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Things Simmers can't say in public without sounding like complete psychos.


  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,032 Member
    "...she had twins but they weren't very pretty so I had to drawn them for the greater good"..."I guess genetics aren't very well done... their chins were too small and made look ugly..." :p
  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 4,973 Member
    I just gave birth to a ghost baby.
    I just set the house on fire trying to make macaroni.
    I just caught my husband cheating on me so I took away the ladder and trapped him in walls in the pool.
  • DominicLaurenceDominicLaurence Posts: 3,315 Member
    "Yeah, I made them have a child."
    ID: StGerris

  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,820 Member
    "My dishwasher killed two repairmen in a row!"
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    My skill level in charisma is really low, so I apologise in advance that this date will only earn you a silver.

    Hold on, I'm just going to enable the energizing aura of this painting before I start exercising.

    I'm sorry, I got stuck in the space underneath the stairs and now I'm going to die here.
  • NZsimm3rNZsimm3r Posts: 9,265 Member
    I've just got to kill this one person and then my life aspiration will be complete.
    I'm a girl who likes to play with boys, what can I say... o:)

    “Instead of putting players in the role of Luke Skywalker, or Frodo Baggins, I'd rather put them in the role of George Lucas.”Will Wright.
  • DarkSuperNinjaDarkSuperNinja Posts: 1,204 Member
  • PenguinFoopPenguinFoop Posts: 527 Member
    My teen has become a serial killer. He invites people to his house, lures them into a bedroom then takes away the door until they die.

    I like to invite people to move into my house then move their children in instead. That way I know who will marry my children.

    I need more ambrosia! I don't wanna be old!!!
  • PrincessMeganaPrincessMegana Posts: 33 Member
    Oh yeah? Well your MOTHER is a LLAMA ಠ_ಠ
  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,680 Member
    "I'm a fairy and my boyfriend is a vampire. Sometimes, he gets buzzed because I let him drink my fairy plasma." (Sims 3)

    "My girlfriend is a witch. When we were in university together, she started fires all around campus. But she grew up when we graduated and now, we have two kids. I grew our daughter in my garden and she cloned our son from a friend of ours." (Sims 3)

    "I don't have anything to eat! Oh, well. I'll just sell my bed for a fridge and switch them back later." (Sims 2; I started a legacy)

    "I'm a little kid and I can have the sauna and hot tub all to myself. I can buy all the soaks too!" (Sims 4)

    "My girlfriend and I became moved in together and became soulmates in a day!" (Sims 4)

    "We named our son Puck and our daughter Bottom. What's wrong with that?" (Sims 2)
    "Promise me we do this together, okay?"

  • SeaDragonSongSeaDragonSong Posts: 2,322 Member
    On page 5 but I suddenly got an idea. Somebody mentioned fixing sneaking by moving them out and moving them back in, I have a sim who has sneaked since he was a teenager and got caught pranking the school. I need to try this
    Twists In Time And Space (Updated December 2nd 2018. New discord server!)
    Bob Bobson (Updated August 12th 2019)
  • NZsimm3rNZsimm3r Posts: 9,265 Member
    I cuddled the voodoo doll trying to make him flirty.
    I'm a girl who likes to play with boys, what can I say... o:)

    “Instead of putting players in the role of Luke Skywalker, or Frodo Baggins, I'd rather put them in the role of George Lucas.”Will Wright.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    I was living happily on my own in a huge mansion with all the luxuries of the world and then suddenly I have a spouse and two children, but I don't remember a wedding or any...erm, woohoo.
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
  • CharsimaticCharsimatic Posts: 35 Member
    "I'm really bored with my current family, so I'm gonna make a new one
  • PenguinFoopPenguinFoop Posts: 527 Member
    I've been a teen for ages! My parents have both died of old age, my baby sister has too and now my two nephews are elders and I'M STILL A TEEN!
  • KesminlixKesminlix Posts: 244 Member
    BabySquare wrote: »
    "I had a violin duel with the grim reaper"

    *sings* Grimmy went down to Bridgeport... he was looking for a soul to steal...

    (Sorry, couldn't resist... :p )
  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 4,973 Member
    I married my imaginary friend last night.
    Why does the pool ladder keep disappearing everytime I go for a swim?
  • rosey1579rosey1579 Posts: 6,238 Member
    "I can't discuss my favourite hobby without people thinking I'm insane"
  • CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,546 Member
    "Lemme just do a quick motherlode so I don't end up on the streets"
  • Rebeccaliam1974Rebeccaliam1974 Posts: 162 Member
    "I Just Killed Someone by Putting them in a 4 Walled space and Letting them Slowly die of Starvation!"

    "I Love it when My Person Puts their Baby on the Floor and leave it There like it's Nothing!"

    "Some People are Litreally the Ugliest things on Earth so i Litreally always Have to Type in TestingCheatsEnabledTrue and Change them in CAS"
  • mochachina1mochachina1 Posts: 34 Member
    After taking my Grandfather to the other side, the Grim Reaper decided to stay and have a pillow fight, read a book, and/or play with my children's toys. My Grandmother died off lot and I spent 10 minutes looking for her tombstone. My sim nearly died from starvation because there was an empty bowl blocking her route to the fridge. LOL
  • curlhappycurlhappy Posts: 93 Member
    "I'd really love to give you a make-over! Do you mind stepping into my closet?"

  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 4,973 Member
    Ugh my husband is pregnant again. Darn aliens.
  • GabbyGirlJGabbyGirlJ Posts: 6,858 Member
    I need to find another guy to have a baby with so that I can complete this challenge.
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