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Short Story Challenge!

SkwittlezSkwittlez Posts: 446 New Member
In this challenge, the first person must post a picture (or a series of pictures) from their game (The Sims, of course!)

The next person must use those pictures and write a short story about what's happening in the picture(s).

When they finish the story, it's their turn to post a picture (or more than one!)

Then, another person writes a short story using what's happening in those pictures or picture.

See the pattern? Let's start writing!

Remember to keep your stories appropriate for simmers of all ages.
Refrain from using inappropriate language and inappropriate activities (drugs, sex, etc).
Stories like this are against the rules of the forum!


  • SkwittlezSkwittlez Posts: 446 New Member
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    I'll start it off by posting a series of pictures



  • SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
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    Caught this on our Facebook page! Thanks for sharing it! Thought I'd sticky this to inspire more fellow writers :D.

    It would be cool to see some of these short stories expand to longer ones!

    Have fun everyone!
  • Prostetic2011Prostetic2011 Posts: 1 New Member
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    question how do I make screen shots so that I could post them for my story and is there a prize included in this challenge?
  • barbara659barbara659 Posts: 2 New Member
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    :x I just wanted to dance on my countertop and now my leg is stuck. I didn't know I was dancing that hard to the beat. I wonder if I can make a smooth recovery back to the floor? I hope nobody saved this, if they did they will have to start all over. I wonder if they can sell the counter? Nope that didn't work, the counter is in use. I hope they figure this out so I won't starve to death, or stink to death, or die from exhaustion. Maybe if my co-worker comes and picks me up for work i'll be set free? Guess I have to wait and see what happens.

    OMG! Do my floors and walls match? I hope I don't have to go to build mode again. I can't think about this now I have to go pick up my coworkers for work, Dan's probably dancing on the countertop again, and Maria is probably standing in her kitcen wondering how she's gonna decorate her place.

    Hmm, this place is looking kind of dull, i'll have to go visit the exchange and make some purchases.
  • NadiNadi99NadiNadi99 Posts: 1,638
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    question how do I make screen shots so that I could post them for my story and is there a prize included in this challenge?
    What I do is I press "C" in your game to take a picture, then you open your launcher, go to your uploads, upload the pictures, go to you studio, then media, take the picture and open it into another tab/window, there should be a link on top, copy paste it then do this link and to make sure you did it right you can hit preview.
  • rockinout2paramorerockinout2paramore Posts: 1 New Member
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    "Ack! A rabid chinchilla!" Jerome screamed as he jumped up on the kitchen counter. His screams echoing throughout the apartment. "Lilah!" Visions of gigantic rodent teeth, gnashing at him, passed before his eyes. Sharp claws, beady eyes. "Lilah!!!"

    Sounds like ol' Reginald escaped his cage...again, Simon thought as he ran to the bathroom, hastily closing and locking the door behind him. Nervously chomping on his fingernails, he waited anxiously for the rodent to be captured and returned to his cage. He wondered how hard it would be the next time Reginald escaped for the horrible creature to find its way into the garbage disposal. Oh, that's not a very nice thought.

    Lilah couldn't see what was so scary about Reginald, her sweet little pet. Yes, he had quite the knack for escaping his cage. Maybe I should have named him Houdini? And, yes, he liked to nibble a bit, but he was harmless, really. "Reginald!?!" she called out, catching a glimpse of his bushy tail as he ran under the dining room table. "If you guys didn't play Sims Medieval all hours of the night, you wouldn't be so terrified of chinchillas, would you?" She hurried to gather Reginald up, ignoring the rude comments coming from the kitchen and bathroom.





    These are images from my current blog -- Check it out if you like what you see here. :)
  • bunbunnynybunbunnyny Posts: 3,678 Member
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    Stephanie was searching through her spellbook, looking for a new potion to try out.

    Then, she found the perfect idea! She decided to make a potion that would bring back her dead sister, Ella, as a ghost!

    Ella watched Stephanie as she ran across the room in a frenzy, trying to find a way to bring her back as a ghost.


    (That's icecream on the stove there! :wink: )




  • MissMessy221MissMessy221 Posts: 124 New Member
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    This is a really good idea. I've bookmarked it and will keep lurking to see how it ends.
    I would love to join but my computer is broken & can't get a new one until July :(
    (using my iPhone to stay up to date on Sims) :)
  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
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    "Oh my god! Oh my god!" Xander screamed. "It's burning!" He tried to fan the fire, but that only made it bigger and hotter.

    Nervous, Xander ran outside. For once, living in ancient ruins was a blessing. He climbed to the top of a ruin.

    "What?" Xander saw his black unicorn, Michael, running past him. Michael looked at his house. It was on fire!!! Michael also realized his clothes were burned off. But what was that?

    Xander pulled on the suit he had found next to him. Sure, it was pink, but beggars can't exactly be choosers, can they? "Help!" Xander shouted. "I forgot how to get down!"


  • x_MG_xx_MG_x Posts: 21,081 Member
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    I am having sttange dreams about these people. First this lady with blue hair, red eyes, and a black skintone turned into a toddler. Then, she turned into a male child with brown hair, hazel eyes, and white skintone.




  • readreadreadreadreadreadreadread Posts: 6,243 Member
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    When I died, thegrim reaper decided that I could have one more chance to live, but I had to do somethingwith my life. I tried to make potions, but that failed, I did karite, but I was no good. Finally, I drowned in the pool.
  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
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    @read: You do realize you have to post pictures to keep the chain going? O_o Otherwise it'd just stop. Thank you!!!
  • SkwittlezSkwittlez Posts: 446 New Member
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    ahhhh oh my god, I've been stickied!! *jumps up and down like a little girl* xD

    I haven't been on here in a while. Just came on to check things out and saw this. So excited! And love these stories so far! Keep posting everyone! I love reading these :)
  • SkwittlezSkwittlez Posts: 446 New Member
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    Here are some more pictures to keep it going! :)

    By skwittlez at 2012-06-17

    By skwittlez at 2012-06-17

    By skwittlez at 2012-06-17
  • HeadfuzzHeadfuzz Posts: 336 Member
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    I have spent years being homelewss with only my clothes on my back and a fire pit to warm me. Ever so often I treck to the junk yard to collect scrap to sell on my bike. Whatever it takes, I know I will make it through.
  • CrismitCrismit Posts: 182 Member
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    If you have time, take a look at my new group. ^-^



    *Group Description*

    "The Word" group is intended for people who want to share their creations. Are you tired of searching for a story? A Sim? A house? Or you just want to see different pictures, have fun and socialize a little? In "The Word" You can do this, discover new and brilliant stuff and share your creations, even if they are bizarre, beautiful, ugly, original, etc.

    What are you waiting for? Enter this forum and explore the group!!
  • PanioPanio Posts: 10,211
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    Mandy looked over the water maze. Deciding it would be too hard, she turned back to the street where a mummy was heading straight for her! She ran past a house where there was a couple making out by thier bed.

  • EuanSimEuanSim Posts: 2,345 Member
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    I took the tablets that would turn me into a man. I brushed my hair into a manly style and changed clothes. I am officially a male in my books. I glanced out of the window and saw my sister had just been beaten up by two people, I gasped and ran outside. Mum stood there, watching us.



  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
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    My name was Samantha Hayes, and I am a vampire. Sure, I don't look it, but I'm seriously fighting the craving to suck your blood. At first glance, you might think I'm just an ordinary girl. Ha. To be ordinary is a dream I abandoned long ago...

    My mother is a Carrier, a non-vampire who still carries the Vampire virus. She has a troublesome love life. She dumped her last boyfriend, Eddie, because she found out he tried to kiss me. Yes, my life is hard, but that's the way it's got to be.

    My sister, Annie, was a vampire, too. She couldn't handle the pressure, so she killed herself by walking into the sun. Annie was my best friend, and after 300 years, I still grieve for her.



  • Gatorade3Gatorade3 Posts: 4,093 Member
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    How on Earth did this thread get stickied?
  • AnonymousMissAnonymousMiss Posts: 1,482 Member
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    Gatorade3 wrote:
    How on Earth did this thread get stickied?

    Beats me. :?

    She ran with little purpose, as if the world was about to end and she was simply looking for a spot to hide until it all tumbled to an end. Little did she know that the world was in the process of imploding, and her brother helplessly stared out the window, moaning about their younger sister's incessant complaining. "Oh, my back aches!" she cried as a flash of light swelled on the horizon.

    "Shut up, the world's ending," hissed her brother.

    Nobody spoke.
    Nobody snacked.
    There was an awful whirring.
    There was an awful crunch.
    Nobody spoke.
    Nobody snacked.

  • WildeatheartWildeatheart Posts: 1,785 Member
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    As the woman comforts, the gold digger watches, thinking 'He looks rich.' The gold diggers current husband, obliviously dances as her first husband's teenage son brushes his hair thinking 'here we go again'

    EDIT: Sorry mine are in link form :(

    EDIT (again :roll: ): They are in order though :)
  • ZuzuFainZuzuFain Posts: 321 New Member
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    The party was already wild as Darrel pulled up to the house. Though he'd never been here before, he was sure it was the right house where the party was. Why else would there be all these cars in the driveway, and this loud, thumping music flowing through the windows? With a sigh, Darrell got out of his car and started towards the house. He had never been to a party,and wasn't sure what to expect.

    As he entered the house, Seth immediately greeted him. "Hey there, Darrell! It's about time you made it!" he joked. Seeing his friend Seth made Darrell feel a little better, and he began to feel more relaxed. As the night progressed, he got more and more comfortable. He drank a few drinks and was feeling a bit loose as well. Before he knew it, he was dancing wildly! and before Darrell knew it, Jonah came up and started dancing with him! Jonah was the most attractive guy there, but he had a short temper. He was also a magician and knew magic spells.

    While Jonah and Darrell were dancing carelessly, Darrell stumbled and stepped on Jonah's foot, bringing Jonah to his knees in agony. "HOW DARE YOU TRANSGRESS UPON THE GREAT JONAH!" he roared in fury. "FOR YOUR DASTARDLY DANCING SKILLS, I SHALL PUT A CURSE ON YOU! THAT TWENTY YEARS FROM THIS NIGHT, YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD SHALL PERISH AT MY HAND, JUST AS MY OWN FOOT HAS PERISHED AT THE HAND OF YOUR FOOT!" Being carefree and not really paying attention, Darrell didn't really pay much attention to Jonah's words.

    Twenty years later, Darrell was a successful businessman in Bridgeport. He had a lovely wife with four beautiful children. One night while Darrell was gone on a business trip, his family was having a normal evening at home. Hannah and Jude were playing video games when suddenly Hannah didn't feel so well."Jude, I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like I'm really hot!"

    "Get over yourself!" Jude said, disgustedly.

    "No, not THAT kind of hot!" Hannah retorted. "It's like I am on fire..."

    Just then, Hannah burst into flames. Jude, startled, jumped three feet back. "MOM! HELP! HANNAH IS ON FIRE! AAHHHHH!"

    By this time, some of the neighbors heard the commotion and came over to see what was wrong. When they saw Hannah in flames, they tried to help, but were unsuccessful. You can't beat a curse.

    All that were left was a pile of ashes that had once been Hannah. Darrel's wife tried to call Darrell, but he never got the message: He had burst into flames as well and perished shortly before Hannah did.

    Okay, my pics :)




  • Smash_box29Smash_box29 Posts: 1,088 Member
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    Reece had a knack for music ever since he received his first instrument as a toddler. He has been practicing to prove he can make a living out of it.

    Unfortnately he can't seem to compete with local heart throb and arch enemy, Dean Newell. Will he ever win the hearts of fans?

    Mean while his older sister, Tiffany, ran into Amy Bull at the library. Amy broke the computer when she felt a contaction coming on and realized she was in labor.

    Janie, the youngest of the three, was the party animal. It didn't matter to her that she was the only dancer in the entire building. She knew, If you dance...they will come.



  • gsdluver4gsdluver4 Posts: 2,814 New Member
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    Carol's favorite ice cream is a bunny-shaped strawberry popsicle with gumball eyes and vanilla ice cream inside.
    One day, while enjoying the marvelous treat, she got a call from her boss, Hotty McHotstuff (his real name was Barry, but Hotty McHostuff is more fitting, eh?) She had to report right to the fire station.

    Doing as she was told, she arrived. She ran upstairs to wipe her face down (dumb pink popsicle guts on mah face!) before Hotty/Barry saw her. As she left the bathroom, she heard him caling from the bottom floor. She zoomed down the firepole so fast she nearly broke her butt. Not to mention, Barry wasn't the least bit impressed.

    After finishing the job, she drove home to supervise her son Matthew's birthday party. Soon, Matt's cake caught on fire. S what did our firewoman do? Got behind all the innocent partiers. Letthem burn, right?

    Lovely story, huh?

    Now for my photos:

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