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Baptiste - Imaginary Friend Legacy--Updated 3/13

WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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This is a legacy based on the Imaginary Friend Legacy Challenge. The rules are here: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/772539/imaginary-friend-legacy-challenge

Family Tree: http://www.familyecho.com/?p=VCLA4&c=18244vds522&f=941371851596453622

Dante and Heather decided to start fresh in a new town after they got married. Dante had inherited property from his father but it was empty because the main house had burned down in a tragic fire. They had very little money and built a tiny house with what little they had.
They didn't have enough money for furniture so they used sleeping bags to sleep in at first.
This is Heather and Dante.
Heather has the traits brave, great kisser, family-oriented, good and nurturing. Her lifetime wish is to become an International Super Spy. Her favorites are custom music, spaghetti and the color blue.
Dante has the traits brave, rebellious, great kisser, virtuoso and artistic. His lifetime wish is to become a rock star. His favorites are custom music, autumn salad and the color black.
Dante immediately checked the newspaper and was able to find a job in the music career. He knew they would need more money soon since they only had $10.
Heather also checked the newspaper. She was able to find a job in law enforcement.
Across the street from their mostly empty lot was a small park with a pond. Dante decided to try fishing to earn a little money until his job started earning more.
Heather went over to the park as well and found that someone had planted what looked like a garden. Since it was a public park she felt that she could harvest the vegetables.
She then immediately started her own little garden so that she could sell the vegetables.
They knew they were poor but they were together. They had high hopes for the future and this seemed like a nice peaceful town.
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  • EIisabettaEIisabetta Posts: 5,542 Member
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    This looks like fun! I'll be watching for more updates for sure.
    moxiegraphix on Origin
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Thanks! This is something I have been working on for a little while. I just haven't posted it until now. I have more to post as soon as I can.
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    Bookmarked! :)
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    With no furniture whenever Dante or Heather wanted to sit down to eat they had to sit on the toilet. It was not the most appetizing arrangement.
    They went to the grocery store as soon as Dante had some fish to sell and Heather had harvested some fruit and vegetables.
    Dante's fishing skill was improving and he was catching bigger and bigger fish.
    Soon Dante was able to buy a guitar. He practiced whenever he could so that he could reach his goal of becoming a rock star.
    Heather was ready to start a family. She and Dante had talked about children before they were married and they both agreed they wanted children. So Heather was surprised when Dante objected any time she brought it up.
    Heather was disappointed so she kept bringing it up. Finally Dante said "Heather, we can't have a baby yet. We can barely support ourselves! Where would we even put a crib? A baby can't sleep in a sleeping bag."
    Heather knew he had a good point, but she was still disappointed. Her biological clock was ticking, even though they were still young.
    Dante had a habit of going around in just his briefs though.
    One day Heather convinced him to join her in the shower ...
    Perhaps they overdid it though because the shower needed some repairing afterwards.
    Heather mopped up while Dante tried his hand at repairing.
    While Dante practiced his guitar Heather fed a stray cat a treat. She had thought about adopting a kitty but she knew they couldn't afford one yet.
    Besides ... she had been nauseated for the last couple weeks and she was getting suspicious about why ...
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    I like this idea. Bookmarking.
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Heather went to the doctor and had her suspicions confirmed. She and Dante were expecting a baby.
    She was completely thrilled, but she was a little nervous about how Dante would take the news. She didn't want him to worry about the money. When she got home she couldn't contain the good news. "Dante, guess what?"
    "We're going to have a baby!" "What? Really!?"
    "That's wonderful news, Heather!"
    Dante hugged her. "I was afraid you would say we weren't ready," Heather confessed. "We'll figure things out," Dante reassured her. "I'm glad we're going to have a baby."
    One morning while Dante was trying to make waffles the oven caught fire.
    He quickly pulled out the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.
    Afterwards he decided to go with something tamer, like peanut butter and jelly.
    Heather got a few days off of work for maternity leave. She used the time to work on her growing garden.
    She also read some pregnancy books.
    The days flew by and one morning as Dante was running off to do some fishing he heard a cry of pain from the house behind him.
    When he went back in he discovered that Heather was in labor.
    Naturally he panicked. "Oh, no! We have to get to the hospital! What are we going to do?"
    "We can't afford a hospital, Dante. It will have to be a home birth," Heather said between contractions. "What do I do? Do I boil water or something?"
    Although Dante was still very worried about the idea Heather gave birth to their daughter without any problems.
    They named her Darlene. She has the traits grumpy and hydrophobic.
    Dante turned out to be a really good father. He enjoyed holding and snuggling with his daughter.
    With their jobs Heather and Dante had a little bit more money coming in. They both sold fish and vegetables to help supplement their income. They had been able to buy a crib and a stroller as well as a bed for themselves. Dante enjoyed taking Darlene for walks in the stroller.
  • readreadreadreadreadreadreadread Posts: 6,243 Member
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    I like this!
  • HomeworkerHomeworker Posts: 2,368 Member
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    Cute story!
  • HirumakageHirumakage Posts: 21 New Member
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    Very original concept. Bookmarked, I'll be keeping my eye on this. BTW, it's funny that the baby is hyrdophobic, but the crib is ocean themed. :lol:
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Hirumakage wrote:
    Very original concept. Bookmarked, I'll be keeping my eye on this. BTW, it's funny that the baby is hyrdophobic, but the crib is ocean themed. :lol:

    LOL, yeah. I made the crib before the baby was born and I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so I was looking for something that could go either way. Then after she was born and I took that picture of her in the crib I realized exactly what you said. I left it that way though.
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Dante and Heather were doing well at their jobs. Although Heather was on maternity leave it was paid time off. They had been able to get some things that made their house more homey and they even adopted a kitten from the shelter.
    Heather named him Eerie.
    Then one morning not too long after Darlene was born Heather woke up feeling sick.
    When she got sick again later in the day she started to get suspicious.
    Sure enough a pregnancy test revealed that she was pregnant again. She had mixed feelings. She wanted more children, but not quite this soon. She wasn't sure what Dante's reaction was going to be.
    The mixed emotions led her to throw up again.
    That same night it was time for Darlene to age up to toddler.
    Dante was proud of his little girl.
    She clearly inherited her daddy's black hair, but she has mommy's blue eyes.
    The next morning Heather knew she would have to tell Dante about the new baby.
    "Dante, you won't believe it but ..."
    "we're going to have another baby!"
    Dante took the news surprisingly well. He had taken to fatherhood very well and he liked the idea of having another baby. "That's great Heather!"
    "What do you think this baby will be like? I can't wait."
    Meanwhile an obscure relative neither of them had heard of sent a present in the mail to Darlene. She loved playing with him. She named him David.
    Eerie liked watching Darlene play with her doll, almost like he knew there was something unusual about the doll.
    Darlene liked having him everywhere with her.
    Darlene was very cute but Dante worried that her short hair made her look like a boy. He hoped it would grow in quickly.
    He loved playing with her.
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    Almost before they knew it Heather was ready for the second baby to be born. "Dante! The baby is coming!"
    Dante went into panic mode again. "Now? What do I do?"
    "I think the baby is coming right now!"
    Soon Heather was holding a new baby girl.
    She snuggled her right away.
    Dante snuggled her too. They named her Keira. She was born with the traits excitable and artistic.
    Darlene's hair had grown in as Dante had hoped. She and Eerie got along well.
    Dante had set about teaching her to talk.
    Time seemed to fly by with a baby and a toddler and soon it was time for Keira to age up.
    She looks a lot like her older sister.
    Just like her older sister she got a doll in the mail. She named him Sawyer.
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    Just getting caught up. Cute girls! Why do you always have fires? Heh heh.
    moxiegraphix on Origin
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    EIisabetta wrote:
    Just getting caught up. Cute girls! Why do you always have fires? Heh heh.

    I don't know. I do have a lot of fires. Did you see the latest in my 50 foals challenge?
  • EIisabettaEIisabetta Posts: 5,542 Member
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    Let me go look. I keep missing people's updates.
    moxiegraphix on Origin
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    It was time for Dante to reach adulthood. He was excited about his birthday.
    Heather celebrated with him.
    Although Dante did reach adulthood Heather told him he didn't actually look any older and he was just as sexy as when they first met.
    He immediately set to fixing the broken sink.
    Then he read a bedtime story to Darlene.
    It turns out it was time for Eerie to age up as well.
    He's a handsome cat.
    A deer came up to their door one night.
    Darlene's birthday came before they knew it. Heather watched her daughter become a child with mixed feelings. It seemed like just yesterday she had been born. Darlene gained the trait Absent-minded.
    After she had become a child Darlene took out the doll that she loved playing with. But she got distracted and turned away so that she missed him coming to life.
    But she didn't miss it when he came over and started talking to her. "David? How did you do that?" "Because you loved me so much when you were little you brought me to life."
    For some reason Eerie decided to pounce on Darlene and knocked her down.
    Soon it was time for Heather to reach adulthood.
    Dante celebrated with her.
    Heather looks pretty good as an adult, but she immediately went into a midlife crisis anyhow.
    Darlene loved playing with David. He was her best friend.
    Dante spent some time teaching Keira to walk.
    Eerie seemed lonely so Dante adopted another cat to keep him company.
    Her name is Mittens.
    Keira's birthday arrived.
    She's a cute kid. She gained the trait Kleptomaniac.
    She immediately sat down and pulled out Sawyer.
    She was thrilled to see him come to life.
    For some reason it seems he wanted to know if he could vote now.
    Dante was trying to repair the trash compactor one night and he got electrocuted. Luckily he only got a little singed.
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    Darlene had gotten a letter from the science center saying that they believed she was talking to a real being and they wanted to help her make him real. Her parents seemed to think she was a little nuts, although they never said so. All she had to do was find a rainbow gem and bring it to the science center and they would make her a potion that could make David real. So most days she was not at school she was riding her bike all over town picking up every rock or gem she could find.
    Then one day she finally found the rainbow gem. She was so excited! All she could think is that now she would finally have her best friend as a human.
    She immediately set off for the science center.
    After a few hours she finally had the potion in her possession!
    She rushed home to see David. "David, David!!! If you drink this you will be human!" David seemed a little uncertain. "Are you sure?"
    "Okay, here goes nothing."
    Darlene was a little confused at what happened next. Was this what was supposed to happen? It went on for a very long time.
    Then suddenly there was a boy standing in front of her. "David?"
    "Yeah! It worked!" "I'm so glad!" Darlene said as she hugged him.
    Darlene thought he was pretty cute as a human, although she didn't say that to him. He has the traits Snob, Equestrian and Computer Whiz.
    It was somewhat complicated for Darlene to explain to her parents who this new kid was. They didn't believe her at first that he had been her Imaginary Friend. She finally pulled out the letter from the science center to show them. That didn't really convince them because they thought it was some kind of elaborate scam. Although they couldn't figure out what the point of the scam might be. Dante even called up the science center to find out if they had even sent the letter. The head scientist there assured him that it was a real phenomena that children sometimes had Imaginary Friends who were more than just imagination. He confirmed that they had given his daughter, Darlene, a potion that afternoon. He explained to Dante that they were studying the phenomena and many of the scientists had children who had Imaginary Friends who were now human. He told Dante that he had a cousin named Jason Taylor whose son had even married his Imaginary Friend and they had children. "What?" Dante exclaimed in disbelief. "How is that even possible?" "Once our potion makes them human they are as completely human as you or I." Dante looked across the room where his daughter was talking to the odd little boy. Somehow that information did not make him feel any better. After hanging up with the scientist he explained everything to Heather, who was equally amazed. "Now what?" she asked. "Well, I guess he stays with us. We don't have any money to get him a bed or anything like that though. Where can he sleep?" Finally Heather came up with the idea of him using the sleeping bag they still had from when they had first moved in.
    Not too long after she had given the potion to David it was time for Darlene to become a teen. (And for some reason a lot of my sims have their birthdays in the bathroom.)
    Heather could hardly believe it was time for her little girl to be a teenager. Time seemed to be flying by so fast.
    Darlene gained the trait light-sleeper when she became a teen.
    David followed not long after in becoming a teen. (Again in the bathroom. Seriously, why?)
    He looks like he's up to something, doesn't he?
    As a teen he gained the trait Rebellious. Maybe that's why he looked like he was up to something.
    Meanwhile Eerie and Mittens had gotten very friendly.
    So one afternoon Mittens went into labor.
    She gave birth to one kitten.
    Keira liked the little ball of fuzz. She called it "Fuzz Butt."
    Sawyer is very helpful with household chores. Although I think he's fighting a losing battle with the sink still spurting.
    Darlene and David had been flirting every chance they got and when they heard about the prom coming up David asked Darlene if she would like to go with him. She was thrilled and said that she thought they would have a great time.
    (Unfortunately I missed pictures of them leaving for prom somehow.)
    While at the prom the romantic atmosphere helped Darlene to ask the courage that had been on her mind. Of course he said yes.
    While they were at the prom Keira had been out searching for a rainbow gem. She had gotten a letter from the science center as well and she wanted to make Sawyer human the way Darlene had been able to make David human. Darlene had told her where she had found her rainbow gem but Keira had found an uncut diamond instead. Although she supposed it was worth a lot of money she would rather have the rainbow gem. While out she suddenly remembered it was her birthday.
    First thing when she gets home she needs a new wardrobe, and maybe a new hairstyle. She gained the trait Book Worm.
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    Just started reading and got caught up really quick. This looks like an interesting story and I can't wait to read more! :)
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Eminik wrote:
    Just started reading and got caught up really quick. This looks like an interesting story and I can't wait to read more! :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying it! There will be more to come as soon as I have time.
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    One evening after the kids were in bed Dante started to serenade Heather.
    She thought it was very romantic of him.
    Which led to ...
    Dante decided that a good way for him to improve his guitar skill and make a little extra money for the family was to start playing for tips. She when he had some free time while the kids were at school and Heather was at work he could often be found in the park.
    Meanwhile Keira continued looking for a rainbow gem every day after school. No luck yet.
    Heather was out at the library brushing up on her questioning skills when she suddenly had to run to the bathroom to throw up.
    She was suspicious as to the cause and grabbed a pregnancy test on her way home. When she arrived she saw Darlene and David doing their homework in the yard.
    The pregnancy test confirmed Heather's suspicions. She and Dante were going to have another baby.
    David and Darlene were out looking at the stars. Heather was starting to worry about them. She knew after prom they were dating and she didn't like the idea of her daughter's boyfriend living with them. Dante was at work so she decided to talk to him about it tomorrow. She would also talk to him about the baby then.
    The next morning Heather decided that with another baby on the way the kitten should find a new home. She called the adoption center to place the kitten for adoption. The lady arrived not long after.
    After the lady had left with the kitten Heather went outside to where Dante was practicing his guitar. "Dante, I have something to tell you. We're going to have another baby!"
    Dante was surprised. "Really, that's great!"
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    Looks like you've got some good genes in the family. The IFs should make things more interesting. Can't wait to see how they all turn out.
    moxiegraphix on Origin
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    I haven't had a chance to post the update yet but you should see what the next IF looks like when he is made human!
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Keira was still looking for a rainbow gem without success.
    Dante was excited about the idea of a new baby. He liked listening to Heather's tummy.
    Without really warning anyone else David's Equestrian trait led him to want to adopt a horse. So he called up the Pet adoption center and found out that they had a foal available.
    When David went outside to wait for the lady to arrive with the foal he saw an amazing sight right across the street.
    He followed the unicorn around the little park across the street until he saw the van pull up.
    The lady dropped off the little colt, who was a purebred Irish Draught. David named him Dune.
    Darlene came out to see David. Although they had agreed to go steady she hadn't had the courage to kiss him yet. After a lot of flirting she worked up the courage to kiss him.
    Dune is a cute little boy. His head seemed funny at first but apparently not atypical of his breed.
    David was up first thing to give him a bottle.
    It hadn't been that easy to explain to Dante and Heather why he had adopted a foal. When he explained to them how he thought he could make money training him and racing him as well as from stud fees, they reluctantly agreed to let him stay.
    The next night David saw the unicorn again.
    This time the unicorn came over and begged for some carrots.
    He didn't have any carrots but he fed her a treat.
    She didn't seem satisfied so he went over to Heather's garden to pick some carrots and brought them back for the unicorn.
    As he looked at the beautiful unicorn mare he decided that his lifetime wish was to adopt a unicorn.
    Heather woke up with serious labor pains and she knew it was time for the baby to come.
    Then she apparently decided to change clothes as she called for Dante. (Really don't know why)
    Dante still couldn't figure out what to do when his wife was in labor so he panicked.
    Before long Heather was holding a beautiful little baby girl in her arms. They named her Grace.
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    They seem to have boy troubles! So far they've been having girls ;)
  • WolfLady74WolfLady74 Posts: 1,029 Member
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    Finally Keira's long search was over. She had found a rainbow gem!
    She quickly headed down to the science center.
    A few hours later when she left she had the potion in her possession.
    While Keira was on her way back Dune aged up.
    Sawyer met Keira out front. She was so excited. "Sawyer, guess what!? I found a rainbow gem! I have the potion!"
    "Here it is!"
    Sawyer quickly drank it down.
    Keira had some idea of what to expect after her sister had made David human.
    Dune, however, was surprised and came over to see what was going on.
    He's not even human yet and apparently Keira is thinking about a wedding cake!
    It went on so long that Dune got bored and galloped away again. But Keira waited anxiously before suddenly there he was in front of her!
    Keira couldn't help cheering that it had worked.
    "I'm so happy you are human now, Sawyer," Keira said as she gave him a hug. "So am I. Thank you."
    They went inside for some dinner and to explain to her parents about how Sawyer was now human as well. Dante grumbled but they both accepted it. Sawyer turned out to have very interesting coloring with his eyes and his hair and his darker skin tone. Makes it hard to get a picture of him where his face isn't in shadow though.
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