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Anybody Know the Size, Height, and Texture For Bridgeport?

simsfan95173simsfan95173 Posts: 1,004 Member
I'm trying to turn my saved file into a world that I can upload to the exchange.

The save is my edited version of Bridgeport. I made it because I think the vanilla EA version of it is lacking many things.

I'm following these instructions on how to do so: http://simthis.com/2011/07/how-to-turn-a-save-file-into-a-world-using-s3pe-and-caw/

Also, I don't seem to have the texture for Bridgeport in my CAW. Can I download it somewhere?

Or is there an easier way to do ALL of this?


  • simsamplesimsample Posts: 987 Member
    edited March 2012
    I think it's 300 high (large map), textures are in this thread:

    I tried making a world out of a NHD import a long time ago (when I was researching into opening packed worlds), and couldn't get it to work well.


    It does work; any lots you added in your savegame are there, but the worlds seem unstable and you need to fix the lot textures.
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