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  • martys15martys15 Posts: 7,790 New Member
    edited December 2012
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  • Skywatcher4Skywatcher4 Posts: 606
    edited May 2011
    What a fantastic idea.

    But as far as what I want most it would be anything off my list really. Sets are not something I'd ever ask for and if I happen to like one I'll use my list to bookmark it and buy it for myself eventually.

    I always try to keep items on my list cheap and what I like the most is always at the top of my wishlist.

    It's almost probably best not to add me to the notebook as I feel so horribly guilty and selfish when I reply with my list and not someone elses.
  • dtyuidtyui Posts: 483 Member
    edited December 2011
    Nice idea, here's my top 5:

    1. The Big Cheese Coat Rack(25sp)
    2. Haute Hip Floral Painting(25sp)
    3. Harpcicle(25sp)
    4. Felicia Flamingo Wall Growth Chart(25sp)
    5. Little Princess Dresser(25sp)

    All these items are on my wishlist:

    Thank you! :D
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  • Emjei12Emjei12 Posts: 575 Member
    edited March 2012
    Thanks Reachsims for this thread :)

    1. Show Stopping Style- Full Metal Dress
    2. Boho Flapper
    3. Show Stopping Style- Belts are Beautiful Dress
    4. Show Stopping Style- Ombre Bunny Bling

    Got only 3 on my list :) and it is in my WISHLIST thanks in advance and may God bless you more to those who are going to gift me
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  • dtyuidtyui Posts: 483 Member
    edited May 2011
    Updated my post. :D

    Thank you so much for the Animal Friends Activity Table LoveEvil! :D
  • schmezzleschmezzle Posts: 1,616 New Member
    edited May 2012
    This is a great idea I think! I have a very long wishlist and I love everything on it! So it's hard to choose- but here are a few I'd love:

    1. Shine o' Smile Toothbrush Holder (25 sp)
    2. Inertia Swivel (75 sp)
    3. The Blake (100 sp)
    4. Zoe's Do (100 sp):
    5. Long and Luxurious (100 sp):

    Hope I've done this right! Thanks to anyone that considers helping me with my long wishlist! :D

    Thankyou so much Candygurl84, blacksheba1973 (twice!), LilGirlShadow, Cassie11PP, Skywatcher4, EmmyBird, love1616, kransper, simfeetunder (twice!), amana27 (twice!), TRajah, Jule888P7, Gr1zzly, Aunza, Sim Man17, RheassiSim and roundheaded! Thankyooooooooouuuuu!!
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  • Mimine17Mimine17 Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited December 2012
    This is a wonderful idea !

    Maybe we can ask our wonderful simmers who own the whole store in this thread to tell us how to express how grateful we are?
    Would they like a sticker, new backround for their avi, or maybe they won't care about that and would prefer some rec's or something more creative, like a lot, sim, pattern?

    This is the what I want most atm..

    1 - Al Fresco Street Market
    2 - Stones throw Greenhouse
    3 - Dreaming snare (25sp)
    4 - Screaming Shadow Gaming Console (100sp)
    5 - Fates Flipper Foosball Deluxe (100sp)

    Edit 1: typo ; Edit 10: typo ! ; Edit 17 :typo again;Edit 20 : typo again :); Edit 28 typo;
    Edit 2: Thanks LoveEvil for those beautiful flowers! :D Edit 3 : changed my mind on my most wanted items:) :D Edit 4 : Thanks Reach and Pegasas! :D Edit 5 : Thanks Reach and Tigertots ! :D Edit 6 : Thanks LilgirlShadow ! :mrgreen::D Edit 7 : Thanks so much proudmama4boyz! :D Edit 8 : Thanks to Cassie11PP for being so generous ! :D Edit 9 : Thanks to ReassiSim and atreyough ! :D Edit 11: thanks to boyfriend for the points :):D Edit 12: Thanks RheassiSim for the bookshelf! :D Edit 13 : Thanks Reach for the flowers! :D Edit 14 : thanks so much blacksheba for the Hip Chair! :D Edit 15 : Thanks albannapoleon for the Giraffe Measurer! :D Edit 16 : Thanks to Reachsims for te flux flora and kind words :) and blacksheba for the glass table ! :D Edit 18 : thanks to sashraf for the cartsville ! :D Edit 19 : Thanks to Sylvn for gifting me for the apocalypse contest and to Jurik for sharing your price with me :):D Edit 21 : Thanks to Yoda for the firehood! :D Edit 22 : Thanks to Reach for the art abstraction ! :D Edit 23 : Thanks gnrsgnp for the shaggy look for toddlers ! :D Edit 24 : I can't believe that I've been gifted my top1 wish ! Was planning to save for it for september, thanks so much katie72 ! And thanks to Reach and MissElpheba for helping clearing my wish list :)Edit 25 : Thanks Reach for the cabinet ! I am ready to use it in my next kitchen ! :D Edit 26 : Thanks sooo much blacksheba for clearing half of my wishlist :) Can't wait to try it in game !! :D Edit 27 : Thanks so much itguyinsc for gifting me my 2 top items ! Love them !!! :D Edit 29 : Thanks to simfeetunder for the sofa !! :D Edit 30 : Thanks to Reach for the classical credenza ! Love it ! :D Edit 31: Thanks betty_me for the shelves ! :D Edit 32 : Thanks to djsklr for the lamp, and player17amanda for the other lamp ! :D Edit 33 : Thanks bluegayle_ for the toy bow !! :D Edit 34 : Thanks Reach for the brainy desk ! :D Edit 35 : Thanks Reach for the Grecian chair !! :D Edit 36 : thanks blacksheba for the wily widerness tower !! :D Edit 37 : Thanks LoveEvil for the North star seeker and anettesb for the Five o clock happy hour !! :D Edit 38 : Thanks so much Reach ! :D Edit 39 : Thanks so much to yoda and Reach for clearing out most of my list :):D Edit 40 : Thanks to benblue and becciburt for the gifts ! :D Edit 41: Thanks so much nedswife for the beautiful hair :D Edit 42 : thanks to typicalgemini who gifted me on BakingNerd behalf, and lesley418, for the lovely gifts !! :D Edit 43 : Thanks so much to Imoger for the trousers and Cat0Eye for the new hair !! :D Edit 44 : Thanks so much smashbridges20 for the pants ! :D Edit 45 : major update after a looong time ! Thanks so much, Reach, and gr1zzly and blythelyre for the gifts !! :D Edit 46 : major update after a deal with Maryjos ;):D Edit 47 : Thanks Aunza for all the beautiful clothes !! :D Edit 48 : thanks to nedswife and other who cleaned the clothes out of my list ! Edit 49 : Thanks to Reach, MsRed, AznSensei who cleared out my list from everything left on it :D Edit 50 : long time no see, put some stuff here :D Edit 51 : Thanks a lot sheba for the new seating ! :D
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  • Polinaki19Polinaki19 Posts: 858 Member
    edited May 2011
    That's a great idea.

    My current 5 most wanted sets are:
    Futureshock Living (1,650)
    Futureshock Kitchen (850)
    Everyday Casual Chic (1,350)
    Tiki Outdoor Party( 1,600)
    Glitter and Glam + Diva and Divo (1,200)

    Thanks to everyone who will gift me!
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  • Sarah3120Sarah3120 Posts: 4,318 New Member
    edited July 2013
    What a wonderful idea, Reach! Thank you so much for creating this fantastic thread!

    Here are the five items I want the most:
    1) Sunlit Tides - Gold Version (4,350 SimPoints)
    2) The Roaring 20s (100 SimPoints)
    3) Perpetual Renewal Outfit (75 SimPoints)
    4) Family Treasures Wall Shelf (25 SimPoints)
    5) Country Breakfast Wall Shelf (25 SimPoints)

    Have a wonderful day, everyone! :P
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  • Paulio2Paulio2 Posts: 331
    edited May 2011
    This seems like a good idea. Here are my five.

    *************** Arm Chair One of the last sports items I need before I have the whole collection

    Racing Car Living Chair The last sports item I need before I start my sports bar.

    Rockin’ Stationary Road Case I have most of this set and this would look good in a band room set up.

    The Longest Table I like to play big familys so a big table is a neccesity.

    Overhead Shoppe Cabinet (Double-Sided) The builds I've seen with these cabinets look amazing.
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  • luna181618luna181618 Posts: 559 Member
    edited October 2011
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  • tigertotstigertots Posts: 1,865 Member
    edited January 2014
    These are my top five from my wishlist at the moment,

    1). Love to Love You Love-lounge 62 points

    2). I Love Me Mirror 47 points

    3). Stacked Planters 50 points

    4) Less is More Outfit 75 points

    5) Jill's Jumpsuit 75 points.
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  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    edited May 2011
    Great idea, Reach.
    By the way, it'd be even more helpful if people could add links and prices of requested items in their post. However, it's only my opinion, sweetie.
    That would be helpful but it's not necessary. I thought of this also but wanted to keep this as simple as possible for those who do not understand English very well. Adding in the prices is great! Thanks, buddy! :D

    @dtyui, you need to update your list. You've been gifted. :D
  • pegasas1993pegasas1993 Posts: 4,856 Member
    edited May 2011
    It seems that you're right once again, dear :mrgreen:
  • BakingNerdBakingNerd Posts: 3,932 Member
    edited May 2011
    Alot of people seemed to want to know how to rename links, so I copied this from my blog
    Instead of the following:

    [url] Link [/url]

    Place the link as the following is and you can name your link with what ever you would like and it will still go to the same location:

    [url=Link] Text of your choosing [/url]

    Hope that helps :D

  • DeathNoteSimDeathNoteSim Posts: 4,544 New Member
    edited May 2011
  • dtyuidtyui Posts: 483 Member
    edited May 2011
    Updated my post, thank you so much for the gifts Reachsims :D
  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    edited May 2011
    It seems that you're right once again, dear :mrgreen:
    LOL. :mrgreen: You are too funny!

    @Mystik, you need to update your post.

    @dtyui, you're very welcome!

    @BakingNerd, thanks for the helpful post.
  • Mystik1978Mystik1978 Posts: 1,612 Member
    edited May 2011
    Reachsims wrote:
    It seems that you're right once again, dear :mrgreen:
    LOL. :mrgreen: You are too funny!

    @Mystik, you need to update your post.

    @dtyui, you're very welcome!

    @BakingNerd, thanks for the helpful post.

    Updated! People are fast around here I tell you ;)
  • JanChirSimsJanChirSims Posts: 2,144 New Member
    edited June 2013
    My WishList:

    Top 5:

    1 - Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes - 1900sp :shock: More baby stuff?!

    2 - Formally Yours Party Dress - 40sp

    3 - Rockin’ Runway Cocktail Dress - 75sp

    4 - All-in Layered Cocktail Dress - 75sp

    5 - Scrappy Strappy Cocktail Dress - 75sp

    <33 Thank you for this thread Reach and thank you to anyone who decides to gift me. <33

    * Hugs & Kisses *
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  • TigMagickTigMagick Posts: 1,660 Member
    edited April 2013
    Wow Reach thank you again for hosting such a lovely idea! Ok here goes my list I try to do a bit of a range in simpoints: This is getting hard!

    Jade Pagoda
    25 simpoints
    Cute little Pagoda to put out

    The Faulkner
    75 simpoints
    Who doesn't need more men's clothing? Looks like a great ol' suit - the jacket

    All Banged Up
    75 simpoints
    I think this would be nice for a Uni male student!

    Futureshock Loft- Vertical Slumber Stations
    100 simpoints
    Space age children slumber

    I only did 4 this time but I have a few sets broken down I can pick one object over the others.

    Can ppl who have the Al Fresco Street Market let me know if its good? and the PC Barrier to Entry System is any good?

    Heres the link to my wishlist page:
    Thank you to all the gifters out there, you all make the forums full of smiles, screams and tears of joy, and also to BakingNerd for showing me how to to the linked links!

    Ive been Lucky and not alot releases has scream buy me so I was able to used up all of last years birthday simpoints mostly by gifting. Waiting to get more this year (I hope!)
    Off I go to try to make a family full of plant sims for my son to play w/ he asked for them (they are all green!)
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  • JanChirSimsJanChirSims Posts: 2,144 New Member
    edited May 2011
    lol thank you sooo much reach! you're quick with the gifting lol *hugs* updated my post :-)
  • avajonesavajones Posts: 320
    edited May 2011
    Where is your wishlist? I looked and looked and that little thing is hiding I think. :lol:
  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    edited May 2011
    Avajones! Where is your post? I don't have a wish list at the moment, maybe next month or just once in awhile when I see something that I never noticed before. :D

    If anyone wants to know, I don't "own the store" but I do have a lot of store content plus about 1000 3PCC (Third Party Custom Content) in my game so my Launcher is jam packed and I'm one happy simmer! :mrgreen:

    Please submit your post of your five most wanted things and/or sets.
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