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Complete Legacy/Challenge List!



  • laq87laq87 Posts: 1 New Member
    hi this is my first forum and i generally want to start a legacy but cant decide which will keep me interested i have all expansion and most of the stuff packs what is the best ep combination for a legacy challenge
  • mamabear1mamabear1 Posts: 25 Member
    How are the legacy challenges done? Do you have to have certain games? How does it do the points? I am clueless, I have never done one but it sounds interesting. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you
  • NeraNera Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm having some problems. I want to see the Disney Challenge rules but every time I click on any cahllenge link here it brings me back to home page and I can't find Sims 3 Disney Challenge anywhere else so please help
  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 485 Member
    edited July 2018
    New challenge - the Renovacy Challenge

    What’s a renovacy? And who might like it?

    It’s a renovation-legacy. The aim is to renovate the dilapidated living quarters your sims have found themselves in. Before the youngest child becomes an adult.
    The rules are simple.
    Set ages to default mode.
    If you have seasons, set each season to either 7 days, or 3 days if you want to play with short years.
    No money cheats.
    The family starts with no money at all. If they have any, take it off them!
    No adult can have a career or profession: nothing with a proper salary. They can make money fishing, collecting and selling things, gardening, playing for tips, sculpting, inventing and selling your products at the consignment store, dumpster diving…but no jobs (though there can be an exception for one part-time job if it’s essential to the story.)
    Children can sell baked goods or lemonade, if you buy the stand and a cooker.
    Teens can have a part-time job.

    Children have to be grade A students as soon as possible, and stay on the honour roll. You don’t want social services investigating your home life, and seeing the state of your home.
    Family relationships have to be good too, for the same reason – if they start off poor, then you have to improve them as a priority.

    The renovating rules.
    All flooring and walls have to be papered over – you can’t sell the floor or wall covering that’s already there.
    You can repaint things to make them look better, but you have to pay 25 simoleons for everything you paint – make a donation on the mailbox.
    Your aim is for everyone to have their own bedroom (spouses can share, and babies or toddlers can go in with someone else), with a bed, curtains, bedside table, lamp and dresser or desk or toybox.
    Bathroom/toilet goal is one between two. At least one with bath and one with shower.
    Kitchen is fridge, cooker, sink, three counter units, lighting, and clock, picture and bench accessory.
    Dining room/area is table, enough chairs for everyone plus a visitor, rug, lighting, two pictures .
    Sitting room is enough comfy seating for everyone, coffee table, two plants, lighting, two pictures and either television or stereo.
    For people who like scoring things, you can score the rooms: add up the points on the furniture for environment, energy, comfort, fun and stress relief. Hunger, bladder and hygiene don’t count. A total of 10 gives you a level 1 room, 20 a level 2 and so on.
    Garden area: if there are plants here that you want to get rid of, you can sell them, but you can only spend the money on fences or walls or other plants. The goal for the garden is to have it fenced and gated (to keep the children safe). You can score a garden like the rooms though, by adding things to it.

    Who might like it?
    Someone who wants a shortish challenge. The house has to be finished by the time the youngest child is an adult.
    Someone who likes building, creating families and starting off a story.

    Building rules.
    You can make this as hard as you like, except that each house must start with a toilet and shower, some means of cooking (can be a fire pit) and somewhere for everyone to sleep. This can be a sleeping bag on the floor. Any babies or toddlers have to have a cot each and one potty. After that, it’s totally up to you! You can make it as ugly as you like, as run-down as you like…the sleeping area has to have a roof, but nothing else does. You can make the furniture as outrageous as you want…just go wild!

    Creating a family rules.
    One adult or teen must have the Good trait so that they can make donations on the mailbox.
    The family can be as hard to play as you like, and as big as you like. There must be one adult, though, and if the adult is a grandparent, then there has to be one teen. I quite like dressing them in dreadful clothes. And they can’t have better ones until they can afford a dresser!
    Give it a starting story and post it for someone else to download and play!

    Links to mine: (more coming later as I get them moved onto my story site). These are the cc free and pattern-free ones. - by SamelaRita - by SamelaRita - by SamelaRita - by SamelaRita - by SamelaRita

    The Mojica-Hutchins renovacy by Mmdrgntobldrgn. Lot here:
    Back story here:

    Sassafras renovacy by ADWilson

    KaytayRoall made a renovacy for Ciane as a gift:
    Lot here:

    Ciane made a renovacy with a twist:

    Mmdrgntobldrgn made another one:

    Link to the thread here - and also to the stories people are posting about their renovacies.
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  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,780 Member
    Nera wrote: »
    I'm having some problems. I want to see the Disney Challenge rules but every time I click on any cahllenge link here it brings me back to home page and I can't find Sims 3 Disney Challenge anywhere else so please help

    This thread is outdated. Many of the links point back to the old forums and were never updated. An updated challenge list was created but unfortunately was never stickied so it's not easy to find. There are 2 Disney challenges listed on the updated challenge list:
  • NeraNera Posts: 2 New Member
    @TreyNutz thank you so much
  • MistyZBAMistyZBA Posts: 24 Member
    New Challenge: Download my Simford and Son family and follow the guidelines in the description.
  • cianeciane Posts: 15,384 Member
    I don't think this list is updated any more, but I'll add this one:

    I'm going to call this the Toddler Training (TT) challenge. I've done the seven babes and one adult challenge before. It is doable, but it is also intense.

    For those that want a challenge, but a calmer experience, create a family with both parents and six toddlers in CAS. Then, using no cheats (money or otherwise), build them a home where ever you like. Premium content store items and cc furnishings that are cheaper or give better benefits are considered cheats.

    Your goal is to completely train each toddler before they grow up. My toddlers are only toddlers for five days (as I set one Sim day equals a year) and I completely trained five of the six, but had one tot who didn't finish the logic series. I'll play it better next time, hopefully!

    So, each tot gets potty trained, learns to walk and talk, and reads (or is read) all the skill books.

    Here's my example play through:
  • MistyZBAMistyZBA Posts: 24 Member
    Has anyone tried a Zodiac Challenge so each sim in the extended family is a different sign? If not I propose that as a challenge.
  • brittmspaceballsbrittmspaceballs Posts: 21 Member
    Great list. Thank you!
  • kaylajean90kaylajean90 Posts: 16 Member
    I have created a new challenge and would love to hear feedback on it. It is meant to be lengthy with a lot of money manipulation. I created the file using Google Docs and Google Sheets.
    It is called A New Community Challenge. It is similar to Build Newcrest in the means of it is taking place in Newcrest, but the story and Challenges are so much different. This is the list of Rules and Step and This is the Free Printables that will help you throughout the challenge. The List of Rules link will take you to Google Docs and the Free Printables will take you to Google Sheets. You shouldn't have to login to review them.
  • hugsfromhannahhugsfromhannah Posts: 152 Member
    edited December 2018
    I did this thing for fun, and realized that it would make a phenomenal challenge.
    I'll post again if/when I end up making official rules and creating a "challenge", but here's what I did.
    I basically made a Sim with the Heartbreaker LTW, but I had to kill every single one of the 10 lovers in 10 different ways, just to get to the Grim Reaper.
    I don't play Sims 4, so I don't know how well it'd translate to that game.
    I made a thread with my entire adventure.
    What ended up happening is kind of funny and extremely messed up, I'm begging someone to go read it all.
    Let me know if this sounds like something people would be interested in doing!
  • KayosCatalystKayosCatalyst Posts: 313 Member
    I don't know if this list is getting updated anymore but if it is I made a challenge today that I think people would enjoy called the Family Consequences Challenge
  • silverwood02silverwood02 Posts: 72 Member
    I don't know if this list is getting updated anymore but if it is I made a challenge today that I think people would enjoy called the Family Consequences Challenge

    Your link does not work!
  • X_Pixel_Pixie_XX_Pixel_Pixie_X Posts: 3 New Member
    this is so helpful omg!! thanks
  • goldenwhiskergoldenwhisker Posts: 30 Member
    Thanks so much for the list! That's very helpful. May consider trying one or two or many of those. :D
    Do well in school, kids
  • SkosalgSkosalg Posts: 141 Member
    Great list! You missed the Heir to ruins challenge, Seven dwarfs challenge and Timelord challenge.
  • DaJuiceMane513DaJuiceMane513 Posts: 2 New Member
    I have created a "Intermediate Legacy" interesting enough, its not so intermediate lol.

    So I always struggle deciding what world to use. And what direction to take. I always spent way to much time customizing worlds to fit as much expansion stuff as possible. That is a horrible approach. This continues to be an issue with me considering I dont use CC or MODS.

    I have come up with a way to take advantage of the entire game with out getting bored with the sane gameplay over and over.

    I have 8 worlds. SV, TB, SS, BP, plum, RV, AP and IP. All in game content except RV, which was free.

    With these world I chose my least favorite, Twinbrook. Created my founder as a Teen, with his immediate family. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister. This angle is an attempt to build some backstory for my founder.

    There will be a family business through my legacy that the founder will start. Upon graduating highschool and becoming a young adult. I move my founder to Sunlight Shores to start the family business.

    This is when the legacy will take off.... I have use 2 of 8 towns now. Leaving 6 remaining. My founder, eventually will have 7 children. As they grow older, one child will stay home in SS, the others will venture to others towns to continue the legacy.

    Generation 3 will begin in each heirs respected new town. This gives me the option and full use of the game. I cant wait to get through 10 seasons and see which one was successfull and which wasnt!

    Please give me your thoughts on this!!! Thank you!!
  • jdoensonjdoenson Posts: 7 New Member
    Figured out what was wrong with the link! There was no colon before the two forward slashes. I can't post links yet, but for reference it shows, https //, where it should be https :// (just take out the space after the https, because apparently that's a link too)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,320 Member
    Here's the corrected LINK for KayosCatalyst's Challenge :3
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