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First Criticism: The Community Forum

SympleSymSympleSym Posts: 124 New Member
I have been extremely anxious to finally get my copy of the sims 3 and would have loved to participate in the community on the forum for the sims 3 rather than the sims 2. Up until I picked up my copy, I couldn't even so much as reply to another person's post with "Yay, I can't wait for my copy" as the entire body of the message. It was EXTREMELY annoying. I would have loved to respond to questions and ask my own. Other users were able to discuss the game in the forum prior to the release date, some I noticed as from the creator's camp, all had not registered a game yet. I found it extremely frustrating. You could have at least limited how often unregistered game users were allowed to post in one day. That would have been better than nothing... Now that I'm done venting I'm going to update other threads with some of my ideas and get to the game I've been anticipating for quite some time.
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