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Animated Items for CAW

aynat134aynat134 Posts: 638 New Member
Includes: Lighthouse flare, pigeons, animated windmill, and sciencesmoke

These are blank maps with a layer added for the EA objects. Do Not Delete the layer or the objects will disappear.
Once again thanks to Simsample and the wonderful tutorials, I am able to help a few
simmers out that dont want to install the different programs for fear of what it would do, or just simple cant figure it out (been there done that!!). Remember its a blank map, you must sculpt, decorate and so on yourself. If you know how some programs work, you can also export/import the layer I have in here for your own worlds. <--back up first!!! The layering can get ya if your world is almost done...once again been there done that!!!

I know it drove me crazy with how beautiful the lighthouse would look, but in a user created world...
it didnt work. Well now you can get it to work!!!

When your ready to place these items, go to the named layer, and right click find in render. From there you can move the objects to where they need to go. Some of them can be quite a pain to place, but it
looks so nice when you are done!!!

Please note: If you try to add other animated/non aminated EA objects from other towns through a program I used for some reason,
it will delete some of these objects. I tried to rename, change layers and so on...same out come...

Another thank you Shout out to Simsample!!

Also dont forget about my other thread, where you can add a food truck, campground, and etc..
They kinda go hand in hand for some CAW worlds.

Large World: Objects CAW.rar

Meduim World: Objects CAW.rar

Small World: Objects CAW.rar


  • aynat134aynat134 Posts: 638 New Member
    edited October 2011
    ****Ok I fixed the WPID so the files above are new downloads. The WPID will generate itself and everyones world will be thier own. I am leaving the files and links below so that if you wish to learn something new about your CAW you are more than welcome to explore them!!! Thank you Simsample for telling me how to fix the downloads!****

    Ok so if you use this for a world just as is, only one person per each world would be able to add to exchange. A person would either have to use SimPE to delete the WPID or use it to merge the layer from my file to there own world!

    Which auntie has a wonderful page to help with the WPID:


    Simsample has a wonderful page to help with the merging:

    Custom sims 3 thread where we were discussing some of this also:
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  • xmerokoxxmerokox Posts: 149 New Member
    edited September 2011
    This seems really interesting :shock: I may come back later and play around with it!
  • auntielyndsauntielynds Posts: 3,071 Member
    edited September 2011
    This is very cool Aynat :)

    The WPID file is supper simple to delete, so should be no problem for people.
  • aynat134aynat134 Posts: 638 New Member
    edited September 2011
    ty!! I like trying to help out other simmers when I can!!

    I wish I could of gotten more of the items. But like the windmill. I was only able to get one working one. I tried to make duplicates but it wouldnt work. But I thought the windmill would be something everyone would want (me included) because of farms in the pets EP!! I just placed the one working one in an area that can be seen from other houses the best!!

    I tell you the sciencesmoke. I got two of those. I put one by a "meteor crash" and it stays smoking around the meteor spawner! I think it looks awesome!!

    I fell in love with the pigeons after Rflong added them to the last longview for caw lane......and I had to have them. I would zoom in and watch them walk and you can hear them coo and I just love it!!! This is what started the whole had to figure out how to get them thing with me.....those dang pigeons!!!

    I read someone on simsamples thread placed a lighthouse flare on the distant terrain that had one, and you can see it from the distance and I thought that was the greatest idea!!! They had a picture and it was really awesome looking!!
  • simsamplesimsample Posts: 987 Member
    edited October 2011
    This is a great idea, Aynat! :)

    There is some information regarding importing duplicate items in post #13 of this thread:

    Don't know if you've seen that or not. Did you also see that I uploaded the Derrick for the windmill?
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  • aynat134aynat134 Posts: 638 New Member
    edited October 2011
    No I didnt see your stuff on duplicates. I did now! I will have to work on that next!! Ty I really wanted to be able to have more of a few things!!!

    Also I couldnt find the derrick anywhere in game. So I was just able to place the animated windmill on a non animated one in just a way that you couldnt really tell lol!! But I didnt know that one link exsisted with all those in game objects. I will have to check that out too!

    I also wanted to tell you Simsample, ty you for all you do with the sims. I tell you, so much I was able to do that I wouldnt of if not for you! So ty!
  • aynat134aynat134 Posts: 638 New Member
    edited October 2011
    I just spend forever trying to changed the object id so that I can have duplicates and I am still not able to do it. Followed the directions and I just for some reason kept wiping out the objects I was trying to duplicate. I guess its the end of my ablility to do what I did above lol!!! So if anyone is interested here is the link that was provided for me.

    Simsample: There is some information regarding importing duplicate items in post #13 of this thread:

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