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What a Gem! Win up to 900SP!! Winners Announced!! See post 4!!

This contest is now closed. Due to the number of entries, judging may take some time, so please be patient with us! :D

What a Gem!


This is a Create a Sim contest to populate a new town for me. The town will be a little bit mystical (basically HS!)


Choose a gem stone from the list at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_gemstone_species

I will allow up to two entries per stone. If your stone of choice has already been taken twice, then please choose another. Entries for stone choice accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. You may wish to reserve your stone choice early! You may wish to do this by reserving a posting a partially completed entry form (name and stone choice), which can be found at the end of this post (it will make my life easier if you do!).

Create your sim with name, clothes and, if possible, traits to match (check out what the gemstones might/used to signify - a lot of them were thought to be calming, passionate, healing etc, at least one trait should try and reflect a quality if possible - this might require you to do a little research!).

First or last name must include the name of the gemstone (this way there is scope for male sims too eg Pete Garnet).

I'd prefer young adult sims, but adult sims are fine too.

Each entry must have a description of at least 3 sentences (preferably more), describing their personality and perhaps their background. It doesn't have to be gemstone related but it does have to tie in with their character. So a red headed ruby might have a more passionate back story than a calm, laid back Emerald, for example. A more well thought out, detailed back story will lead to more points!

Maximum of 2 entries per person, but they must be for different stones AND of different genders (I want to make sure there are men in my game too!)! Highest scoring sim from the two entries will be put forward for a chance to win.

Sims must be uploaded to the exchange, as I intend to download them to populate a town.

Absolutely no CC, except for patterns made with CAP and available on the exchange. Please include a link if you do use CC patterns so I can check them out.

All store, xp and stuff pack clothing is fine.

Minimum of 4 screenshots, one of which must be a close up headshot and one in everyday wear. Further shots/links to slideshows etc are up to you, but they must be in CAS studio or in game - no manipulation of images please.


Sims will be judged on:

Creativity regarding the theme (choice of colours, recolours etc), 50%
Well thought out back story 20%
Quality of screenshots. 15%
The overall impression (Wow factor) 10%
Following the rules e.g. using correct entry form 5%

Prizes - Updated 11/01 - more prizes available!!)

The prize fund currently stands at 2650 sim points.

1st Prize 900
2nd prize 600
3rd prize 400
4th prize 200
5th prize 100
Update: 6 x honorary mentions will get 75 points each, thanks to extra sponsorship!

If you win, you can choose items from the store up to the value of your points.

Deadline 8 am GMT November 6th

I reserve the right to extend if needed.

Entry Form

No entries will be accepted without the following entry form.

Entry Form
Sims Name:
Download Link:
Any other info you'd like to include:

Other Info

I am looking or up to 2 judges to help me with this contest, at least one needs some judging experience as this is all new for me!

If you have any questions, please ask them - this is my first contest, not counting lottery type stuff, so I'm bound to have missed something!


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