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Purchase History Items Doubled and Issue with In Game Buy/Build Purchases

Okay, I have had issues with this new feature ever since the latest Store Patch. I purchased the new Japanese inspired set and was very happy to see both a Shoji screen and plant that went with the set and were FREE in the Buy section of my game. How handy to be able to purchase while you play. I chose the screen and purchased it and then my game froze and the icon for the screen had a moving circle on it to indicate the request was processing. I waited a good 20 minutes before my screen went black and then my game was minimized and I could see my launcher and a notice that said there is a new patch for the store available. I attempted to choose install but the button isn't selectable and I hear a ding in the back ground each time I try to click on the button. I had to go into task manager to stop the process, close my game and then restart my computer because I kept getting a message saying the Sims 3 Launcher is unable to launch. I went into my purchase history and noticed that all of my purchases are in there twice and the free item I wanted is there as well. I downloaded the item to my launcher and installed it without issue so it is just the in game feature that is the problem.

I'm not sure what the game is attempting to do and why it is causing my game to hang but an answer and hopefully a solution (that does not include you can't get those free items) would be greatly appreciated. Also, still confused about the double items in purchase history....


  • Prettyweed870Prettyweed870 Posts: 832 Member
    edited December 2011
    Okay, I just looked at my purchase history again and the double listing of purchases is gone an now it looks like it should (thanks EA for that one). Now I only have the issue with purchasing featured items. I also noticed that I already own some of the featured items but the thumbnail does not indicate that. I would hope the system would know you already own the item and not double charge you.... Something else to be aware of.
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