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Longview - World of Rflong7 Save File my Version :) - World Adventures+ No Stuff Packs

LokendraLokendra Posts: 276 New Member
NOTE!! Requires the Longview Rflong7 made in and put in exchange not longview 2 or lite otherwise it might not work :( yeah sorry
Hi Guys I made a Save File of longview for you guys to try :)
Requires LateNight + Showtime :)
All the sims i made are already played with. There are service npcs already
Enjoy!! and Tell me what the problems are :) and Thank Thank Thank You so much Rflong7 for making this world. I wanted to make a world myself but CAW is too much of a memory hog and i only haev 2gb ram.... and also i want a world to start from but longview has alot of lots to build and has a great landscape :)
Longview World itself


  • LokendraLokendra Posts: 276 New Member
    edited March 2012
    Some Bugs..
    * An Elderly Sim is Pregnant?? - Soulution Have the baby.. it will be twins
    * SimFest Happening at Exclusive Hill Club Everyday..?? - Solution Delete the lot and wait for me to make a new one :):D
    * Sometimes when trying to play The Con(Native) Family it can get stuck.. - Solution.. Dont Play the family or delete it :)
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