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Failed installation (0x80040702)

xMathyxMathy Posts: 555 New Member

When I tried to install The Sims 3 on Windows Seven, it appeared to me a message at the end of the installation and it cancels. Saying they did not load their file ... Here is the message:

In english: Unhandled exception
Description: Failed to load DLL: DSETUP

The installation wizard will now close.

It's very annoying ... I did a search on the internet but I found nothing .. I downloaded this famous file Dsetup.dll and I put it where he told me to put it because there was not. I reinstalled The Sims 3, but they still display the same message at the end of the installation. I do not understand ! I clarify I did all the updates of Windows. I install the software Regcure for clean windows. Anyway I am a bit lost and desperate. I Hope there is a solution to my problem.

Thank you in advance for your messages


  • bob007bob007 Posts: 10,062 Member
    edited May 2011
    Did you reboot your computer AFTER you placed the dll file. You need to do this so programs can find it thru the system. Does your user login have administrator rights? Is your computer a Mac (you say you did windows updates)?

    dsetup.dll is part of the install files provided with TS3. you need to post your computer dxdiag. We need to know your computer's hardware.
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  • xMathyxMathy Posts: 555 New Member
    edited May 2011
    Thank you for responding,

    I restart my computer after I placed the file dsetup.dll. I placed them in: C:\Windows\system and C:\Windows\System32.
    Yes, actually I use windows on mac with Parallels Desktop. I have a session administrator on Windows and Mac..
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