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Salem "Monster High World" Work In Progress update 8th Nov

Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member


Tech: all EP's, stuff packs and a few store objects will include Pets EP
Map Size: Medium
File size: ?
Number of lots: 60-80
Not populated but will have a seperate saved game file to download, will contain the Monster High Sims
Theme: Cartoon type horror, suitable for younger players
Release date: ?
Complete level 52%

"In the coffin" Project


Updated Pictures 28th October 2011

Inside Monster High


Blue Lagoon

A Park to Die for, still in development
Cat Park
Dog Park

The Cursed Vampire Castle built above and below the mountain, hidden nightclub inside the castle



Updated Town

Monster high contains a new moodlet Icon, this will replace the Vista Moodlet, the sims of this world get that vista reward for Creepicfic lots. (Please be aware the new moodlet is only for this world and will not effect any other world or blow up your game)

Very little is done in the world, no texture, just the general layout of the world, I hope it will be "Freaky Fabulous" by the time I've finished, but only time will tell.

I will be designing most of the lots myself, I will try to stick to the style of the cartoon characters, so the world will contain 1 lot for each of the Fear squad. Frankie Stein (15 days old, Frankie Stein is new to Monster High. She is the daughter of Dr. Frankeinstein's monster and his bride. Her pet is a puppy named Watzit. ) lot will be released for halloween.

So Ghoulfriends look out for more updates later in the month.

If you have no idea on what I'm talking about but still curious on how a neighborhood full of vampires, werewolf, ghost and simbots will work in a neighborhood then you can watch the 1st cartoon here:

A full charater list of the Ghouls that will populate the saved game can be found here:-

This is all the slang in Monster High slang that has been translated:

Curdy= cute+nerdy (we wouldn't have this saying if it wasn't for Melody's older [preppy] sister)
Fear squad=cheer squad
Fierce and Flawless= Frankie's least favorite makeup line
Freaky Fabulous=totally fabulous
In the coffin= top secrete
Killer Style=great style
Monsteristas=monster fashionistas
Normies=non-monsters (humans)
Oh My Goth=Oh my gosh
RADs= Regular Attribute Dodgers
Scary Cute=super cute
The maul=mall

So better get back to my In the coffin project.

Many thanks, feedback welcome


  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Reserved for update pics

    th_Screenshot-5-36.jpg th_Screenshot-85.jpg th_Screenshot-2-52.jpg

    th_Screenshot-2-54.jpg th_Screenshot-13-25.jpg th_Screenshot-14-19.jpg


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  • OilbasedoleanderOilbasedoleander Posts: 2,966 Member
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    Awesome idea, I actually made some Monster High characters as sims earlier :] Can't wait to see more updates!
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
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    I actually made some Monster High characters as sims earlier

    The main world will not be be uploaded with any monster high characters so you will be save in using your own sims.

    I've done a small update on the second thread, just to show you the state the world is in at this part of the development.

    Here is some more info about the project:-

    The world release name will be Monsterville, there is no actual name that the high school is based upon, so I've picked this name.

    Without the saved game file, the world will run more or less like any other world, perhaps a little creepy in places, but you would probable be able to swap out a few lots and have more or less a normal looking sims 3 world.

    The show case of the world will be the Monster High School, this will be a collection of small lots around the school, sort of something on the lines of sims 2 university, but on much a smaller scale.

    The world will contains about 30-40 commonity lots and 30-40 residental lots, it will be compatible will all expansions upto Pets.

    The saved game file will come with about 50 sims from the cartoon, most of the teens and teachers, I#m intrested to see how the game will play out this situation.

    I will be working on the world one week on and then 1 week break, I will like to think I get the world released in the next ? (What date I say will be wrong, I always take more time than I say)

    Cheers for viewing

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  • EukaEuka Posts: 192
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    Hi Stw, I'm so glad that you already have another world in the making. I really like what yo have done in your update pictures. I love the textures of the mountains and the sculpting. I am so looking forward to seeing more. :P

    I've always looked up to you because of your fasinating builds so out of curiosity since I'm new to CAW and seeing the 1st picture in 2nd thread I figured I'd ask this here. Is it possible to make different water levels now? Or do we still have to use the lake object in CAW?
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011
    I was not going to build another world, but I started to get the building bug and next I was opening up caw, thou it did'nt work, due to the stupid patch updates, anyway several hours later, I was back building a world.
    Is it possible to make different water levels now? Or do we still have to use the lake object in CAW?

    The guys over mod the sims had nearly cracked this when I stopped building, infact in my last world, I made 6 diffrent water levels, but it was very late in the development of the world so I axed them, it would have been to much work to start messing about redesigning the world.

    You can find a Tutorial on how to add diffrent water levels to your world here:

    it's a little tricky to get right and you are best messing about with the settings on a empty world first.

    If your still having problem after reading the guide, I found this thread to be very helpful:-

    It looks more complex than it actual is, it did take me about 1 hour(mainly due to reading the instructions and reading the problems other people got, in that other thread+plus of course I needed to work out where I wanted the water) to get the first few correct, but after that it was easy, when you understand the principle of how it works. Don't be but off by the need to use the Hex editor, I'm pretty useless at stuff like that, so If I can do it, you should be great at that.

    What you currently building?
  • EukaEuka Posts: 192
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    Ohh goodie I'll take a look. Thanks!

    I'm glad you were finally able to open CAW but several hours, ouch! Though I have no idea what Monster High is all about, you know I'll be looking forward to this gem as well. I love the effects you incorporate into your worlds and builds.

    As to what I'm building, I'll pm you the world. I don't want to be rude and post a link here. :mrgreen:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Cheers for the Pm I will certainly check out your project :mrgreen: .


    I've updated the first thread with the newest picture of the world and moved the older pictures to the second thread.

    The town area in mainly complete, I'v still need to tweak the textures around the outside of the town and place more CAW objects in and around the town.

    The town contains the following:-
    Town Hall
    Science Facility
    Chemistry Lab
    Hidden Infection control Lab
    Police Department
    Backlot (film Career)
    Grocery Store
    Business Building
    Fire Station
    Disco Club
    Consignment Store

    Next week I will be starting on the Monster High Section of the world, I will preview this area when it's nearly complete. :D
  • benbluebenblue Posts: 612
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    Please can i see some ariel views please,

    and whers the link for the pumpkin
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,135 Member
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    Hi, :)

    Another cool world! :thumbup:
  • EukaEuka Posts: 192
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    Oh you've done it again. That pumpkin moon is creeptastic! :D
  • xmerokoxxmerokox Posts: 149 New Member
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    Looks fun! Also, is that a custom "moon"? :shock:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Please can i see some ariel views please,

    and whers the link for the pumpkin

    Currently the world is only 16% complete so it's a little hard to show you a great over shot picture, so I hope this picture will make it look a little clearer:-


    The town is on the west side of a split Island, the residental, district will be south west of the town area, not yet built. The east side contains the Monster High, you can see the early development picture of the Monster High Complex, I've sold out a little on the School, mainly to make it useable for the game, the school is still a rabbit hole, but the lot contains a lot more than just a rabbit hole. The east side of the school area is reserved for pets.
    link for the pumpkin

    No link for the pumpkin, I've not released the moon file yet, it will be released with the world.

    Rflong7 Many thanks, it means a great deal coming from the goddess of world building!

    Euka Cheers, many thanks, oh and look out Euka pumpkin surprise hidden in the world... :lol:

    is that a custom "moon"?
    Sorry to spoil the illusion, but it's just a custom picture thet I placed directly into the world file.

    Just a few pics to show how far I've got with the Monster High:-

    Beyond the spider web lies the school

    You can see that school is a big lot and will contain 2 Rabbit Holes and several outside buildings, which will be a Pool, gym, library, classrooms also you will find a football pitch.

    Cheers for viewing :mrgreen:
  • xmerokoxxmerokox Posts: 149 New Member
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    Stw402 wrote:
    Sorry to spoil the illusion, but it's just a custom picture thet I placed directly into the world file.

    Oh, haha. It looks really great, I'm loving how cute it is.

    The new pics are looking really good!
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
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    Many thanks xmerokox :mrgreen:


    I placed some new pics on the first thread and moved the older pics to the second thread.

    The pics show the outside of the monster high lot, it's very nearly complete, just some slight tweaking and I can move on from this section of the world.
    The lot contains many secrets, including a catcombs built under the school. You will also get the Creepicfic Moodlet when you visit the school. :wink:

    One thing I did change about the school was the shape of the school, in the cartoons I think the school is shaped like a coffin, but due to me using rabbit hole to make the school work correctly in the game, I decided to change the shape of the lot instead, but the coffin shape did not work to well and looked dead boring, so instead I changed the shape to a bat, so if look down from above you should be able to make out the shape of a rather fat bat :lol: .

    I will show some pics of the inside of the lot on my next preview.

    Many thanks for viewing.

  • EukaEuka Posts: 192
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    I see the bat. It is beside the school right? So innovative! That city on the cliff is looking fabulous too (or should I say creepilicious). I think I also spotted spider webs. :thumbup:

    Great update!
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Many thanks Euka. :mrgreen:

    I'm currently working on, a pet updates for work I've done so far in the world, I've tweaked several of the older lots and revamped the town area.

  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Updated the first page with the latest pictures of the world.

    The world is 42% complete at this point, all the Cummonity lots are complete :P , so I will be starting on the main residental lots very soon. I'm planning about 40 lots, so that will take the total lots of this world to about 80, I will be stopping at this point, 40 residental lots should cover most of the charaters from Monster High and still have house's left over for expansion.

    One area that concerns me about building worlds is lag and slow down, even my prevous worlds are hurt by this problem, so with this world I want to stick to about the same spec level of EA released worlds, which always run great.

    I will update the pictures again when I've completed half the residental lots, just on a side note, I will be uploading many of the lots of this worlds to my web page for downloading, so you wont need to download the world if you just wont a lot or two.

  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited October 2011

    A World Promo lot is available on my webpage for downloading, you can find the download link here:-

    More picture of the lot can be found here:-

    Cheers, many thanks for viewing :mrgreen:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited November 2011
    I've had a small break from building worlds this week, I've been working long hours and I got slightly adicted to another game. Anyway I loaded up caw and started working on the world again, trying to get back on track.

    It's tricky sometimes to keep one self motivated, it would be easy of me, at this point just to throw in the towel, but something inside of me is telling me to keep going. With the current enviroment being saturated with so many amazing worlds, I can't help wonder if there is even desire for this type of world, only time will tell.

    On with the update:-

    Frankie Stein Bedroom

    Draculaura bedroom

    Frankie Stein House (Frankie lives with both of her parents in "a house that looks like a cross between a Swiss chalet and a research lab" You will find the reasearch lab inside the house)

    Lagoona Blue House (still in development) (In the books, Lagoona's parents live in Australia, but she lives with her uncle (who is currently unnamed) and her aunt Coral (normie name Carol) in Salem. Lagoona moved in Salem as a foreign exchange student from "down under" as she says in new ghoul @ school. )

    Ok, better get back to designing I will update with more pics, when I get around to designing more of the world.

  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,135 Member
    edited November 2011
    Hi, :)

    Yes, keep going. This looks like it's going to be such a fun and unique world.

    Good update too. :mrgreen:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited November 2011
    Cheers for your nice words :mrgreen: , I think every builder gets down sometime, I think the last few days I've been looking for inspiration. I think I found some by moveing the world into a slightly diffrent direction, the house's I'm making, need to reflect some of the personalty of the owner, here are 3 examples:-

    Clawdeen wolfs house (house in the forest, to reflect the werewolf side of her personalty

    Lagoona Blue (Built above a raised lake, a fun house with indoor fishing)

    Mini Setra :oops: Cleo de Nile house, An egptian style mansion, perfect home for any mummy.
    With this house I needed to build a desert area into the world, this might not really be geographical correct, but it's a monster world.
  • RafreaknRaRafreaknRa Posts: 11 New Member
    edited December 2011
    This world is wonderful! :shock: It's exactly what I've been looking for.
  • AngelFacePandaAngelFacePanda Posts: 60 Member
    edited January 2012
    Wow this is so voltage! lol, excuse me for being cheesy. :oops:
    I love the detail, it really is amazing. <3
  • PrincessStarlaPrincessStarla Posts: 52 Member
    edited May 2012

    I really NEED this wolrd. So please, work hard and fast, or I'll get the RADs after you!!!

    BTW tell me if you need testers ;) it would be my pleasure!
    Please keep in mind English is not my first language, so I may make mistakes and have a bit of trouble explaining myself
  • BoingoFail10BoingoFail10 Posts: 286 New Member
    edited September 2012
    Cool! I really like lagoona's house! She's my favorite character. I've read three of the books and the webisodes are cute too! :mrgreen:

    EDIT: Sorry if that sounded babish but I do like monster high! (That's why I gave myself the childish trait on my profile! :XD: )
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