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Short Story Challenge!


  • sunkissed300sunkissed300 Posts: 1,574
    edited August 2012
    Jenna stared at each car passing by. Only 1 person didn't bother staring. Jenna thought to herself, why did this have to happen to me, I didn't have to be different. I could of lived a normal life.

    "Jenna, I know what your thinking. We were meant to be different. But when we die, things will change."




  • ProskatergrlICEProskatergrlICE Posts: 64
    edited August 2012
    I was at home with my daughter Marnie, afraid to leave the house.
    He was after me.
    There was nothing I could do, nobody I could call.
    Derick was a police officer, and I had no concrete evidence that it was him stalking me.
    But I knew. I knew that he was coming, not for me, but for my young daughter.
    I looked over at Marnie with tears in my eyes, I knew I couldn't save her.



  • MissBitsy11MissBitsy11 Posts: 2,994
    edited September 2012
    The couple met at a party one day, and had a baby. At first they were mad, but soon they decided to just go with it and sing karaoke.
  • MissBitsy11MissBitsy11 Posts: 2,994
    edited September 2012
    Double post, sorry!
  • iipoisoniipoison Posts: 15
    edited September 2012
    The fire spread.

    The screams were never ending as it took victim after victim.

    Only one got away, she couldn't live with who she was so she decided
    to give herself a makeover to forget that dreadful day

  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
    edited September 2012
    Nikki was an aspiring singer. She played with her band, Awesome Fire, at various clubs. But she wasn't doing it professionally, no, it was only small gigs. Usually Nikki spent her time earning money by preforming sing-grams. Sing-grams were basically singing a song to a complete stranger, and it was often weird. Nikki had to sing to the strangest of people!

    Nikki sang everywhere to everyone. It was a tiring job, but someone had to do it. "Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu..." Nikki cried. Man, her throat hurt. Her voice cracked a little and the customer frowned. "Happy Birthday dear Lorraine, happy birthday to you." Nikki finished, and Lorraine gave her five dollars. Five dollars! Nikki rubbed her neck, exhausted. This was going to be a long night...

    One night, when Nikki was wearing her black uniform (she wore only black for high-paying customers), ready to sing her heart out. She started to sing something, but nothing came out. Nikki was speechless-literally! Nikki took an emergency cough drop from her purse and plum on it quickly. The customer looked not pleased. Nikki swallowed the cough drop nervously. "Hap-" she tried, but her voice was hoarse. Nikki looked up and saw a green diamond floating above her head. "Happy birthday?" she tried, but the green diamond bobbed in the air, unfazed by her scratchy voice. Nikki, the curious soul that she was, leaned up to touch it...




  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 15,606 Member
    edited October 2012
    Dad,Leah, check this out..


    Sandra, stop playing and come and watch my doggy, isn't she cute?

  • xMissSimsGirlxxMissSimsGirlx Posts: 17
    edited October 2012
    Tiana wasn't the brightest spark in all of Moonlight Falls, she was very gullable. She had recently bought the Prediction Ball and shook it to find out her fate.
    "Will I become a big girl?" she asked it.
    "QUESTION HAS NO ANSWER" was what the ball read.
    "OH NO!!" said Tiana, freaking out, "I'll never become an young adult! I'LL NEVER GROW UP!!"
    What she didn't realise was... she was already a Young Adult.

    Ashley was a popular girl who pulled any guy and always wanted everyone to fancy her. One day, a cowboy called Barry was riding his horse down the street. From a distance Ashley thought he looked pretty neat so he called him in for a coffee. As he came closer she started to regret her offer. He wasn't as neat as she thought. When he came in they had coffee and talked about the moon. They started arguing on what shape the full moon was... Ashley got so annoyed she smacked him with her straighteners and kicked him out...

    Brenda and Bob were brilliant mates. They went everywhere together and everyone thought something was going on. They're wasn't. Bob thought Brenda was excellent but she wasn't all she seemed. Brenda was an evil witch in disguise and Bob had been her target for months now. She now had the Alchemy Skill to turn him into a bar of soap!! Bob was oblivious to all this so one day, when they were coming home Brenda looked and Bob and said:
    "Bob, I have something for you."
    Bob looked excited, imagining their friendship going further.
    Brenda started to smirk and then all of a sudden she threw a potion at him! I won't say anymore because it becomes a bit... odd...

    (Not sure how to post images! Sorry! If I find out I will post them later as an add-on.) :) xx
  • kristina20074kristina20074 Posts: 385 New Member
    edited October 2012
    (Since there were no pics in the post above, I shall just post some of my own.)




  • MissBitsy11MissBitsy11 Posts: 2,994
    edited October 2012
    Shalena's boss smelled awful. What the boss didn't know was that Shalena was a witch. She used her Spoooooooooooky powers to destroy the boss once and for all. No one with bad hygiene deserves to live. But then the boss came back is the form of a vampire and cursed Shalena. The only cure was to go hang out with this chill guy who taught her to meditate.
    True story.

    Make a story out of THAT. Lol.
  • LakrossLakross Posts: 1,577 New Member
    edited November 2012

    The wedding was going fine. The groom's mother was so glad her son was moving out the basement. Yes, fine...Until Debbie, the bride, saw her new husband's shoes. Dear Glob, she thought, what have I gotten myself into. Mortified, she had only one choice; go fishing to ease her mind. She caught lots of fishies and really did feel peaceful. Too peaceful.... she fell asleep and had strange dreams of a aquatic family(possibly part fish) going about their surprisingly boring lives.

    Later, the party guests found the bride asleep by the pond and brought her inside. It was then, Debbie awoke to the horrible scene of a lady who believed she could play the guitar; playing and singing so offbeat, that it made the souls of lost children cry (not hard to do but you get the point).

  • sims3elbsims3elb Posts: 925 New Member
    edited November 2012
    I was walking downstairs one night when I saw the ghost of my evil stepfather playing video games. I called the ghost hunter/repoman, but he was put off by my stepfather's evil video game skills.

    It was my wedding day the next day, and I was talking about it to everyone. I even rubbed it in my bride's ex-boyfriend's face!

    When I went to talk to a bridesmaid, though, she smirked and started flirting with me. What?

    A few years later the bridesmaid started sending evil beings to watch over me and my newborn sons..




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  • MissBitsy11MissBitsy11 Posts: 2,994
    edited November 2012
    "YEE-AH! Woo! New York or Cinncinatti or wherever the hell I am! Wooo!" Gina plum at singing. Like, she was really, really bad. But through the magic of autotune and big budget editing, she became the biggest star in the world. There was just one problem- I mean, other than the fact she couldn't sing. She needed a husband in order to bring up her status as a star. So she chose this rich guy. He was gay, but that didn't matter. She was in love!
    Eventually they had a kid (Somehow.). His name was Miguel and he was a pretty depressed kid. He was always going on about "The end of the world" and "Corporations" and Gina was like "Who cares?" So she kicked him out to an orphanage and got a new kid.
    The End!
    Moral of the story? Don't do drugs.

    [IMG]http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag17/Missbitsy11/Screenshot-971.jpg "width=640"[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag17/Missbitsy11/Screenshot-9.jpg "width=640"[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag17/Missbitsy11/Screenshot-933.jpg "width=640"[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag17/Missbitsy11/Screenshot-925.jpg "width=640"[/IMG]

  • CBroxCBrox Posts: 415 Member
    edited November 2012
    Frankie was born deformed so she under went surgery when she was older. Frankie was so happy with the results she went to a famous painter to get her portrait done. The result of the portrait made her her look like a teenager with cropped hair.

  • D523807D523807 Posts: 10 New Member
    edited November 2012
    After I set down that book, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to become... a WRITER!

    Wendy was so mad. Her father agreed to meet her at the park for a game of tag, but apparently he didn't want to even do that! Some guy he is!

    "What do you mean, you cheated on me?!" Nora cried out.
    Frank stood his ground shouting, "I not only cheated on you, I had a baby with the other woman, and now, I don't need you anymore! Get out of my house!"
    If words were knives, Nora would be dead right now.

  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
    edited November 2012
    "Go to your room!" Franklin's mother shouted, striking him in the face. Franklin shuffled up the stairs and into his room. He walked out onto the balcony and to his telescope. It was his calming place, and usually where he went when his mother beat him. And it wasn't just his mother. The kids at school who used to only tease him were now fighting and throwing punches. In religion class, they were taught to turn the other cheek, but once both are bruised, what do you do then? Whatever... Franklin thought glumly as he put his eye to his telescope. He thought about his mother and wondered if she was sorry that she hurt him. Probably not.

    Franklin was proud of his telescope-it could see all the way to the park. He saw some people protesting. Shame he couldn't hear what they were saying, but they were probably protesting the treatment of retired astronauts. It was all over the news lately. Apparently a big science company wanted to see the effects of travelling through space over time, so they basically used the retired astronauts as guinea pigs. When one of the astronauts died, it just made things worse and people got angry. Suddenly Franklin heard his mother stomping up the stairs. She didn't like it when he was looking through his telescope, "spying," she called it. Franklin dove under the covers of his bed and pretended to be asleep. His mother opened the door, and-was that a sigh Franklin heard? She seemed sad, or happy, or maybe a mix of both. She seemed very different.



  • Gigglzy0Gigglzy0 Posts: 5,566 New Member
    edited December 2012
    why am I naked? oh wall! lets stare at it!
    daddy! there is a naked guy in my room!!!
    sigh, what a nice dream

    boom! make a story out of those pic!
  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 8,986 Member
    edited December 2012
    Lora was at work researching Alien D.N.A when she took a break to use the bathroom at that moment a ghost experiment floated by and scared her, so bad she went right in her pants. When she got home she discovered a fire in the kitchen and decided it was best to put it out in her underwear.



  • Gigglzy0Gigglzy0 Posts: 5,566 New Member
    edited December 2012
    Lol, I just have to point out that the second photo was her giving birth to that ghost's baby
  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 8,986 Member
    edited January 2013
    Gigglzy0 wrote:
    Lol, I just have to point out that the second photo was her giving birth to that ghost's baby

    really it didn't seem like it. i just saw and thought of the sims action when they pee themselfs lmao.

  • lightningeagle12lightningeagle12 Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    Delilah and Steven were on a date on the night of the full moon. They went and ate dinner at The Moonlight Falls diner then went to see a movie as they were in front of Delilah's house ready to end the date, they decided to have a little fairy fun. Full of magic and frostbite. A comical way to end their magical first date.

    * I'm trying to get some screenshots up just bear with me* TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES
  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 8,986 Member
    edited January 2013
    Delilah and Steven were on a date on the night of the full moon. They went and ate dinner at The Moonlight Falls diner then went to see a movie as they were in front of Delilah's house ready to end the date, they decided to have a little fairy fun. Full of magic and frostbite. A comical way to end their magical first date.

    * I'm trying to get some screenshots up just bear with me* TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES

    nice...its really cute

  • MilenchicaMilenchica Posts: 6,059 New Member
    edited January 2013
    Nice idea! I'll join when I have time
  • Uniz16Uniz16 Posts: 14
    edited March 2013
    This seems like fun. Is this still going on? I have some pics:



  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 8,986 Member
    edited March 2013
    Jenny, who was in a hurry, hopped on her horse in the rain to go to a friends graduation, where a complete stranger went into labor. The stranger asked her for help and Jenny was nice enough to drive the stranger to the hospital. Where she waited until the strangers' new baby boy was born.

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