived at the hospital in good time.
    Seeing as this was her fifth baby it went a little faster and before long they were leaving with a new baby girl. They named her Krista. She was born with the traits Loves the Heat and Artistic.
    Naomi arrived home in the early morning with her beautiful baby girl and put her into the swing for a while.
    She couldn't resist making some silly faces for her.
    She couldn't do it for long. Today was a big day because it was the twins birthday. They were officially entering their teen years. Three teenagers, a toddler and a new born. What was I thinking? Naomi wondered. She was also a little worried about her father. He seemed to be slipping a little lately. He was forgetting things and would sometimes do strange things. When she arrived downstairs she found he had made key lime pie for breakfast.
    "Dad, the kids can't have key lime pie for breakfast."
    He looked confused. "They can't? It's good stuff."
    "Aww, mom! It's my birthday," Caleb complained.
    Just then the bus started honking so she handed them each some pop tarts and gave them a kiss before they ran out the door.
    "Sorry," Cedric said looking crestfallen after the kids had left.
    "Don't worry about it, Dad. Here, I'll have some with you," she said as she sat down at the table. Cedric looked much happier as he joined her for a slice of pie.
    Shortly after they were interrupted by a call from Jeremy to announce that he and his wife Meadow were expecting a baby.
    While Cedric was talking Naomi discreetly threw away her slice of pie. Too early for so much sweetness, she thought as she put the rest away in the fridge.
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    Yep, still following!

    I've just been taking a break from the boards. All of my saves started self-destructing, and even Nraas mods could not fix my game, so everything is gone. My legacies, my uberskilled Sims with multiple degrees, towns I built from the ground up... it's all gone.

    Obviously, I haven't had the heart to play. I'm trying to get into it again, but I'm afraid to create a family I like/get attached to, in case this happens again.

    Your story is a nice distraction, though.
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