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My Sim's not getting proper pay!

My sim is in the 9th level of the criminal career, she's supposed to be making 225 simolean's per hour, and even though she's working the full 4 hours, she comes home with only 222 simolean's? :shock: Either her boss isn't paying her cut or this is a glitch. Help please.


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    XxIAmTheReaperxXXxIAmTheReaperxX Posts: 205 Member
    edited January 2012
    If your Sim is even a minute late, they don't get their full pay.
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    WaffenThinMintWaffenThinMint Posts: 312 New Member
    edited January 2012
    Your Sims boss wouldn't be named Vladimir Romanov by any chance?

    Just wondered! :P
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