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For ppl with graphic issues after amd 12.4 update. There is a hotfix!

Updated my graphics this morning because I got a message to like always. Started the game and I don't even know how to fix this I'm still half asleep. Happened to a new file as well. :/

Here's a video of what happened to my game.


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    Ok this is a heads up for people who have the problem I had this morning.

    Here's a video of what happened to my game.

    After several tries of installing the new 12.4 update and failing amd made a fix for this and my game no longer looks like the above video.

    Here is the link that I used.
    And this where I found the above link.

    And it says it's for:
    ATI Radeon HD 4500 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 2900
    ATI Radeon HD 2600
    ATI Radeon HD 2400

    Hope this helps a few people. C:
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    Thank you for this. I've seen a couple threads with that issue. Hope it helps other people.
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    The hotfix works for the HD 4200 series as well. Even though they don't say it does, I tried it since I was experiencing the same thing. :D

    edit: I have since gone back to a driver from 2010, because the newest driver (even with hotfix) didn't fix the issues with Diablo 3. So if you are playing diablo 3 and having issues with monsters showing up ect, you might want to back track the driver it fixed all my problems.

    The hotfix does fix the issues with TS3 however.
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  • ZetawilkZetawilk Posts: 852 New Member
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    It broke for me after 12.3. This solution might work better if it downloaded in under a day. Will update with confirmation after it finishes, which doesn't look to be any time soon. Seriously, why are they using servers that are behind a 12.8 kbps dial-up?

    Okay, well the 12.4a hotfix fixed it. At least that cuts back on the impossible graphical glitches.
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  • Monroe62Monroe62 Posts: 12
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    What about the radeon 3200 series? I tried downloading the hotfix anyway but it didn't make a difference. Also my rollback button is grayed out. Anyone else have this?
  • XamielXamiel Posts: 55 Member
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    Hi, apparently, I am doing something wrong. It doesnt matter what site I try to click the link for the hotfix from, it takes me to a page, then a pop up for a login appears. the pop up is the same kind that you would see if you were logging into a router. No other site does this, just the link for the hotfix.

    anyone know what setting may be odd that I can fix to get the hotfix.

    Weirder note: My game was running perfectly! Shut down the computer for a week. When I turned it back on...triangle hell. No updates, no changes, just a standard power off like I do everyday, then bamo. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any and all assistance folks. its always appreciated.
  • 1murphy11murphy1 Posts: 1
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    I have the same exact problem as xamiel, when I try to use the link for the hotfix, it brings up some screen requiring a login, I would really appreciate any help, thanks :(
  • JamesWadeJamesWade Posts: 6
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    I too face the same problems when trying to reach the download link for the fix. ?
    Has ATI closed down the server for the fix?

    Perhaps running our graphic card software on a past driver would help?
    ATI recommends using v. 12.3 afterall ?


    Currently trying to download a recent version of the driver.
    I´ll give a heads-up and download link if it works.


    Tried out reinstalling an older version of the driver.
    but failed.

    Instead i just removed Catalyst Control Center and it´s drivers and returned to my present driver. It worked. And will go for a temporal solution until ATI/AMD will find a solution (or update the drivers)

    ( Removing Catalyst Control Center and It´s drivers serves as a temporal solution, but games whom demands a driver like 12.4, will not be able to play proberly, however The Sims 3 should be running smoothly )
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  • Shadow2SoulShadow2Soul Posts: 1,628 Member
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    Odd. It wasn't asking for a login before. :shock:

    Oh well, I had backed up to a driver from the end of last year anyway, since even with the fix there was still graphical issues with diablo III.

    Steps to back up:

    Download driver you want to back up to (I choose the one from 12/5/2011)
    Uninstall your current driver
    Restart your computer
    Run the install file
    Restart computer again
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