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Need Friends for Simport? Come Here!


  • ingridmfingridmf Posts: 67 Member
    I'm going to add you guys, my username is Lilinss :)
  • CaveSimCaveSim Posts: 92 Member
    im CaveSim on origin.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,942 Member
    edited March 19
    I got a little Sims 3 collection going now and wondering if any other active Sims 3 players would like to add me as a friend for in-game gifts or general chit chat? My Origin/Sims 3 username is Summerbear5.

    My Sims 3 ID is in my signature <3
    ETA: My Origin ID is also in my signature :) Had it since my Sims 2 days.
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything[/center]
  • Tuesday_MillerTuesday_Miller Posts: 2 New Member
    I've sent requests to the last few people whose user names I could find in Sims3. I play a little bit sporadically, but I *do* play, so add me if you'd like! username is Tuesday_Miller
  • EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,858 EA Community Manager
    Hey there - FYI, I merged a few posts with this thread so that we have all the friend requests in one spot. :)
  • DarkLady2788DarkLady2788 Posts: 152 Member
    Hey guys you can add me too my sim port name is JadeRuncie
  • ElisetomElisetom Posts: 42 Member
    Hey people! I'm new to TS3! I used to play TS2 a lot in my teenager days, and since 2018, TS4. I'm still discovering all potential of the third iteration! If you could add me as a simport pal, that would be much much appreciated! :) my username is Elisetom91
  • GguyGguy Posts: 184 Member
    edited April 4
    I don't have any Sims currently employed in the Showtime careers (Have yet to experience them despite having owned the DLC for several months), but I'd very much like to see the performances of yours. Send me a friend request and I'll try to invite your folks the first chance i get:
  • crazyme256crazyme256 Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me!! My username is crazyme256
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