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Late Night or Ambitions?

Which game do you prefer?
I'm thinking about getting another EP, & both look good.


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    GerisTGerisT Posts: 170 New Member
    edited June 2011
    I just got Ambitions in May, and got Late Night this month. If you like career paths, go with Ambitions. If you like parties and high rises and vampires, go Late Night. One reason I got LN is because there are more musical instruments and your sim can start up a band.
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    Rusty1989Rusty1989 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I only just recently got Late Night, it's the only Sims 3 expansion I have. I love it. I haven't even gone too much into the band or vampire stuff yet. My first Sim's gonna be an actor!

    I really like the night life even though it can be dead sometimes. I'm not a fan of the butler. Also, living in the high rises is annoying when you invite people over. Sometimes they can't manage to get up in the lift and eventually just leave so that's a bit annoying.
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