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Household only has dog, sim vanished !!!

.....I was playing the game I have a sim and her dog, my sim is a ghost buster, the game gave her the first uniform and I was going to change the hair. I went to a mirror and clicked change appearance. It said entering create a sim, then it just sat there for quite a while. (It has done this to me before and I close it out)but this time when I went back in my sim was gone. Now the only person in the house is the dog......Is there a way to get her back ? If not I will just put another sim in, just hate to lose all her skills. Thanks


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    pinkishpinkish Posts: 693 Member
    edited April 2012
    ....just to let you know I ended up going into edit town, moved them out, and then back in, she was there. The only thing I lost was their wants and wishes, which returned a couple of seconds later.
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