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Travel Bugged

I can travel but never actually make it to any of the travel sites.
Started just after installing Outdoor Living. Anyone else found and figured out how to fix it yet?



  • QueenBeewannabeeQueenBeewannabee Posts: 342
    edited February 2011
    This is what I've done for my sims lost in vacation. This has worked effortlessly for me three times so far.

    Once you are the destination with no sims and your panel is empty do the following:

    1) Go to town edit mode:

    2)Click on any random family in town and select them as your active household.

    3) Your active family should now be playable. If you look on the vacation tab that lets you know how much time is left at your destination that means you are good to go at the next step

    4) Click on phone, computer etc and "go home"

    5) Once you arrive home, your original sim family (the one that dissapeared) should be back in place.

    6) Your random sim family from vacation are also now added as members to the family.

    7) Simply kick out additional sim family and you will now have your original family safe and intact.

    So far, all my inventory items have been safe however I have always lost my simoleons.

    Hope this helps!
  • KrysstiaKrysstia Posts: 57 Member
    edited February 2011

    Seems to only bug when I dont launch the game from the EA downloader.. And if it weren't almost 6am I probably never would have tried that.
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