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To All My Gifting Friends...PLEASE Take A Moment To Pop Inside? UPDATE: Miracle2 is AWAKE ;)


  • ashleyadorableashleyadorable Posts: 7,254 Member
    edited November 2011
    I gifted her a little something..best wishes to her!
  • menemene Posts: 2,322 Member
    edited November 2011
    After hearing this news, i'm just so sad. Breaks my heart to hear this happened to Mira. She is the sweetest and kindest person :(
    My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family in this difficult time.
  • MissElphebaMissElpheba Posts: 3,804 Member
    edited November 2011
    Thank you Terry for bringing this to our attention. I've rec'd the Sim and will be keeping her and her family in my thoughts.
  • miracle2miracle2 Posts: 102
    edited November 2011
    HOLA!! everyone I"m (Miracle2) big sister MARIA , thank you sincerely for your kindness (for the rec'd) & Prayer to my dear sister (miracle2). Please take time to read her story and also her blog page, already update it.Perhaps listen to her song I post that
    once give her inspiration from her old sickness(READ HER STORY TO KNOW MORE) and hope it give you the same.

    Gracias a su gran,
    It is great privilege & honor to know you all community
    Special thanks to Terry for starting this Thread and ashleyadorable's for the lovely gift I wish she can enjoy the dress you gift

    wishing every each one of you bless with miracle you never experience before!!!

    Amor , Maria & My mom
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  • imogerimoger Posts: 5,513 Member
    edited November 2011
    Thank you very much for starting this thread, dear Terry, so more people will see it. I've already recommended the sim and wrote well-wishes to Carine's comment-wall, because I'm not a friend of miracle2, but as I see, her sister accept friend-request, so I sent it.
    I'll keep Mira in my thoughts, and I wish her a quick and full recovery and all the best to her family!
  • a_niles06a_niles06 Posts: 3,017 Member
    edited November 2011
    Prayers and thoughts to her and her family!

  • Sarah3120Sarah3120 Posts: 4,318 New Member
    edited November 2011
    I rec'd the sim. I'll be praying for her!
  • IzabelliIzabelli Posts: 1,422 Member
    edited November 2011
    I rec'd it. Oh, I hope everything will be fine with the girl, I'm praying for her. :(
  • TojaxTojax Posts: 5,076 Member
    edited November 2011
    I sincerely hope she wakes up from the coma... I can't imagine what her family is going through... Left a rec for the sim, since other than praying for her, it's the only thing I can do... :?
  • benbluebenblue Posts: 612
    edited November 2011
    i pray for her and her family,
  • tigertotstigertots Posts: 1,865 Member
    edited November 2011
    My prayers are with her and her family.
  • Mimine17Mimine17 Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited November 2011
    I rec'ed her simself. My thoughts will be with her and her family.
  • dpsharp67dpsharp67 Posts: 1,216 New Member
    edited November 2011
    I think of her everyday. Thank you for making the thread TnT_Terry.It is much appreciated by everybody here.
  • ANNAPTXANNAPTX Posts: 3,742 Member
    edited November 2011
    Rec'd..she is a lovely young woman...I hope she is able to recover soon...prayers and good thoughts for her family, who obviously love her very much...thank you for sharing her story.
  • BakingNerdBakingNerd Posts: 3,932 Member
    edited November 2011
    I am so sorry to hear this, my thoughts go out to their friends and family at such a hard time. Rec'd the beautiful sim.
  • SkymystSkymyst Posts: 3,888 Member
    edited November 2011
    This is a horrible thing to hear about anyone but expecially in one say one. My thoughts go out to this Simmer and her family!
  • MyrrhawaMyrrhawa Posts: 1,266 Member
    edited November 2011
    all my hope and prayers go out to her and her family .I hope she wakes up soon *hugs*
  • kazee169kazee169 Posts: 2,984
    edited November 2011
    Recced and wishing a quick recovery and nothing but the best for her and her family.
  • DeathNoteSimDeathNoteSim Posts: 4,544 New Member
    edited November 2011
    Rec'd the sim! All my prayers :-(
  • Wisher2Wisher2 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    Thank you so very much for your thoughtful prayer toward my beloved (Miracle2)
    No word can describe how I feel inside
    Catalina Of Spain :(

    Maria told she smiling in her coma!!
    It like she heard your prayer
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  • SarademoorSarademoor Posts: 2,848 Member
    edited November 2011
    Oh my :( I have to bite back some tears here. Still no change? All my prayers for her too!
  • LoveEvilLoveEvil Posts: 1,654 Member
    edited November 2011
    Thanks for letting us know Terry & CARINE_BRAUN. Have left a rec for Maria's sim & my thoughts are with miracle2, Maria and the rest of their family.
  • TnT_TerryTnT_Terry Posts: 6,612 Member
    edited November 2011
    :-o :) You all are very special friends and I knew everyone would come together with an outpouring of support, prayers, thoughts and well wishes for this family. I count myself so very lucky to count you all as friends and I am sure Mira is feeling the love, even while in her deep sleep. Thank you all on behalf of this family, I am sure any one of you would have done the same as I :wink:

    Love and hugs to you all and my prayers will continue to be with this family in hopes that Mira will come back to us all very soon. :(

    I am a sims 3 Store Owner Thanks to all my Amazing friends here!

  • StinalinaStinalina Posts: 2,333 Member
    edited November 2011
    Im sorry to here about this sad situation. I dont know Miracle, but i hope she get one!

    Thanks Terry and MARIA for sharing. I will visit her page to read her story and rec her creations!

  • dadragonslyedadragonslye Posts: 675 New Member
    edited November 2011
    I will make sure to keep her in my prayers, whenever I pray.
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