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Treasure Hunt/Badge issue

I did everything I was supposed to do in this last treasure hunt, including purchasing Simpoints, and when I uploaded a memory, I wasn't awarded the badge for it. That badge was the only thing I was missing to get the Honeymoon set. I tried the EA help to see if I was uploading the memory correctly, and they directed me to the forums instead of offering to help. (this was a live help chat)

Now the hunt is over, my memory shows that it was uploaded/shared within the alotted time, but no badge, no Honeymoon set.

Any advice? (PLEASE don't send me back to "Help" as they said it's a gameplay issue, not a technical one, and they won't help me.)

I really wanted that set, and since I did everything I was supposed to, I don't see why I didn't get it.

*I put this here because badges are store items, and the Honeymoon set may've been too. The actual help thread is locked.
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