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Baptiste - Imaginary Friend Legacy--Updated 3/13


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    Gatorade3 wrote:
    They seem to have boy troubles! So far they've been having girls ;)
    Yeah, I had her eat a bunch of apples to try and get a boy for the last one. But no luck. Maybe next generation!
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    The next morning all the kids had to do their homework except for Sawyer who would be starting his first day of school.
    As they left for school David called a good-bye to Dune who was across the street drinking from the pond.
    When she went to get the mail that morning Heather found a package from a distant relative addressed to Grace. She recognized the doll as the same type that had led to the two boys that now lived in her house. So it was with a bit of nervousness that she put the doll into her newborn daughter's crib. Would this doll someday come alive for her? Would she someday be welcoming another boy into her house who had recently become human? Only time would tell.
    All the kids went on a field trip to the police station. Darlene was playing around with her mother's partner, Hank, but the teacher didn't realize she knew the police officer that she had seemingly locked in the cell. They had to explain to her.
    Another attempt to get a picture of Sawyer without his face in shadow ...
    That night after they had finished their homework Keira and Sawyer went outside to look at the stars. Before they went back inside Keira found the courage to confess her attraction to him.
    Sawyer said that he had always thought she was the most beautiful woman anywhere.
    It was such a sweet thing to say that Keira impulsively kissed him.
    Sawyer was encouraged by her kiss to ask her if she wanted to go steady. Keira was thrilled and couldn't say yes fast enough.
    Meanwhile David was out for a ride on Dune. He was trying to get to the Equestrian Center but unfortunately with his and Dune's inexperience it was slower going than he expected. Dune got tired and hungry and decided to throw his rider. He was nice about it. First he left the hard pavement of the street and went to a place with soft grass.
    Heather and Dante were more than a little concerned about the fact that they now had both their daughters had their boyfriends living with them. They tried to keep an eye on them but Heather had been busy with the new baby. Before she knew it Grace was becoming a toddler.
    Almost immediately she pulled out her doll to sing to him. She named him Cedric.
    She's the first baby to inherit her mother's red hair. She definitely takes after her mom.
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    Awww cute! Can't wait to see what Grace's IF looks like!
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    Dante knew his birthday was coming up but it caught him by surprise when he got out of work one night.
    Although a little apprehensive about becoming an elder he knew that there were a lot of aging rockers so this would not stop him from achieving his lifetime wish to become a rock star. He was so close he didn't want to fail now.
    I think he's appalled by his clothes.
    Sadly with all that was going on: Dante's birthday, Sawyer becoming human, Grace aging up ... the family wasn't as attentive to the cats as they should have been. So one morning a lady showed up to take all the animals away.
    She was not very nice about it either. After loading the animals in the van she stood in front of the house making faces.
    Keira and Sawyer were a little too busy to notice.
    Dante was very upset though.
    Although I didn't get a good picture Heather was also very upset. David was also upset about losing Dune.
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    It was time for Darlene to reach young adulthood. She was very excited.
    Keira was there to celebrate with her.
    Heather gave her daughter a hug.
    Unfortunately David was caught unexpectedly while out completing an opportunity for school. He celebrated by himself.
    Sawyer had been working hard on his skill at painting.
    He was unable to finish because it was time for Darlene and Sawyer to graduate.
    David was the class valedictorian.
    Darlene aso did very well.
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    Although he was an elder now Dante still loved to play his guitar!
    Grace was developing a relationship with Cedric.
    Heather was taking a nap when she realized it was time for her birthday. It didn't seem to bother her to get caught in her underwear though.
    Darlene and a random girl from school were the first to celebrate.
    Then Dante joined in.

    David missed having a horse around. He had tried to adopt a new one but they wouldn't allow him because the other animals had been taken away. Darlene had been working part time and she was willing to help him out with buying a new horse because she knew how much it meant to him. So he checked in at the Equestrian Center every so often. One day he saw a pretty mare who was a purebred Morgan and yet was a bargain at only a few hundred. When he asked the owner why the man said he just needed a new home for her and that she was a little feisty so he lowered the price to help her find a new owner. David was thrilled and bought her.
    He named her Hershey because her coat was a chocolate brown.
    He found out soon that feisty meant aggressive when she threw him off on the way home and then kicked him after the got home and he tried to take her saddle off. He was determined to win her over though.
    When he got in he found Keira and Sawyer were wrapped up in each other ...
    Dante was teaching Grace to walk and Heather had been called into work.
    He told Darlene about the mare and took her out to show her where the mare was grazing. He didn't mention her tendency for aggression though.

    Only a couple days later it was time for Grace's birthday.
    Cedric stood by as she aged up.
    She's a cute kid.
    For some reason David was the only one to celebrate even though others were in the room.
    A few minutes later Cedric came to life.
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    Okay folks it's time for an heir vote for who will carry on the legacy. You can vote here or the thread I will make specifically for the vote. The choices are:

    Darlene and David:
    Darlene's traits: Hydrophobic, Grumpy, Absent-minded, light-sleeper and hopeless romantic. Lifetime Wish: Professional Author
    David's traits: Rebellious, Snob, Equestrian, Computer Whiz and Vegetarian. Lifetime Wish: The Fairy Tale Finder.

    Keira and Sawyer
    Keira's traits: Excitable, Artistic, Kleptomaniac, Bookworm.
    Sawyer's traits: Party Animal, Artistic, Grumpy, Lucky.

    Grace and Cedric:
    Grace's traits: Excitable, Friendly, Brave.
    Cedric's traits unknown.
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    Awesome Legacy! I'm really enjoying this :)
    Oh, and I vote David and Darlene :D
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    This is an awesome legacy so far, and I vote Darlene and David as well. =D
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    Grace and Cedric!
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    Grace and Cedric! Loving the legacy! ;D
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    I voted in your other thread.
    moxiegraphix on Origin
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    Darlene and David. ^.^
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    Well the vote is closed. It looks as though between this thread and the vote thread Grace and Cedric win the vote. So they will go on to be the next generation. Should be quite interesting to see how Cedric turns out! I'll post more when I have a chance to play for a bit.
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    Keira and Sawyer were out one night painting when they remembered it was their birthday.
    Although it had always been the other way around Sawyer was first.
    Very handsome, but he'll need new clothes.
    Even Hershey came to celebrate.
    Heather and Dante had come out to celebrate as well.
    Keira was next.
    She's still pretty, but I don't think the long hair suits her.
    Grace missed the birthday celebration because she was busy talking to Cedric.
    Darlene finished her first novel!
    The next day was graduation from high school for Keira and Sawyer. Everyone dressed up and headed down to City Hall. For some reason neither Sawyer or Keira wore the mortar board.
    Keira was the Valedictorian. Although she couldn't figure out why her classmates thought she was most likely to get arrested.
    Sawyer also graduated with high honors. He was thrilled that his classmates had thought he was most artistic.
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    Grace had a lot of imagination and loved to play at being a Queen.
    David brought Hershey to the Equestrian Center one evening to be bred to one of the stallions there. While he was waiting he spotted a beautiful paint stallion who was not too expensive. He considered the money he had and decided to breed Hershey to one of the stallions with a lower stud fee so he could buy this stallion. He named him Chiaroscuro. Although he wasn't an artist Sawyer and Keira had explained to him that Chiaroscuro was about light and dark in painting. So he thought it fit this stallion perfectly.
    Keira and Sawyer could often be found painting together. They both loved the name that David gave the new stallion.
    Grace really wanted to find a way to make Cedric human. She had received the letter from the science center as her sisters had. In fact Darlene had offered to look for a rainbow gem for her but had not had any luck. So Grace decided she needed to look herself. She missed Cedric when she went to school. She wished he could go with her but she knew that wouldn't happen until he was human and everyone could see him. Each day she gave him a hug before heading off to school.
    David was pleased to have Hershey's pregnancy confirmed. He couldn't wait until the foal was born. I don't think you can have twins though Hershey.
    Now that she could ride a bike Grace planned to go looking after school for a rainbow gem every day until she found one. Her sisters had told her where they had found theirs so she had a few ideas of good places to look.
    Hershey gave birth at night to a beautiful little colt.
    He clearly takes after his dad, who was gray.
    David cheered and Keira and Sawyer who had been painting again nearby came over to see the new foal. "What are you going to name him?" Keira asked. "I was thinking Kisses," David said. "Hershey's Kisses?" Sawyer asked. "Too cute?" "I love it!" Keira said.
    Mostly he looks like his Equestrian Center father, Drifter. But he got a little of his mother's color on his hindquarters.
    Dante was still working and on his days off he was often could be found playing for tips in the park.
    One of the well-known townies, Mortimer Goth, came to listen to him one day.
    He seemed to enjoy the music and threw $40 in the guitar case before leaving.
    Grace's grades had started to slip a little so her parents made sure she did her homework every night. Between searching all day and staying up later than she should have to do homework she was exhausted. She still continued to search until on afternoon she collapsed before she could even get to the interesting hunk of metal she saw on the ground.
    Dante's hard work and skill with his guitar paid off and he finally reached the status of rock star!
    Which fulfilled his lifetime wish.
    Sawyer asked Keira out on a date and they both headed to the art gallery.
    When no one was looking they snuck a few kisses.
    Then Sawyer's true plan in asking her to the art gallery went into action.
    "What are you doing, Sawyer?"
    "Keira, I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?"
    "Yes, yes of course I will!!"
    "It's so beautiful, Sawyer! How did you get it?" I was able to sell a few of my paintings."
    They hugged and shared one more kiss before they headed out of the gallery.
    Before heading home Sawyer asked Keira if she would like to tour the theater. She agreed. While inside they snuck away from the tour and made out backstage.
    After getting home Keira could hardly wait to tell her mother. "Mom, guess what?" "What's that, honey? I can't hear you over the sound of the dishwasher."
    "Okay, that's better. Now what is it dear?" "Well, mom, you know Sawyer and I have been dating ..."
    "Well, he asked me to marry him tonight!"
    "Really? That's wonderful!"
    "I'm so happy for you." "Thanks mom."
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    Dante has mastered the guitar skill!
    He received an award as well!
    David was happy for Sawyer and Keira but he felt bad that he hadn't been able to ask Darlene to marry him. He realized that he had been so wrapped up in his horses that he had been spending money on them rather than getting a ring for Darlene. He decided he needed to fix that. He had been working with Chiaroscuro and he took him to the Equestrian Center to enter into a beginner race.
    While he was gone Kisses aged up.
    Chiaroscuro took first place in the race!
    Time seemed to have flown by and it was now time for Grace to become a teen. Her whole family was there as well as a random boy (I forget his name) who was visiting after school.
    The boy laughed and pointed instead of cheering though.
    She's a good looking teen.
    After her birthday it was time for Cedric's. Darlene looked on as Grace celebrated with him. She couldn't see her sister's Imaginary Friend but she didn't doubt he was there.
    Cedric aged up to look human .... Um, what?
    By the next morning he looked like himself again.
    Darlene had been working hard on her second book and sold it to a publisher. She had started wondering if she should just use her money from the sale of books to ask David to marry her.
    Grace took a break from her hunt to find a rainbow gem to spend time with Cedric one evening.
    The next day she was back at it. "What, Tanzanite? That's not what I want!"
    David had discovered that although he made money from winning races he would need to enter a more advanced race to be able to afford something like a ring. So he made a decision and brought Kisses to the Equestrian Center to sell the young stallion. He knew that would bring him more money than racing.
    One Sunday morning Grace set out again to search for a rainbow gem. "Wish me luck, Cedric! Maybe today will be the day!"
    She decided to go looking in the hills north of town. The cab driver looked at her funny when she asked to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere.
    She headed off to look and saw something glinting on a hillside almost hidden by the trees. Hope grew in her as she approached. It did seem to have a rainbow glint to it.
    When she picked it up she was sure. She had finally found a rainbow gem!! She headed off at once for the Science Center.
    She was so excited when she left that she rushed right home.
    "Here Cedric. I finally got the potion!!"
    He chugged it down.
    Finally Cedric stood before her. A human at last!
    "Cedric! I'm so happy!" "Thank you for never giving up, Grace."

    Unfortunately Cedric doesn't have the best traits. I didn't have any pictures but he and Grace had been arguing so it took a while to bring their relationship back up. His traits explained it though:
    Excitable, Mooch, Ambitious, and Inappropriate. He must have gained Inappropriate at teen, that's when he started insulting Grace. He was asking for money before that. Time to gain enough lifetime points to change those traits!
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    Some of your pictures aren't showing up. :( your missing the ( in front of the (/img)

    The story is great! Too bad I missed the heir vote...
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    Duckypants wrote:
    Some of your pictures aren't showing up. :( your missing the ( in front of the (/img)

    The story is great! Too bad I missed the heir vote...

    Nuts, I thought I fixed those. I'll do it now!
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    Cedric turned out handsome at least. Save up those points! Inappropriate can be fun sometimes. You could always get him 'inappropriate in a good way' which eases off the effects of that trait.
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    I like the Mooch trait, I think its funny! And I'll definitely be voting for the next heirs. Bummer that I missed this one. Bookmarked! :) I really like this story!
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