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Prom season suprise!

So I just got Generations a couple of hours ago and started to play it. It's prom season! Someone keeps spreading rumors about my sim 2 days in a row and prom is now 1 day away. Since her reputation is bad at the moment, she can't ask anybody to go to prom with her. Someone finally called and asked her to prom. She said yes. After, I looked through the names of her acquaintances and guess what?? Her date is also a girl lol. I was surprised that it was allowed as a random choice. Usually I have to make my sim start romantic relationship with the same sex. Am I misunderstanding this prom thing? Or is it really for romantic purposes? Can you go just as friends? I have no problem with same sex relationships just in case someone out there gets offended.


  • SimsManiac2k9SimsManiac2k9 Posts: 11,322 Member
    edited August 2011

    You can just go as friends, My sims did. If they are acquaintances i don't think it really matters.

    Maybe that sim was having the same problem :lol:
  • freckles7s7freckles7s7 Posts: 107
    edited August 2011
    My sisters game did this twice. Her sim boy teen went to the prom alone, and at the end of the night he came back in a relationship with another boy. And with a teen girl from the same household went to the prom alone and she came back with romantically envolved with another girl sim. However my sim went to the porm with her boyfriend and they just had a really good night together and she became prom queen:)
  • MissLaraeMissLarae Posts: 215 Member
    edited August 2011
    That's too funny freckles!

    It ended up being a romantic date lol. Her date kissed her and wanted to go steady. I had to reload my game because there was a boy I wanted her to be with :). The randomness is funny though! So now I know to save right before prom since you never know what will happen.
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