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♦ The Gifting Directory ♦ Happy Eighth Anniversary!


  • CidyWolfCidyWolf Posts: 68 Member
    @goodFeel93 Thank you for the gifts! So very Awesome!
  • goodFeel93goodFeel93 Posts: 358 Member
    Ouh great! Im glad it worked 😅🙏🏼 Happy simming! 🍪
  • hannekemuffinhannekemuffin Posts: 192 Member
    I've updated my top 5!
  • piotr1562512piotr1562512 Posts: 38 Member
    Updated my top 5 :blush:
  • hannekemuffinhannekemuffin Posts: 192 Member
    edited January 21
    Thank you at @Tamaek for the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom- Keen Klothes Keeper!
    I've updated my top 5.
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  • piotr1562512piotr1562512 Posts: 38 Member
    @goodFeel93 Thank you for the gifts! :heart:

    I have updated my top 5.
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 160 Member
    Thank you @NewEra2009 for the Latest Fashion Frock
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3
    The Oakley Legacy, coming soon (TBA Late 2020)
  • Greylady624Greylady624 Posts: 1,108 Member
    I just want to say, thanks to the generosity of the people on these forums (fora?), I have been able to spoil my sims. Sometimes the names don't show up, so I just wanted to give an all-inclusive thank you. :)

  • Lily_Iris1Lily_Iris1 Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you to the person that gifted me the ultra basket! <3
    Unfortunately, the thing glitched and I didn't get your name...
  • rebekah_lindseyrebekah_lindsey Posts: 27 Member
    Hi all! I havent been on here in a long time, my old laptop stopped working for the Sims :'( But I'm finally back with a new laptop and updated wishlist!:)

  • hannekemuffinhannekemuffin Posts: 192 Member
    Thank you at @NewEra2009 for the Glass Middle Table!
    I've updated my top 5.
  • KeithiaKeithia Posts: 20 Member
    Persona Name: Pearemi

    My Top 5 Items

    1. Fit as a Fiddle Violin - 823 SimPoints

    2. Swept Softly Hair - 96 SimPoints

    3. Hideaway Bunk Bed - 90 SimPoints

    4. Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing - 265 SimPoints

    5. Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill - 552 SimPoints

    Wishlist: https://store.thesims3.com/myWishlist.html?persona=Pearemi

    If anyone wishes to friend me, I will gladly accept all requests :) I really love this community. Thank you @Reachsims for starting this gifting thread and to all the angels here, you are very awesome! I'm still new to this forum and learning how things work so any advice is always welcomed. :)

    Thank You & Happy Simming, everyone! <3
    🌱🍃🌿🍁🍂 “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace” 🌾🌻🌼🌷🌹
  • JENiiEYJENiiEY Posts: 224 Member
    edited March 8
    Wow i haven't been on here for so long! I have no idea if my top 5 is still on here aha!

    How is everyone?

    *edited, realised my top 5 is linked below :)*
  • sara4562sara4562 Posts: 7 New Member
    Hi! I would like some items from the Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun set. I don't have enough simpoints and I would like to use the cascades effect to get the toddlers stuff.
    My top 5
    1. Puffy Pachyderm Slide (99sp)
    2. Wily Wilderness Tower (99sp)
    3. Beary Baby Bottom (25sp)
    4. Grandpa's Grove Tractor (733sp)
    5. The Titanic Toy Machine (545sp)
  • sara4562sara4562 Posts: 7 New Member
    Thank you so much @Reachsims. I was finally able to get the Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun set and with the cascade get the toddler stuff! :)
  • Sally_Sally_ Posts: 40 Member
    Hi, here's my top 5:
    1. Lucky Palm (2450 sp)
    2. Al Fresco street market (1710 sp)
    3. India Inspired Bedroom - Bangalore Wall Sculpture (25 sp)
    4. Straight Shooter (36 sp)
    5. Food Sample Sculpture (25 sp)

    Thank you and happy simming!
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