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Great Forum!

BatmanBatman Posts: 302 Member
I love the new forum! It looks like a real one to me. And I think it is very quite nice to have it like this! In comparison from TS1-TS2-TS3, this website is by far superior.

Good job EA! I'm very proud of how you took all the feedback from TS2 and put it toward TS3. I though you were ignoring us! :oops:

Oh well.. I know better now! :roll:


  • AstromiciAstromici Posts: 114 New Member
    edited June 2009
    Maybe it's just my neurotic side thinking about consperacies, but EA tends to focus improvements towards new things, so people will go for buying the latest game and ignoring the old. *Gasp* They're coming! The EA guys! Gotta go...
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