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Complete Legacy/Challenge List!

I haven't been on the Sims forums for ages, I'm back in school so the free time I do have for the Sims I'm usually playing rather than hanging out in the forums :) But my computer crashed and I am waiting to get a new one to do a reinstall, etc. so I figured I'd check up on the forum action.

I started this list like a year and a half ago before Creative Corner was split into sub-groups so I figured I'd repost this in the Stories and Legacy forum and update it!

Original 10 Gen Legacy:

Alphabetcy: Start generation 1 with "A" names, gen 2 with "B" etc.
Battle for Your True Colors:
Disney Legacy:
Hidden Trait Legacy:
House Hopping Legacy:
Humble Beginings:
Hunger Games: relate each generation to one of the 12 districts in Hunger Games
It's so Cliche
Life as We See It Challenege:
Ninja Legacy:
Oppositcy: opposite genetics reproduce
Prettacy: Start with a hideous Sim and breed them to pretty
Rainbowcy: Start with a neutral colored founder, White/grey/tan ect and each gen you marry in new color, (Color order is left up the creator) by the end you have a rainbow of generations, and the most interesting genetics you have ever laid eyes on.
Romeo and Juliet Challenge:
Selfacy: Use simself as your founder
Simon Says Challenge:
Starving Artist Legacy:
Through History Challenge:
Uglacy: Deliberately breed uglier and uglier Sims
Zodiac Legacy:
Vampire Legacy:

Additional Challenges:
10 Generations, 10 Kids Each Gene Challenge:
100 Baby Challenge:
1,000 Baby Generation Challenge:
All My Wishes Legacy:
Apocalypse Challenge:
Updated Wiki Page:
Argus Supernatural Legacy:
Astronacy: http://
Asylum Challenge: Rules: or Forum Link:
Battle Against Life:
Battle for Perfect Generations:
Build A City Challenge:
Chemical Garden Challenge:
Cinderella Story:
Clone Challenge: Rule: Forum Link:
Differences in Family Tree:
Epic Moodlet Challenge:
Fairytale Legacy:
Fairytale Legacy II:
Featuracy "Creature" Challenge:
Follow in my Footsteps:
For Every Generation there's a Genre:
Four Immortal Sisters Challenge:
Going for Broke:
Greek Mythology Challenge:
Hard Life Challenge:
Homeless Legacy Challenge:
Hotel Challenge:
I'm A Lover:
Immortal Dynasty Challenge:,1810.0.html
Jack of All Trades:
Klepto King Challenge{/b]:
Locked Away Challenege:
Love Them and Leave Them Challenge:
Mafia Challenge:
Man Plantin Project:
Moodlet Mayhem:
Mummy Town:
Mythical Creatures Challenge:
Nymph Project:
Occult Dominancy:
Opportunity School Challenge:
Project of Love Challenge:
Rags to Riches:
Rebuild the World:
Rock N' Roll Challenge:
Royal Kingdom Challenge:
Six Degrees of Separation Storytelling:
Sleeping Beauty Challenge:
Speed Legacy:
Survival Camp Challenge:
Three Little Sims Challenge:
Town DecaDynasty:,5005.0.html
Who's Your Daddy:
Wishful Living Challenge:
Zodiac Curse Game:

Pet Challenges:
50 Foals Challenge:
100 Pet Challenge:
Arc Builder Life Time Wish:
Pet Master Legacy:

If you create/discover another challenge please post it and I'll add it to the master list!


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