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How to Build a Boat Pier

This tutorial will teach you how to build a pier to place boat houses! CC-free, both pier and boats!


This is the first step to learning how to create a boat!
If you wish to learn how to build an Underwater lot or a Boat, please read my tutorials once they are released!

You will need:
• Create-a-World Tool

1) First, you'll need to create your "platform" for the pier. The height of the platform from the water does not matter.

Take the [Flatten Terrain] tool, set it as following:
Size: {20}
Strength: {100}
Falloff: {100}

(NOTE: You may set these settings to anything you like, but this setting is highly recommended!)

2) Starting from the land, draw out a pier "platform" from the land as far out as you want it to be. Try to keep it as straight as you can, too! A very crooked platform will create more work for you to do!


3) Now, turn on Grid Mode, and if you have to, rotate the grid! Create a road intersection, and place it anywhere on the end of your platform. Then, create a road from the intersection to the land while Grid Mode is still on! This will be the road going up and down your platform!


4) Take the [Flatten Terrain] tool. A {100} Falloff Setting is recommended for the entire pier up to the land, although you certainly don't have to use it. Once you reach visible land, you may use a {0} Falloff Setting if you want to, or any other Setting that you want!

Flatten down the edges of the road into the water, along with the platform. You want as little or no terrain next to the platform! Having it look something somewhat like the below photo is recommended!


5) Use the Grading Road Tool. Tune the Settings to...

[Flatten Road]

Speed/Quality (Tune to any X):

• Single Segment

Road Edge Parameters:
Width: {7}

Adjacent Terrain Sculpting:
• None

The Road Edge Parameters is highly recommended to be set to {7}, although you may set it to something else if you wish!

(Bold Settings are REQUIRED to be set to that setting, otherwise your pier will be greatly more ineffective than if you didn't! Other settings may be adjusted to whatever you feel necessary!)

6) Flatten the road and the Intersection using the above settings.


7) Finally, paint your pier any way you like! If it is a really high pier, I recommend using a terrain paint that looks like some sort of cement.

Decorate the pier however you like, with or without walls. Just keep in mind not to place walls around the entire pier, as they will get in the way while placing down your Boat Lots!

And you're done!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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    What if I put it in the "Textures, Terrain Painting & Sculpting" section for now. There is already a thread linked there for pier building ideas at MTS. I'll put it right under that one. :mrgreen: At some point, we may need to re-catagorize everything so it makes more sense. :D
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