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A Forum Idea - Replacing Benes

SilaithweinSilaithwein Posts: 32 New Member
I was thinking that maybe instead of having benes, we could give people points to use in the Store? Limit the number of points we can give out to something like 2 a day. And if that still causes a lot of people to use points rather than cash perhaps have 'special points' which go towards the store but aren't the same value as money bought ones?

Does anyone else think this would be a good idea, have anything to add?


  • knuckledusterknuckleduster Posts: 1,257 Member
    edited June 2009
    i think that is a great, practical idea and ties in nicely to the whole game!!

    maybe even have bonus points for extra actions set forth by the moderators?

    are they even going to have benes?
  • SilaithweinSilaithwein Posts: 32 New Member
    edited June 2009
    I hope they do, as to me it was a way to reward people being very helpful on the forums.
  • icanhasorganicicanhasorganic Posts: 27 New Member
    edited June 2009
    What are benes?
  • Parrotman807Parrotman807 Posts: 109 New Member
    edited June 2009
    This is a great idea!
    But EA would never give away free items, considering they're charging us for the useless ones.
    And what happens when we get all of our friends together and give each other points in the store? It would be getting a credit of sorts, for posting and having good friends to give you points when you really did nothing.
    It would have worked though!

    Ugh, and then the bene beggars.... People on here begging for points in the store. I'm glad they don't have benes or anything. It really helps cut down on those "help i have benes" posts too.

    Benes are "Beneficial" votes from They were used when someone posted a topic that was good or helpful.

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