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Extinct Giraffe Series (Horse)

I made an Okapi, the previously thought extinct giraffe, which ended up being a lot of fun to do since they are much more horse-like than giraffe-like thanks to their short necks so making them into a horse worked out very well and ended up looking very realistic. So I thought about making other short-necked species of giraffe for the game.

I have a series of 4 I'm working on currently, the Samotherium, Shansitherium, Palaeotragus, and Sivatherium. These are all extinct species of giraffe.

So far I have made the Shansitherium and the Sivatherium. I based the designs off of multiple scientific renditions made by Paleontologist artists depictions of them. Since there are no animals alive today to base our idea of their coat colors off of, there is some room for imagination, as well as science to determine what they look like. These are the two I have so far...

Loosely based off of this depiction:


Does anyone else have extinct animals that they have recreated or made their own versions of? Post them if you do, it would be awesome to see if anyone else has done something similar.
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