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♦ The Gifting Directory ♦ Happy 11th Anniversary!

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Welcome to The Gifting Directory, a place designed to make shopping easier! Everyone is welcome to participate.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This new website provides us with an opportunity to begin anew with a brand new directory, eliminating those who are no longer active. For those who wish to continue, IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LISTS BELOW (in the second or third posts), please submit a new post for THIS site and I will add you to the directory.

The Gifting Directory can be found in the second and third posts below, alphabetized for your convenience. This directory only works when you follow the instructions and do your part so please read carefully.

You are invited to create a single post in this thread that includes the names of the five items you want the most from the Sims 3 Store. Please include a link to your wish list in your top five post. If your username is different on the Sims 3 site, we need to know what it is. We cannot gift you if we cannot find you. To keep this directory current, when you buy or receive something that you listed here, you need to go back to your original post and remove the item you no longer need and put something else in its place. You MUST edit your original post, NOT create another one. If you make new posts, with new top five lists, I will ignore them and leave only your original post in the directory. Secondly, please go to the end of the thread and post that you have updated your [original] top five list. That will help keep this thread active. That's all you are asked to do. The items you list here need to be on your Wish List. EXCEPTION FOR "NEW" MEMBERS: As "new" members, you will not be allowed to edit your post so you are free to create a new top five post until you reach full member status. Please limit this to no more than one per day.


What I will do - I will post a link to your original post (your top five list) in the second or third posts of this thread. (It's an alphabetical listing.) If you keep your post updated, then this thread will always be up to date. If you don't bother to update your original post, your post will become irrelevant. :| Those who remain inactive for several months are removed. Only those who follow the directions are listed in the directory. If for any reason you wish to be removed from the directory, just ask.

Rule for Posting Images

You are allowed to use one image in your original post if you would like. These should be small images, discreet and include no blinking things. It should be an image that tells something about who you are. A bar of flowers is in perfectly good taste. I request that few images be posted on the thread to reduce the possibility of the thread "breaking." Keep things small, okay? Please make use of the "Spoiler" option when posting images. If you quote a post with an image, please remove the image before posting. Over the years, this thread has proved to be a valuable asset to this community and we want to protect its integrity. Thanks in advance for your compliance.


:star: Here's a link to a few helpful pointers for those listed in the Gifting Directory, especially those who are new to the forum. :star:


:star:<3:star:OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION :star:<3:star:

Sponsor supported FREE SimPoints

Sponsor supported FREE SimPoints have been rolled out across the world. For you to access the link to these ads, you MUST DISABLE your AdBlock on your browser for the entire Sims 3 Store domain. If you have slow internet access, I recommend you look for ads on pages with less stuff on them, like the Goodies pages, for one example. The less stuff on the page there is, the faster the page loads. Also, set your filter to view only 16 items at a time and this will give you a lot more pages to view to search for the little blue link on the left side of the page. Good luck!

Information on the Animals Abound Sets and getting some FREE content

For those who are new to Daily Deal stalking and the concept of cascades, there is a particular customer advantage with the Animals Abound set. This is how it works: Buy a single item worth about 25 SimPoints from the Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun set to initiate the CYS (Complete Your Set) discount. Then, you can buy the Animals Abound Playground set for roughly 375 SimPoints. Now go download the Tip Top Toddler Collection & the Kids 2010 sets for free. This is a benefit unique to this set group, so all cascades do not work like this, but this is something that everyone should take advantage of! If you cannot afford to buy this first set, then put a few of the items on your wishlist from the Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun set. This will NOT work in your favor if you are gifted THIS Playground set. You can be given some items from the Playground set but you must finish off the set with CYS, even if it is free for you. Source: LadybugLeslie's Cascade Thread

♦ If you need to access the ORIGINAL THREAD, from the old forum, it can be FOUND HERE. ♦
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