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CK213's Favorite Tales and Simming Moments.

CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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It might be difficult to find it again in this forum. :wink:

I am currently in the process of repairing links, so they keep you on this site instead of taking you to the old TS3 fourms.


It's been a long haul, Simmers yet time is flying by. We're on our way to EP7 as of this posting. Along the way I've managed to have some amusing and enjoyable moments with my sim's. I've had requests from simmers who like to check out my posts, whenever they come across them, that they would like an easy way to find them. The problem is they are scattered all over the place. So I'm consolidating them here.

The first few posts will be a bit sketchy, but these are the sims that pop up time and time again in my simming. These are their origins. I do have some major story threads that are just too huge to add here, so I'll just give links.

The Lisa Bunch Thread

Generations: Cairo & Velma

Ck213's Supernatural Experience

Ck213's Season's Trial Run

Vael Firenze's University Experience

Melonie in Paradise

Into The Future with Yuri and Zane

How I post:
I like to put the text above the picture it describes.
Text in blue are the latest entries in the post as a lot of the initial posts here are from past rounds of simming.
Lurkers, contribute a comment to help prevent too many picture posts on one page. :D

Table of Contents and Page Links to posts in this thread.

Pg. 1: Melonie Bloom / Amy, Coco, and Josephine / Francine Pennyworth / Francine and Cairo in Egypt / Amy Li, Putting the "Fire" in Fireworks / While I was away... / That Lisa Bunch Soiree / Simbot Ambitions / Simbot Meaghan / A Daughter for Meaghan / Freaky Robo' Girl/ Trouble in Paradise

Pg. 2: Melonie Bloom in Twinbrook / Melonie the Fashionista / The Late Night Announcement / Is That Will Wright? / The Divine 3 Get Ambitious / Melonie, the Melancholy Motorcyclist/ Late Night Fever / What to do with Melonie Bloom? / Heart Breaker / Jim and Perry

Pg. 3: Bridgeport, Here We Come / Melonie and Tater / Late Night! Yay!/ Barnacle Bay / Urban Renewal / Melonie and Tater Reboot / Edna Mode / House of Mode

Pg. 4: Curse You, Selena Savage/ The Setup of Selena Savage / The New Selena Savage / Random Late Night Happenings / I Need A Simbot Solution / "A Simbot!" No More / Let's Get This Story Rolling / CK213's Top 10 Simming Moments / Oopsie. Bye Bye, Beau

Pg. 5: Sigh...not many party animals in SV / Yay! The club is filling up. Huh? Oh no... / 20 Bridgeport Makeovers / Builder's Pride: The AQA Series / Home-tester Family Trauma / Pump Up The Drama! / Max Out The Drama! / Later, Tater / Tater's Place/ Melonie on the Prowl / That's Progress

Pg 6:

Pg 7: / Mother Melonie / One More Dig at Tater / Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures / Outdoor Living Stuff / Fire! / December, 2012 Arrives Early

Pg 8: Pumping Up The Drama: The Idea / Bertram Must Die! / Back to Barnacle Bay / Zoe's Life / Cleaning Out the Past-love's Closet / Party Animals / Darkling's Mystery / Pool Party! / Family Life / Moving Day / Going Medieval

Pg 9: Generations! / Clean Slate / Isabelle Hollington / Pets / My Top Ten Sim Experiences for 2011 / Meet The Band / Simscura Consignment Store

Pg 10: The Return of the Simcubus / Diddy Doom Cat / Alien Mothership Crash Lands on the Outskirts of Appaloosa Plains / Green VS Blue

Pg 11: A Hybrid is Born / Store Addiction: Mid-Century Fantasy and Trailblazer / It's Showtime! / Genie Magic / Cairo, the Lothario / Lawanda, the Awesome / Such A Nice Couple / Lawanda / Skeletons in the Closet

Pg 12: Moonlighting / Dirtbag! / Variety is the Spice of Life / Slimeball!

Pg 13: Oh, that's just so wrong. BAD sim. / ...'cause Breaking Up Is Fun To Do / The Big Wrap Up / Epilogue: Cairo and Lawanda in Egypt / Store Addiction: Gothic Glamour / Spooky Cat / The Unplanned Party / Sunset Valley. Again. / Make It Work

Pg 14: Custom Apt. #2 / Full House / Viva Sim Vegas! / Her Name Was Lola / Lucky Palms Inspirations

Pg 15: Lola's Family Life / Lucky Palms Finishing Touches / The Maniacal Joy of Raising and Evil Child? / Diesel Inspiration / Just Shoot Me / There's Maya / Scrumptious Nibbles / Just Shoot Me at P.U.R.E. / Simscura: Le cirque

Pg 16: Seasons Incoming! / For the First Time Ever...

Pg 17: My Seasons Trial run/ Moar Seasons

Pg 18: Spring/ Geewii's Back! / An Abducting We Will Go/ Summer Time/ Invasion/ Prom Queen/Stones Throw Greenhouse/ Uprooted/ Random/ Pool Party

Pg 19: Leisure Day Weekend/ My Top 10 simming experiences of 2012 / University Life!/ DIY Secret Societies!

Pg 20: Ravenloft Mansion/ &#9834 &#9836 I'm Bringing Custom Baaack. &#9836 &#9834 / More Firenze Prep for University/ University Right Around the Corner/ Playing University! / 2nd Term

Pg 21: The end of first year/ I think I'll leave the dorms as they are/ University Love / The End of 2nd Year / Home Again

Pg 22: Roommates / Randomness / Party Time! / Sunday

Pg 23: Erm...just stuff/ The Bilderchild Society Fail / Makin' the Grade/ The Apartment

Pg 24: Third and Final Year/ Chandra / It's like a Reality TV Show/ THE LOVE ENFORCERS/ Nerd DNA/ The Transmogrifier/ Finals

Pg 25: Graduation Day/ Post Graduates / Lots Uploaded / Roommates

Pg 26: OK, Sort of Motivated now / The Sims 3 Shopping Experience

Pg 27: Gifted / Playing again...for now / Finally Uploaded!

Pg 28: Nighthawks / Deal Breaker! / Melonie's story content / The Sims Into The Future Expansion Pack / Midnight Hollow

Pg 29: More Lizzie in Midnight Hollow / My Top Simming Experiences Of 2013 / The Sims 4: First Impressions

Pg 30: A Legacy? / An Asylum Challenge? / My Feelings About The Sims 4 / Into The Future Redux

Pg 31: Leroy / Leroy and Arielle / Micro Manufacturing / More Bots! / Meaghan 2.0 / Amore Mansion / The Playboy (Alpha Phase)

Pg 32: The Bachelor (Beta Phase) / Amusements / Farm Life / "What For!" and Poisoned Apples

Pg 33: Crystal Dragon Eggs/ Status Update/ It's Back On!/ First Date: Arlene/ Second Date: Frances/ vote for the Cutest Girl!

Pg 34: Crystal Dragon Eggs/ Status Update/ It's Back On!/ First Date: Arlene/ Second Date: Frances/ vote for the Cutest Girl!/ Third Date: Evelyn/ Fourth Date: Shirley/ Fifth Date: Angie

Pg 35: The Winner is.../ The Fall Out/ Kicked Out/ The Bachelorette Party

Pg 36: Party On!/ Party Over!/ The Wedding/ Domestic Bliss

Pg 37: Baby Makes Three/ Babies!/ Toddle's

Pg 38: My Top Ten Sim Experiences of All Time

Pg 39: Growing Up/ Late Night

I need to update the table of contents due to forum changes.

Pg 34:Faery in the City Revisited/ Finding Katelyn/ Finding Lenny/ A temporary Castle/ Transformations

Pg 35:Zane and Xara/ Yuri Prequel Play/ Science!/ Slacker/ Johnny Rocket's/ Recruiting Yuri
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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    Melonie Bloom
    This is reaching waaay back, but I have to start off with Melonie Bloom. She was the sim of interest when I started posting pictures. I modeled her on a model I found on iStock photo.

    CK213 wrote:
    My favorite sim or picture?

    My favorite sim so far has been Melonie Bloom. What a character, she has been slowly evolving in my game and getting cuter.

    She's a skinny, neurotic coward with a squeaky voice. She's also a loser, but seems to be doing very well despite having that trait. This game is certainly too easy. She should have had a difficult time becoming an astronaut with those traits. I did chuck the Loser trait during her mid-life crisis, but I replaced it with "clumsy". A clumsy, cowardly, neurotic astronaut?




    She showed what she was made of when a burglar came a calling.


    So did Coco.



    Only...Melonie's performance wasn't so admirable. :P



    Way to go there, Melonie.

    "But...that was terrifying!"

    Most sims I come to like start of as ordinary sims I used in testing homes.
    (08/21/09 08:24 PM)
    CK213 wrote:
    Ok, my pics.

    I'm still trying out new CC hair, patterns, paintings, and a few funiture objects. I'm trying it all out on my Melonie Bloom sim and her roommates.

    Here they are running to the new home that's only a few houses down the street:

    The new house:

    I forgot about my sim's garden that they left behind, but the cool thing is she can come back and harvest the crops without worrying about tending the garden. :mrgreen: :shock: Ooohh...there is a seed in the picture. I bet it's a money tree seed. I better have her pick that up. :P


    I'm trying out the first CC furniture that has been put up. Cool furniture and CASt--a match made in heaven.


    Melonie's roomie, Coco, making faces:

    Another roomie who was supposed to look like Christina Ricci:

    Coco's writer's corner. I'm trying out some CC paintings.

    And a CC pattern

    I was playing and my sim got a call saying that another of my sim's mom was about to die.:(

    I switch to her house so she could go visit her mom. She got to spend some time with her and I had my sim work on the computer while her mom and dad chatted and flirted a lot. The I had my sim ask her mom was it ok to spend the night.

    Her mother said yes then died. :shock:


    The reaper was still hanging around, but I didn't feel like having her carry on a friendly conversation with him.

    I think this is the first playable sim that I had die. I sent her back to her roomie for a shoulder to cry on.screenshot1272.jpg

    Your roommate is the designated cook for a reason. Now stand still while she tries to put you out.

    Sims. :roll:

    But by this time buzz was starting about the first Expansion Pack and I started playing other sims and making plans. I abandoned Melonie and her roomies.

    But she will be back. Melonie has had the most interesting lives out of all my sims, I think. Will post more soon.
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    Amy, Coco, and Josephine

    So I abandoned Melonie for 3 TS2 sims I wanted to bring to TS3. World Adventures seemed like a good EP to bring them in. Coco was a little experiment with Melonie to see if I could make a TS2 sim in TS3.

    11/15/09 05:06 AM

    Updated: This post about what I wanted to do with World Adventures was written just before WA came out.

    I was thinking about some of the sims I want to send on adventures and my mouth nearly hit the floor after a sudden realization. :shock:

    A little back-story first, maybe you will find it nostalgic. :wink:

    I started The Sims "2" mainly as a builder. Then I moved on to stories. I created a fun story about 3 young ladies, fresh out of college and sharing a house owned by one of the girl's father. They were basically house-sitting until they got their careers started and found a soul-mate.

    But enough about the story. After I had finished the series I put my three characters in the game, sharing the same house. That's when playing The Sims 2 became really fun for me and I vowed I would recreate the girls in the Sims 3 and play them again. I really knew their characters from making a story about them first and it just really immersed me into them while playing the game.

    They were nick-named Go-Go, Jo-Jo, and Co-Co

    I was thinking about Go-Go (real name, Amy Li). She's Chinese, so I will definitely send her back to the land of her ancestors. Then I remembered Go-Go was a master of Kung Fu in my story. She was this sweet girl who could kick your butt. Wow, I'm going to give her the Discipline trait and have her master Kung Fu!

    But there's more! Jo-Jo (Josephine Derring)is named after her grandmother, who is French. That was her background in the story. She will be going to France. She is also a hopeless romantic, so it's even better. I guess she will learn how to make nectar.

    Co-Co (Co-Co Parker)is African American. There was nothing in her background about having any ancestry going back to Egypt, but there is now.

    So this is really great. My three favorite characters that I had planned to make again in The Sims 3 have origins in each of the destinations in World Adventures.:mrgreen:

    I'm going to send them to all the destinations as a group so they can share in each others cultural origins. In the Sims 2, they had this odd modern house:

    I'm still working on the TS3 version. It's a little different. But I think I'll change the story this time around and have them in a tiny house and have them earn the money for their bachelorette pad by treasure hunting.

    As for the TS3 versions of the girls, I made Co-Co and Jo-Jo, but they need refinement. However, I just made a new version of Go-Go. I'm happy with her.

    I won't be sending them on day 1 that I get WA because I have other families that I planned to send first, but I am really looking forward to this EP now.

    11/17/09 12:04 AM
    Wow, World Adventures will be here tomorrow and while Amy, Coco, and Josephine are ready, their neighborhood isn't. It's custom and I have quite a few homes I want to build to go in it. I may just start downloading homes from the exchange, but I am concerned about downloading unwanted CC.

    But anyway, I gave the house a test with the girls in it.

    Coco and Josephine need more tweaking, but Amy is perfect. Coco's eyes are a bit large.
    I won't be uploading the house anytime soon because when I placed it in a test neighborhood I found that the game elevated the property and really messed up the edge of the lot and stairs. Any homes that I plan to upload from now on will be built on flat lots.


    I flattened out the edge of the lot and added more stairs, but it's a mess. I can still play the original lot as designed. That's a burglar in the picture. He wasted no time trying to rob the place on the first night. The following picture was so funny and true-to-form for me.


    In my TS2 story Coco had a sixth sense for sensing when something wasn't right. Here, she woke up and attacked the burglar before he even set foot in the house. :lol: A little error in the game, but I loved it. Traits have brought them so much closer to their story character profiles than TS2 ever could.


    This unusual house is really taking me back to days when TS2 was fresh and exciting. And now with The Sims 3 and World Adventures these girls will be so again.



    A little tweak to Coco and she's good to go:


    I can't wait until they are taking their cab ride off to their adventures.

    First stop will be China, second will be France, and then off to Egypt, and yes, I will be playing on Epic lifespan. :D

    Cya on the forum.


    How it turned out.

    Wow, I'm days into World Adventures now and I feel like I've only scratched the surface. This EP has been wonderful for these particular sims. I'm having a great time with it. Each sim is the leader of their particular destination. Amy leads China and is the only one allowed to collect Visa points for it. Josephine has France, and Coco has Egypt.






    Amy visiting the land of her ancestral roots and World Adventures has been great for her. Not so great for the guy downwind of her, she just finished some martial arts training.


    It's a little thing, but her learning a Chinese song made me smile. I felt like saying, "Ok, you can shut up now," when she sang it a little too often, but I still think it's great. Not so bad now that she has learned another song.


    Learning to kick butt is also another plus. It's the martial arts, but I guess she is thinking literally, art.

    China and Martial Arts are my favorites so far. In my old TS2 story's back-story, Amy had taught martial arts to Josephine. Now I actually get to play it out.

    I know some aren't crazy about this EP, but it feels like it was created just for me. I'm enjoying it.

    Traits are fantastic!!!
    Josephine is adventurous and a hot head, but she is scared of creepy things that go bump in the night. I had to pretend in TS2, but now she acts it out.


    The Chinese furniture is coming in handy. I've started adding the Asian Fusion set to the house.

    It's odd, but I really like playing this TS3 re-imagining of my TS2 home. Screenshot-631.jpg

    I also like this old Volkswagon Golf. The new red one isn't bad either.

    I caught Coco looking at me while Josephine played guitar.

    Yep, this take me back to fun TS2 times.

    Unfortunately these sims took advantage of Nightlife, kind of boring to play them in TS3, but going to China and Egypt was fun with them.

    This is the knowledge pod.

    Where Coco and Amy meet often to play chess.

    The view is so much better in TS3.

    Josephine returning from work. She want's to be a rock star.

    Two very sleepy sims.

    Up early and ready to dance.

    Thanks for expanding my sim's world EA.
    I have sent the girl's to all three destinations. I have pics of them too, but this thread is flooded with them already. :lol:


    No thanks for the CC Snafu that created this mess though. :lol:

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    This is the perfect place to visit and encourage me to put more variety into my game. :D
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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    rsedorothy wrote:
    This is the perfect place to visit and encourage me to put more variety into my game. :D

    It should be fun digging up some of the memorable (to me anyway) simming moments. There were plenty posted in threads that were quickly buried or in forums most simmers don't visit.
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    Francine Pennyworth

    Another sim that started off as a random sim to test out a new home and went on to become a favorite. I also wanted to try an adventurer sim that would travel the world. Francine made an appearance on the form in response to simmers questioning WA as a fun EP.

    World Adventures » Is World Adventures the most boring Sims game of all time, or was I playing it wrong? » Go to message
    Anonymous wrote:
    I don't know about most boring, but it's definitely the most useless, which was why I was a bit annoyed when they first announced it. Going on adventures is all very well, but back at home my Sims' lives are just as boring as they ever were. There is absolutely nothing for them to do anymore and WA didn't add anything for them. Yes I can go on an adventure if I'm bored, but I don't want to be jetting off to these locations just to do some basic tomb raiding and then come back home again...We need more social interactions, fun objects and new places to hang out back at home :/
    CK213 wrote:
    I agree with this somewhat, but I wouldn't say it's useless. I love it for getting my sim families out of bland starter homes and into mid-range homes quickly. Going to other lands makes collecting a little more interesting. They can work for an upper range home and get to live in it before they get too old.





    After sending Francine on a few adventures I like the idea of playing a tough action oriented sim. I sent her to China. After a days worth of adventuring, I sent her back to base-camp and let her hit the showers. I usually have my sims take the rooms closest to the bathroom, plus they don't have far to travel to the kitchen. Only this time one of the tourists nabbed her bed before she could get to it.

    So I woke the guy up and decided to give him something to occupy his time while Francine took back her bed. I had him pose.


    I thought he would move on by himself, but he just stood there for hours posing. So I just decided to watch to see how all this turned out. The guy isn't all that bright.


    He had a little accident.

    Poor guy. Blame EA, not me.

    But then he whipped out his camera. :shock:
    Well, I guess she's cute and all...

    Let me guess, you're going to make up lies to tell your buddies?

    Finally he moved on, laughing as he left. :P Francine was lucky enough to get out on the right side of the bed instead of the wrong side of the bed. I need more bizarre moments like this, even if they are accidental. :lol:

    On a side note, the view from the Temple of Heaven is awesome.

    Cool jade tigers, Vexi'. I sell so much stuff that I really don't even look at them. When I get my sim's house into top shape, I think I'll go through China again to get collectibles for decor.

    I have more from Ms. Pennyworth. I'm starting to really like her. I was going to have her settle down with EA townie Mr. Steele, but he turned out to be such a flake.

    I'd invite him over and he'd run off saying he has something to do. Call him up on the phone and he'll say he'll be right over and then cancels because he has something more important to do. :P My sim is too good for him anyway.

    So I really started liking Francine as a sim. So much so I introduced her to my Forum Avatar sim.

    I set about getting her a real man. :wink:

    Francine, meet Cairo Firenze.

    What's wrong? She's a great girl.

    Told you so.

    "Thanks for the match up, dude."

    "Yeah, thanks for the match up."

    My simming job here is done.
    :lol: Looks like Xiao, the gnome, is giving them some privacy he teleported out of the room.
    I'll be back with more pics from these two. Francine now has a Sim Fu partner in Cairo.

    Cairo has a ways to go in martial arts before he can catch up to his new girl Francine. I let him practice whenever he can, like early morning.

    No more breakfasts alone for Francine.

    Francine: "Please don't ask to spar with me."

    Maid: "Please don't ask to spar with her."

    Cairo: "Baby, how about I spar with you?"

    Francine: "So you really want to do this?"

    Cairo: "Don't hold back, cause I won't"

    Cairo: "Hiyah!"

    Cairo: "Woo! You're fast! I'm gonna have to..."

    Francine: "Hiyaaaaaah!"


    Cairo: [Utter shock.]

    Cairo: "Woo hoo! That was awesome!"

    Yep, I think these two will get along fine. I'm ready to send them to Egypt now.


    Coming up next, Francine and Cairo in Egypt.
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    Francine and Cairo in Egypt

    :D Picture explosion--I have a back-log of shots.


    I find two sims seeking adventure in Egypt more romantic than the French country side. Now break it up you two.

    Francine is more gung-ho about adventures.

    Cairo was brought along to keep herself entertained in her downtime.

    Cairo: "I must hurry before it's too late!"

    "Move feet!"

    Francine: "The milk in your cereal is warm now, isn't it?"
    Cairo: "Yep."
    Francine: "I told you so."

    Francine going in cat-burglar style.

    Yes, Cairo, you are definitely an accessory.

    This could be a scene from a movie--well, an animated one.

    I think Cairo is ready for some real adventuring.

    Francine leads the way, of course.


    Got an idea, Cairo?

    Francine: "How long are you going to carry that thing around?"
    Cairo: "I find him strangely comforting."

    There ya go, Cairo. Take some initiative.


    Now this looks interesting.

    You can't walk around in your skivvies in the cold dank tombs of France.
    Well you could, but would you want to?

    Francine instructs Cairo about fire traps.

    Long day--they'll have to sleep over in the pyramid.

    That was a nice trip, but of course I will switch sims in a heartbeat. I saved Cairo's and Francine's neighborhood as a new save and began playing a new house next door to them. It was really nice having Francine as a neighborhood. And profitable.I saved Cairo and Francine as a new neighborhood. I created a new sim couple and they now have Cairo and Francine as neighbors.

    Afrikaisi, my new sim, is reaping the benefits of Francine spawning gem stones from chopping space rocks.


    "Make me some Tiberium, please."

    She also gets to spar with Francine.

    She takes a beating and then runs home for mac and cheese.

    I couldn't just leave them to the fickle control of story progression however.

    Francine is smitten.

    Smitten with Cairo.

    And really dotty now that she's married.

    Any woman who dares flirt with him now is going to get her eyeballs ripped out.
    I wonder if I can find a mod for that. Hmm... :?

    Yep, I hauled them off to France so Cairo could propose.


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    CK213 wrote:
    But then he whipped out his camera. :shock:
    Well, I guess she's cute and all...

    Let me guess, you're going to make up lies to tell your buddies?


    CREEPER! :lol: This is why EA needs to include mace in the next EP, whatever it is!

    I'm glad I stumbled on this thread--I had no idea what Francine's backstory was pre-Cairo.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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    Darkling wrote:
    CK213 wrote:
    But then he whipped out his camera. :shock:


    CREEPER! :lol: This is why EA needs to include mace in the next EP, whatever it is!

    I'm glad I stumbled on this thread--I had no idea what Francine's backstory was pre-Cairo.

    That was creepy, and having to sit there for sim hours as he stood there made it worse. I think I would love mace as a social interaction. I've had a few sims slap my sims for no reason. A can of Mace would be perfect.

    Assembling these pictures has been interesting I've been going though my history and copying links. There are probably a lot of pics that haven't been seen because they were put in threads that died a quick death. I'm looking forward to getting to the good stuff.
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    Amy Li, Putting the "Fire" in Fireworks

    This was about the time that I became curious about the Bunch Family and was caught up in a huge saga involving Lisa Bunch, the Landgraabs, and the Altos. Too big to show here, but the link is in the first post.


    I would take breaks from Lisa and change households. I swung by Amy, Coco, and Josephine's place and got into a little trouble with fire.

    Amy has become my favorite of the three.

    It was definitely the TS2 story than the sims themselves that made me attached to them. It's great having them back and I plan to play them over whenever I get Ambitions.


    Amy Li had a little trouble setting off fireworks. Coco was there to save the day.










    Amy laughs it off.



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    While I was away...
    ...with Lisa and her climb to riches saga, Francine and Cairo had a boy.
    And he was growing fast. I had to drop in to see that he had decent traits and all.

    That's it for the Bunch's, now a few from the Firenze's. Francine had a son with my avatar sim.

    Still not sure what to do with their house. Sometimes I really don't feel like decorating.

    I added an addition to the house--living room and two bedrooms.


    Another break from Lisa and I find Francine and Cairo had another child.

    I think Francine is a little angry that I stopped her from her Simfu training and made her teach her toddler how to talk.

    Thanks for getting rid of the Gas face.


    I think their globe trotting days are behind them. Time to be domestic.Screenshot-1303.jpg

    Their son is now a teen.

    And his next door neighbor is now his girlfriend.

    Getting to know their future daughter in-law.

    This is where the Altos are living and I was playing them at the time. Holly Alto was getting married.

    Francine was on the guest list. I had the Alto's French maid ask Francine to teach her some French songs. It pays to have a well traveled sim living in the neighborhood.

    "What's going on here?" I thought when I entered the Firenze's lot.
    Their son was outside with the town's wild woman, Victoria Hotness.

    Why is she here, and why are they both thinking about the pool? :shock:

    Of course he's going to invite her in.

    Dishing out all the town's secrets.

    Francine Firenze, his mom, is about to put the genie back in her bottle and toss her out the door.

    Nice of you to visit. Bye bye.

    Cairo knows better than to watch Victoria leave. Eyeballs fixed squarely on the wife.

    I can see why.

    Time to check out Sunset Valley's future.
    I belive I will pair up Mr. Sakemoto here with Ms. McIrish, back there with the lavander tie.

    I think I need to add 4 teen males.

    It's 10:00! You're late!

    Get to class!

    Wait a minute...You're cutting class!
    Well you better still have a "A" when I cycle back around to your house. :x

    I think Amelia Goth will be fun to play. Maybe I'll match her up with Arlo Bunch he rode home with her on the bus.
    She looks like she has a Wednesday Addams look going there. :D

    Lisa's sister showed up while I was playing the Wellingtons. It seems like the Bunch family are targeting all my wealthy sims. :lol:

    Phew! I was busy. I can't wait for this game to get more EPs. It should be awesome to play. I'm still enjoying it despite not having a ton of activities. Imagine what it will be like with a bunch of expansion packs.
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    That Lisa Bunch Soiree
    I'm adding this post from the Lisa Bunch thread since so many of my other sims showed up for her party.
    Hello CK213,

    Nice update! This one had me roaring in laughter.


    Thanks, boredomkills and Panther.
    Lisa is moving up and up in the world. She had her first fund raising party and as I placed new sims in town, I discovered that Lisa was the new sim's boss. :D

    I expected a dull fund raiser and while it wasn't super exciting, it did have a small surprise.

    Kaylynn Langerak had the nerve to crash Lisa's fundraiser.

    She even wore shoes like Lisa's :? The nerve.

    Sorry, gonna have to change you out of that formal dress. You are the maid. You're suppose to serve, not frolic.

    Ok, go ahead and have your little freak-out. Now get to work.
    And why is Lisa in her everyday outfit instead of her formal one?

    Hi Amy Li! (She's one of my favorite sims. :-o )

    Her roommates as well. These are my favorite sims from TS2 that I recreated in TS3. Unfortunately, I really need Nightlife to play them like I want. I just keep them around and will probably play them seriously when we get a decent EP.

    Lydia Wellington, all grown up and now a party-girl socialite.

    Vita is here, of course.

    Time to hit Lilith Wellington up for a campaign contribution.
    Kaching! 10,000 Simoleons.

    Kaylynn Langerak is kinda cute actually. I tweaked her in CAS though.

    The maid sets out the food.

    Time to hit Cairo up for some money.

    Nope, no deal.

    10,000 is enough for her career requirements, now let's go take care of the party crasher.

    Lisa makes fun of her dancing.

    Apparently Kaylynn is quite proud of her dancing prowess.


    OK, that's it. You have to leave...ex-maid.

    Yeah, yeah, just leave.


    "Well, you two really know how to party. Don't hurt yourselves."

    I like this picture. Too bad the whole setup went to waste. No one ate at the dining tables. They all took their food inside. :P

    For some reason the game made Vita Alto a wall flower at this party. She just stood around and watched. Either it's a glitch or the game really does make a guest a wall flower. I had Lisa call her out.

    Joke and gossip.

    And had Malcolm dance with her.

    Eventually it all came to an end. It was a success.
    Cairo seemed to have enjoyed himself. He should have brought Francine however.

    Lisa made over 47,000 Simoleons in contributions.

    Geoffrey Landgraab will forever dislike Vita Alto.

    Lisa and Malcolm had a few rounds before bed. Just a few.


    I'm glad I brought these two together.


    What are you mad about?

    Oh, you found out Cairo was married. Had plans for him?

    She really doesn't want to mess with Francine's property if she's allergic to pain.

    It's great that their inventories don't disappear anymore. I was away from them for quite a while.

    Cairo has now achieved his lifetime want to be an astronaut.

    Their daughter aged up from a toddler.

    Their son is now going steady with the girl next door.
    It's always fun to see what's going on with Cairo. :wink: Their daughter is so adorable, and the house looks beautiful! Cairo is one good-looking astronaut, I'll say that much :mrgreen:

    Well, she has improved from being a toddler.

    I hope she looks a little more like her mom as a teen. Probably will look more like a female Cairo. They have a nice amount of money now. I was going to move them to a more upscale home, but decided not to move their son away from his girlfriend. :P

    I thought Cairo's Top Gun outfit was cooler. He looked extremely serious while wearing it.

    Hold on...
    Ambitions is coming?


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    Simbot Ambitions
    Ambitions was coming and I was full of hopeful ideas for the new robots. I bugged EA with Ideas on the TS2 fourms and was hoping for an improvement over Servo. Like the following:

    One of my hopes is that Servo will be more customizable and upgradeable, and considering that your sim is an inventor perhaps there is a chance of that.

    There were some complaints about the TS2 servo. Some simmers just wanted a simple machine to do housework. They didn't want a robot with social needs and aspirations. Nor did they want them falling in love with human sims. I agree with that too.

    What I proposed on the TS2 feedback site were three upgradeable levels of Servo.
    Not gonna happen, I think, but it's fun to think about. Maybe we will get it in The Sims 4.

    Base Servo 1. A simple Servo that just takes care of work around the house. No socializing, no love, no watching TV, no wandering around town. Judging from this picture, I don't think that's the case. This servo seems to like to see things go boom.

    Upgraded Servo 2. A sleeker, cooler servo that is a little more humanoid and interacts socially with your sims. It can even have nanny duties, unlike the utilitarian base Servo. You can program it for specific tasks. You may just want someone to clean up and garden, but never touch the kids.


    Upgraded Servo 3.
    The most sophisticated servo that is extremely human-like and someone would have to observe carefully to determine if it is actually a robot. It has no traits, but it you play it a certain way it can become self-aware, form a unique identity and receive traits. It will then want to live its own life and even fall in love and show more sim emotions.

    I think it would be fun to have one fall in love with a sim and try to hide the fact that it is actually a robot. Be sure that their love isn't around when they do maintenance or recharge. :lol:

    I made custom humanoid Servos for The Sims 2. I like them much better because the mechanical Servo looked odd taking care of babies, hanging out at dance clubs, and falling in love with human sims.

    They had all the behaviors, animations, graphic and sound effects of the true Servo, but a more human body. I also had a mod by Paladin that let me program them for specific tasks. They were great. :mrgreen:





    The first thing I did when I loaded Ambitions was cheat to get a Simbot.
    I was a bit disappointed with what we got. It was cool that it could hover, but that was about it. You couldn't even recolor it.


    Can they start a fire in the house?

    But then I got to playing around with modding and got very excited:

    Forget what I wrote before.
    Playing around in CAS has given me a full android conversion of the Simbot into something a lot more human-like, but still has all of Simbot animations and behaviors.

    I'm editing this post and deleting shots just to show the transition from Simbot to android.

    Black seemed like an obvious choice. I had a chance to play with hats so I tried the motorcycle helmet.

    The kids were not thrilled with the new Simbot.

    It does look a bit sinister, like a Ninja Assassin-bot.

    That's better.

    Now for a game of tag instead of run-in-terror.

    A light bulb lit in my braincase: "Silly, you can put a human face on the Simbot."

    "OMG! What have you done to me?"

    "Don't worry. He's making you more human, not turning you from a human to a robot. Think of it as an upgrade."

    "Well, then I guess it's ok."


    "And I can still hover!"

    "I'm near-human, baby! YEAH!"

    Well alright! I got my upgradeable humanoid Servos....uh, Simbots....sorta. My mission is complete. :mrgreen:
    Now to keep playing to see if there are any unfortunate repercussions from this. :?
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    I wish I could get more comments to spread things out. Too many pics on one page. :lol:
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    Simbot Meaghan
    The First Simbot was just an experiment. Now that I figured out how to make them look human, I wanted to play one in a family, so I used Cairo's Lifetime Reward points and gave him one.
    DatOneDude wrote:
    Branr wrote:
    Oh, no, it's a FEMBOT!



    I got another one. I tried the same method and she kept all her traits especially the important simbot trait.

    It took awhile to find someone with the points to get her. Cairo made astronaut and had the points. Francine seemed thrilled to have her--no more dirty dishes for her to clean up. :P

    The game sent another female.
    We really can't recolor these things without a mod?

    Anyway, I made a more feminine Fembot.

    Check out the rocket boots.

    I feel like making a superhero story. :P

    My second Simbot is my fav at the moment. The game named her Meaghan

    Dinner is a quick affair.


    But she will politely munch on cake to set the humans at ease.

    They find this entertaining for some reason.

    Visiting the Alto's Simbot.

    Scrap is where it's at.

    Time to harvest.

    The harvester made her toss up cake? What is that?
    Darkling wrote:
    CK213 wrote:


    The transformation is incredible. If there was one thing that would tempt me to put mods in my game, it is this.

    One of my favorite animes is Robot Carnival. In the story "Deprive" the robot protector gets an upgrade to android in order to save his ward. As I was looking at Dianne's evolution, this was at the back of my mind the whole time. I might have to buck up, stop being a chicken and look more into safely installing mods...

    I'm trying to think of interesting scenario to play these simbots. The two I have now are fun, but I want to start with a basic one and slowly upgrade it by achieving goals or milestones.

    I was thinking about making an evil scientist who is creating evil simbots (that part's not original). I'm going to have them stealing from sim's homes, smashing the possessions of the evil scientist's enemies, and just being mean to everyone. But one of them has a bug in its AI that keeps turning it back to good.

    When the scientist reprograms it to be evil, I'm going to have it turn on him somehow, and the rest of the evil robots. Then I'll have it repair all the bad relationships it had created while it was evil. It will upgrade itself to better fit in with human society and try to earn all the positive social lifetime rewards it can.

    I'm having fun with my current simbot. It's so funny watching her walk with that robot walk and all electronic sounds, and she looks much cooler when she hovers about.

    Francine is a master of Sim-fu, and when I saw her out practicing chopping space rocks, I was like: "Oh, I have got to have my Simbot learn Sim-fu!"

    So Francine tutored and trained her until she earned her first belt...

    Then they started sparring.




    I think my evil scientist will be taking his army of simbots to China. :evil:
    Is it me or have the graphics gotten even better in this game?

    I find it funny that most sims have a negative reaction to them. It's even more poignant now that they look more human. I feel a little sad for my humanoid simbots. They get rejection wherever they go. It's starting to get annoying though.

    But it wasn't long before I found this extremely annoying. I now have a mod to stop it.


    Ironically she was on an opportunity mission to sell Thorton on the benefits of Technology. He went for it, but he still doesn't like Simbots.Screenshot-2877.jpg
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    Here's a comment to help turn the page.

    Awesome. :wink:
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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    rsedorothy wrote:
    Here's a comment to help turn the page.

    Awesome. :wink:

    :mrgreen: Thanks.
  • xfairytalexfairytale Posts: 108
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    I'm so jealous of your graphics... :-)

    Please could you upload Cairo and Francine's house, if it's not too much trouble? It's beautiful!
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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    A Daughter for Meaghan
    Upon learning of my discovery of how to make human looking simobts, a simmer wanted to know if I could take it further.
    NigeriaH2 wrote:
    I wonder if you could make simbot children and teens...

    My initial instinct was to say no...

    But testing proved me wrong. :P
    For a teen anyway.

    Fly, girl.

    She won't eat scrap, but will eat Sim food.

    She has Simbot animations and sound effects.

    I'm beginning to suspect EA knew we would do this and accommodated modding Simbots. It's just working too well. :? The first interesting thing is the game wanted to enroll her in school and make her quit her career as an inventor. So I enrolled her just to see what happened. I should have let her go just to see the other students go: "Ewww.." But I just wanted to know if the game would enroll her in school.

    Let me see what happens if I make her age up with the birthday cake.

    "I wish I was a real girl."

    She's got sparkles.

    Yeah...I know. You've been Lord Sponged.

    Still a Simbot.


    She got her appetite for scrap back.

    Back to Fembot cool.

    Now I have to quit without saving to make sure I don't save anything that would corrupt my game. :P

    After playing for a bit, I thought it would be cool to give Meaghan a robot daughter. I worked up her inventing ability to make simbots. I only needed a pink diamond, but it was so hard to find. I had to get creative.

    Ahh...finally, I got the pink diamond...and a bunch of pics too. :wink:
    I sent my sims to France in hopes of better luck there. They found tons of gems in Sunset Valley, but no pink diamonds.



    Francine (take-no-prisoners) Firenze had the logic and athletics skills to be successful at tunnel exploration. She found a pink diamond.

    A quick trip to the Science facility to get the final components and I wasted no time making a daughter Simbot for Meaghan.


    She chose to adopt it, but had no input on color choice or gender. That's a bit lame. I hope there is customization at higher inventor skill levels.

    Ugh, I think only my gear-head minded sims are going to get mech simbots.
    Everyone else will get human looking ones.

    Eh...mod it.

    It was starving so I sent her out for scrap.
    It's name is Carrisa, by the way.

    Mama's going to detonate you some food.

    Move it Carrisa!


    TERMINATOR VI: Day of the Simbot.

    Dum dum dum dah-dum!


    But this machine/ daughter look isn't working for me. Time for some customization.

    Now you look like a Carrisa-JHS 4200 instead of simply JHS 4200


    So let me hurry up and build up their relationship so they can stop freaking out over each other being a Simbot. :roll:

    Strange thing about teen simbot sims. They can't eat scrap. I fed mine simfood, but it takes a lot of it to make her full. She needs a second helping. I keep fruit in her inventory for her to nosh on. :)

    She doesn't seem keen on eating hotdog in this pic. Maybe she thinks it has real dog in it. Screenshot-3086.jpg

    I sent her and Meghan out to the community garden to harvest fruit.

    Another thing I'm doing is using their lifetime reward points to buy personality tweaks to overcome issues I have about them.

    Meaghan now has:
    -Carefree--to lessen her need for trivial entertainment
    -hardly hungry--lessen the need to eat
    -Steel bladder--no toilets for robots. :roll:
    -Speedy cleaner--to make her a better servant.
    -Attractive--to help balance out sims making the disgusted animation at her, hopefully.
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    xfairytale wrote:
    I'm so jealous of your graphics... :-)

    Please could you upload Cairo and Francine's house, if it's not too much trouble? It's beautiful!

    That's an old house and unfortunately I didn't make it. :-( I checked and it's no longer in my game. I must have lost it once I clean installed my game. I don't even know who made it.
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    Freaky Robo' Girl

    Meaghan's daughter is named Carrissa.
    Life for a teen simbot in school is rough.
    I went over to the school because she was supposed to go home with Barbara Langerak after school

    It was pretty much as I expected. The student exiting the building just before her gave out a yell and looked panicked.

    Her play sister was just as rude. Building a relationship with her has been slow.

    And so was Barbara Langerak; the girl who supposedly invited her over to her house after school

    Dissed and Dismayed.

    And I was like: What the...?
    Barbara didn't get on the bus with her. She took off running towards the park.

    "See ya later, Cybernectic-girl."

    "Meh. No I won't."
    She ditched Carrisa. :shock:

    Carrisa is crushing on the bus driver. He isn't rude to her. :-)

    She got off at the Langerak's home.

    Bebe Langerak's mom (Dorie Hart)was visiting.


    She's going to have a complex by the time she becomes a young adult.

    Don't clean up for them. They're treating you like garbage. :P

    Dorie took off, running.She had time to change to athletic wear. I guess she needed to sprint.

    It never lets up.

    Oh come on!! That's a bit much. :shock: :P
    Bebe was actually taking out the garbage when she had a simbot panic attack, but it looks like they don't think much of simbots.

    I thought it would be best to see what happened when Carrissa went to school in the morning considering how everyone behaved when they got out of school.

    A tip for anyone thinking about making a teen simbot and sending it to school:
    Wait until the other kids have a good start at walking through the school doors before you send your simbot on.

    Mine showed up while it was crowded.

    Then the "Eww...freaky robo-girl", reactions began.

    They let her through, but that broke off everyones que to go to school.

    They all started to loiter and socialize.

    To tell the truth, I thought it was all quite cool. This is how the game should be for teens.

    EA should have them come out of the school for an hour or two (it takes a while just to come out and go in) so we can stop by and have our sim socialize with other teens during their break. It's much more interesting than sitting around and waiting on your sims to come out.

    I had her wait a bit the next day. :lol:

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    Trouble in Paradise
    Things were going very well for Francine and Cairo. If you noticed above, there were some shots of a different house interior. That's because I moved them into a much bigger house--THE HOUSE THAT GRANT BUILT.


    What did you do to his house? :D

    I really like that weather worn old beach house. Nice and homey.

    But my sim Francine got a new simbot, and the simbot in turn adopted a simbot daughter. They needed more space. Her style is more modern combined with historical artifacts from her travels. Grant's house seemed a good size, plus it was down the street with the same ocean view.


    Her modern stuff was a bad fit with Grant's aged styled.

    So I set about a home makeover, bringing Francine's style over to Grant's house.

    Next was the interior.




    A strange blend of stuff, but I like it.

    I wanted it to be a reflection of Francine's Life. She's an adventurer and a master of Sim Fu. I still need more stuff from China, but I guess I can save that for the rooms upstairs.

    Those little music boxes are cool.

    Where is Kim, Liam, and Piper?
    I don't know. I remember them getting old, but I don't remember them dying. Perhaps story progression sent them to Shangri-La. :wink

    This idyllic life couldn't last. I really like Francine and Cairo and I had no plans to drama up their life, but that was taken out of my hands.

    My happily married sim cheated on her husband while time traveling and he found out about it. :thumbdown:
    I'm not happy about it either. :P :lol:

    I posted in the Ambitions forum, but the thread was a dud. Here are the pics and commentary from it:
    Francine and Cairo Firenze, world travelers,


    Crazy in love,

    And now middle aged time travelers.

    Never for a minute thought about having them stray, but upon this faithful chronological excursion Francine cheated. How Cairo knew is beyond me, but he was boo-hooing quite a bit. And I'm like wait a second here, I had no say in this. :P

    So as his wife watches on as he chats with his Simbot and best friend, Meaghan. I have to decide what to do about this. He has an option to break up with her. And I 'd have to do the who gets the house, who gets the kids, thing. So I leave it up to him. Don't know whether the game will allow him to reject or accept a hug due to the infidelity, but here goes...

    And he accepts her. Problem solved.

    Or is it?

    I'm beginning to wonder about Meaghan.
    Maybe that A.I. of hers has formed an attachment to Cairo that goes beyond her friendship program.

    Or maybe Francine's cheating was a reaction to what's going on under her roof.

    Maybe she's not happy with this "my best friend" Fembot her husband spends so much time with. Why couldn't it be a Himbot? What will Meaghan do if her A.I. has learned how to feel love? What will Cairo and Francine do in turn?

    Hmm...interesting unscripted scenario choices ahead sparked by incidents and coincidences. This is how I like to play. :mrgreen:
    Darkling wrote:
    CK213 wrote:


    FRANCINE?!?! What the...?!?! How could you?!?! :evil:

    But you know, there may be some credence to this whole Meaghan thing after all. I mean, who the heck else could have known and have had the motive to tell Cairo? A classic divide and conquer gambit.

    Depending on how you decide to play this out, I might just get to see that Francine/Simbot Showdown after all! :wink:

    Ha! That was my reaction too.
    I also imagine Francine and Meaghan locked in Sim Fu combat at the height of their skills.

    The ball is certainly rolling now. I thought I would exercise a new sub-routine in Meaghan's programming: the complimentary flirt. Just one little flirt and I'd leave it alone. They flirted several times on their own in succession. :roll: Unfortunately Francine was in the kitchen, not upstairs like I thought. :?


    And so was their daughter. :oops:

    Other than this there hasn't been any drama in the form of wishes and moodlets. Francine did get a want to woohoo with Cairo howerver. :oops:

    I was distracted by my Melonie Bloom sim and her traveling back and forth from Twinbook and France. She's coming up next.

    But I finally came back to Meaghan, Francine and Cairo. :thumbup:
    Francine was working out to stereo music in the living room when Meaghan initiated another flirt.

    Meaghan got a want for a first kiss with Cairo. :shock:

    It was a bit odd. Francine was definitely watching them, but it seemed like she was holding back her emotions. (I know TS3 sims aren't that sophisticated, but it just felt that way.) In TS2 there would have been a Boing-yoing-yoing sound and a bunch of slapping. :P

    Getting her out of the house for a jog felt like the right thing to do.

    Which left Meaghan free to try out her new A.I. skills of seduction.

    It didn't take long to work their way up the romantic interaction tree.


    Wish granted. Oops, simbot daughter shows up from school. What amazing timing.
    Lucky it's Meaghan's daughter and not Francine's and Cairo's daughter. :oops:

    Meaghan seems pleased.

    "Am I going to get a step-dad?"

    More than pleased.

    She looks almost blissful, but that can't last.

    Now here is where a little coincidental reaction comes in, thanks to the "A simbot!" knee ❤️❤️❤️❤️ response.

    "OMG! What have I done?"
    She has a thought bubble of Cairo, so I think I can keep this as part of the scenario. :)

    Heh, it looks like she is going through a little guilt.

    Carrisa's "I need to get to the bathroom." becomes...
    "You've crossed the line, Mom. Are we going to get kicked out of here?" :P

    Welcome to human emotions, Meaghan. Your upgrade is working fine.

    No, I don't advise traveling back in time to fix this. You could create a time paradox and make things much worse. Sorry, you're going to have to deal with what you have started.

    :twisted: I'm looking forward to it, but first, I need to catch up on Melonie Bloom.

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    to get 'android' simbots, you just assign the 'simbot trait' to a sim?
    My Page:

    Follow me on the Sims 4 Gallery - ID 'MariannaSims'
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    Love your threads, your builds and screenshots. So much fun to read your gameplay stories and very inspiring too!
    My Page:

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    Four pages back to find this I'm so glad I bookmarked it. Actually I'm going to put a shortcut on my desktop.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
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    to get 'android' simbots, you just assign the 'simbot trait' to a sim?

    That would be an easier way to get one, but I haven't tried that method.

    You have to edit them in CAS. I used the master controller mod, but I guess the edit in cas cheat should do the same. It's been a while since I made one, but I think you have to remove some traits so the don't lose their hidden simbot trait in the process of editing them.

    Cyron 43 spelled it out in my thread long ago when we were playing around with Ambitions. You might not need Twallan's mod since we can edit in CAS now, but I've never tried it without it.
    1. Download Twallan's master controller mod.

    2. You have to install that mod in "Users\(YourAccountName)\Documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 3\Mods\Packages" (that's for Windows Vista and Windows 7)

    3. You have to drop 2 traits from the SimBot in order to avoid that bug which drops the hidden "SimBot" trait and the "fire proof" trait when you go to step 4.

    4. edit the Simbot with "edit in CAS" (maybe someone can tell where to find this particular command. I can't tell because I use the german version of the game).

    5. Change The SimBot's age to young adult or adult

    6. Set the 2 traits you have dropped before

    7. Change the body appearance to your likings

    8. Change the head (I like the biker's helmet)

    8.1 recolor it

    9. Change the clothing (don't forget the shoes)

    9.1 recolor it

    So it's a lot of things to do!
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