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The Sims 3 and its love affair with Arrested Development

I have this as this initial post in my Sims 3 blog, but I thought I'd re-post it here for three very good reasons:

1. It allows for an open discussion. Post what you find!
2. It's a change of pace from all the kvetching, be it justified or otherwise.
3. Someone might actually read it.


Clearly, someone (or someones) at EA would like it to be possible for Mitchell Hurwitz' Arrested Development to continue on in Sim-form. Already I've stumbled onto a couple of references to the canceled sitcom, and I'm certain that there are more that I haven't yet discovered.

The first and most obvious is the "never nude" trait, an affliction that plagues David Cross' Tobias Fünke, the guy Zach Braff played whose character's name escapes me, and dozens (literally dozens) of others like them across the globe.

The second is considerably more subtle. There's a stock townie wandering around Sunset Valley. He's an fairly unremarkable old fellow, except for his name: Gobias Koffi, no doubt named for the hypothetical chain of coffeehouses (Gobias Coffee or, if you prefer, Go Buy Us Coffee) of its would-be creators, Gob and Tobias.

As a huge fan of the show, I'm really looking forward to stumbling onto more of these little references. In my wildest fantasies, some sort of delightful Easter Egg is revealed when one crafts nine perfect facsimiles of the Bluthe clan.

...Perhaps my fantasies could do with some livening up.

So, are there any other Arrested Development fans around here? And, if so, have you spotted any other gems of reference hidden within the Sims 3? Speak up, now!

EDIT: Ah shoot. I thought I posted this in Sims 3 General Discussion but I put it in Sims 3 Store General Discussion by mistake (the top of both sections is labeled "Forum Index » General Discussion (EN)." That's a usability issue if I've ever seen one). I don't suppose any power-that-be would be willing to correct my careless error...?


  • KraylessaKraylessa Posts: 263 Member
    edited June 2009
    There is a pre-made Funke family in the Sim Bin.
  • CleoTheMuseCleoTheMuse Posts: 143 New Member
    edited June 2009
    Kraylessa wrote:
    There is a pre-made Funke family in the Sim Bin.

    I saw that last night!
  • nicolastkyonicolastkyo Posts: 1 New Member
    I know I'm about 11 years late on this discussion, but today I found another reference to arrested development. The description of the Rustler's den building reference development called sudden valley.
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