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Mods to Turn off Story progression made vampires and celebrity system

Since many people are complaining about vampires and celebrities running wild in their neighborhoods, I found two mods that I use to fix the problem. I agree that there should be an official EA option to turn it off, but seeing that LN was released in '09 and they STILL haven't given us that much needed option, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This mod turns off the vampires made by story progression and stops dishing out random celeb points at midnight also cause by story progression. It also turns off emigration, if you want. It comes in many flavors:

This mod makes the celebrity system a LOT harder. It also changes to disgraceful actions. This does NOT change existing celebrity levels. if you already have a celebrity at a certain level, this mod won't change that:

These two mods DO NOT conflict each other.

Hope this solves the problem.
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