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♦gift the person above you! don't post w/o gifting *grand re-opening*

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Welcome to my "gift the person above you" game! For those who have not participated in one of these before, the concept is simple! You gift the person above you, and post your wishlist. The next person to post gifts you, and then posts their list so on and so on. You MAY NOT post without gifting. I will catch you if you do, and you will not obtain a gift if you do not gift.

This time around, I will have a banning system. I know I do not have the power to do this, but I will try. :lol: You get 2 and only 2 warnings if you do not gift the person above you. The 3rd time around, you will be "banned" from the thread. I will ask you to no longer post. If you give a gift, and do not recive a gift back, please inform me on my comments.

Also, please read my post on page 19. Do not just gift someone a badge, and then have only expensive things on your WL. Keep a wide variety of things in your WL. If you come here often, please replenish your list with other things. A good rule is to have things 100 points or less on you WL.

Please post any and all thankyou's in the thread linked below to prevent mix ups.


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