>>> Did you know you could be missing EP/store content stencils? <<<

Well, did you? I know I didn't!

I accidentally stumbled across this thread by Mr. Hawk in the Store section of the forums and realized I've been using so many items that were missing half the stencils, most notably the Pets EP paintings.

I'm posting this here so more people can see this because I know most of my friends dwell in this subforum.

What is a stencil?

Stencils are different applied designs to items. They add permanent, non-recolourable decals, logos and texture effects to the items. A lot of store items and even certain expansion pack content has missing stencils. Let's take this item for instance:

Hanging Kimono Wall Art


When you download from the store, the only preset the item will have will be the one you see on the display image even though the item SHOULD have these other stencils:


How do I save the missing stencil?

If you choose the "Edit" tool and click on the object, it will open up a preset window on the left along with the colour/pattern editing window on the right. In the window on the left, use "save preset" (an icon with a folder+arrow). You will have to save the game afterwards because if you don't, your stencil will be gone next time you load up the game.

Also lookie here.

Here is a list of items missing stencils:

Pets EP:

Low Country Living Pet House - 3 stencils (blue writing, paws, fish skeleton)
Bow WoW Wowzer Pet Bed - 2 stencils (bone and fish skeleton)
El Dorado's Destiny (painting) - 2 stencils (both quite abstract)
...A Fool From Any Direction (painting) - 2 stencils (both abstract)
The Moderate Mayflower (bowl) - atleast 1 stencil (fish skeleton)
Small Animals (painting) - 1 stencil (kittens)
Alberta's Lament (painting) - 2 stencils (kittens and horses)
Pet Plated by Tack-EE Inc. (wall sculpture) - atleast 2 stencils (other cats and dogs)

Generations EP:

The "Natural" Family Portrait (painting) - 2 stencils (2 other families)
Dream of the Windrunner (painting) - 2 stencils (fairy and flowers)
Frilly Framed Picture (painting) - 2 stencils (ducky and teddy)
Celebrate! Banner - 3 stencils (Birthday, Wedding, blank)
Charming Beatrix Chiffarobe - atleast 1 stencil missing (Critters scenery on doors)


Thumbnail_64x64.png Scarab Rejuvenation Bed by Cunee Forms - one missing stencil and broken textures

Thumbnail_64x64.png Royal Rest Slab o' Wood DOuble Bed - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Noble End Table - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png The Great Lord So-and-So's Shield and Sword - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png The Banner of the Bold - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Troubadour Table - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Burning Out Motorcycle Helmet - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Soccer End Table - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Rare Autographed Athlete Photo - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Lanai Privacy Screen - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png New Year Rabbit Painting - two missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Animal Friends Wall Light - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Little Princess Desk - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Bronco 100HP Wall Light - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Doorway to Happiness - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Commanding Shoji Screen - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Desert Dynasty Coffee Table - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.png Empyrean Luxury Loveseat - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Divine Divan - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Greek Pitcher - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.png Tree Saw Wall Sculpture - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.png Cast Iron Skillet Wall Sculpture - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.png Desert Designs Coffee Table - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.png Desert Designs Sofa - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.png Means to an End Table - one missing stencil

Thumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.png all these Storybook items have three missing coloured stencils. Nobody has been successful in unlocking the counters and cabinets though.

Thumbnail_64x64.png Animal window - three missing stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Octagonal Animal window - three hidden stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Fo'c's'le Flag - three hidden stencils

Thumbnail_64x64.png Jolly Feast Pet Bowl - one missing stencil and perhaps also missing a blank version
Thumbnail_64x64.pngLongevity Wall Hanging - two missing stencils
Thumbnail_64x64.png Hanging Kimono Wall Art - two missing stencils
Thumbnail_64x64.png Japanese Inspired Artwork - two missing stencils
Thumbnail_64x64.png Illuminated Within Wall Lighting - two missing stencil
Thumbnail_64x64.png Light the Way Floor Lamp - two missing stencil

Here are pictures of the missing stencils:








The unlocked stencil lots:

Aznsensei's Unlocked Japanese Living Stencils
Unlocks stencils of these items:

MrHawk's Test - Missing Stencils
Unlocks stencils of these items:
Thumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.pngThumbnail_64x64.png + Generations paintings, family portrait and banner.

YOTEAMO's Hidden Stencils Unlocked for Pets and Generations has all of the Pets/Generations unlocked stencils.

Generation Charming Beatrix Chiffarobe stencil unlocked: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=488862


MrHawk also has a lot of unlocked stencils in his studio, especially de-decaled base game objects.

I take no credit for any of the pics or any of the findings. All credit goes to Mr. Hawk, AznSensei and everyone else who contributed to the original thread.

If you do not oppose using mods, MrHawk's Be Less Stupid mod unlocks almost every hidden stencil so you do not have to download and save presets yourself: http://www.thesimalogue.com/be-less-stupid.html


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