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Clubs are empty? PLEASE HELP :O



  • CK213CK213 Posts: 17,807 Member
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    Neverent wrote:
    Okay then we've got computer specs ruled out.

    Your next step is look around town for a spot that might be mysteriously calling out to sims to congregate there. People have reported beaches, a parking garage, etc., have lured all of the sims in the town to the spot where they all just gather, starve to death, etc. and never go home. Deleting this area has fixed it for them.

    Worth a shot to look.

    I don't know. I just think the game is bad at attracting sims to clubs in other towns. My Bridgeport is fine, but other town's clubs are empty.

    My specs are fine.
    === Rating info ===
    GPU: 5 GPU Memory: 4 CPU: 4 RAM: 4 CPU Speed: 3013 Threading: 3
    Adjusted CPU: 3618 RAM: 8190 Adjusted RAM: 7678 Cores: 4

    There are only two clubs in my other towns. When one is dead, the other is a hot spot. I don't have sims raving at strange places. I've had one club in Sunset Valley take off and seem normal. It didn't do that until the game generated a celebrity and a vampire. I've only experienced this once. I don't think I've played my other towns long enough for it to happen.
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    Awhile ago, I saw someone posted the explanation for this issue. Apparently the game draws Sims to the clubs based on their personality traits. So, for example, Sims with "party animal" will appear in clubs more often than any others.

    Unfortunately the system does not seem to work very well, because if a club only draws certain traits and only a few Sims in town have those traits then club = empty.

    Someone created a mod to address this issue, but I can't seem to find it. If anyone knows about it, please post! :D

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    I usually avoid the lounges or high end dance clubs, because most lower level celeb and normal Sims are not allowed in, therefore there will be less visitors. The sports bars and dive bars seem to be where the party's at in my Bridgeport.
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    Just for the record, changing the numbers in the Graphicresources.srg 100% works.

    That IS the FIX. Period.

    Changed mine to


    And it worked instantaneously.

    there's sims everywhere now, and the clubs are poppin.

    I'm playing on Mac, but I'm sure it'll do the same for folks using Windows.
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