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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,033 Member

    Advanced Results for #208 Fall Showdown

    I love the interesting pieces over the windows and the way you highlighted the windows with lighter wood running vertically. I also love all the outside areas, the mix of autumn colored trees and vegetation that really add a warm appeal to the lot, and that interesting shaped pool. Inside, I seriously love the soft color palette and the inclusion of that extra brick wall which helps separate the living and dining area from the entry and study space you created. Hands down, you win the interior design portion! My only suggestion is that you had a large budget and didn’t add any window coverings, though I know the view is awesome and it’s a small island.

    Your architectural design skills are amazing! I love the shape and texture and layout of your lot and buildings. This is your specialty! I specifically like the way you turned the bath into a food storage panty, blocked the space between kitchen and living area with fireplaces, and added outhouses (inside too). I often find the mix of varying patterns within a room really distracting and discordant, though I’m fairly certain that is the vibe you were going for here. However, you did such an overwhelming unified look on the outside with all those mixes of wallpaper that I was left wanting to see that on the inside as well.

    You have really developed landscaping skills. I can tell that you love landscaping! I love the stream and its environs as well as all the varied colors and types of vegetation. Also, turning the house around gives you a great back patio area! Inside, you have great CAP talent: I love the living room wallpaper and the stone kitchen and bath. My one wish was that you had made that bridge into an arched one or made some kind of covering over it. The straight railings seem to lend themselves to adding an overhanging of some sort, like using a column and adding fencing crisscrossing on top.

    I love the way you added that half gable? roof with those diagonal windows and the full run of windows down the side! You’ve made a very fun and chaotic place with a surf pool and fountain that any sim will love. Inside, I like the layout with the kitchen in the back room and dining room right next to it, and that’s a perfect spot for a bathroom. My favorite part of your design is the way you added that wave mural around a corner. It’s awesome that way. You were going for a really laid-back surfer scene, which I think you achieved well. My question to you is, “Why didn’t you carry on the edging around the brick walkway to follow around the pool as well?” The brick looks flat against the grass – very 2D – and the edging would add that 3D pop.


    And the winner is... @suzses, who excelled in all three categories - interior design, architecture, and landscaping.
    2nd Place goes to: @creativemetaphor, who truly mastered the architectural design aspect.

  • iampes23iampes23 Posts: 447 Member
    Okay, work on my bridge building! Gotcha ! ;) thanks for the suggestion--it does look a bit boring.

    Great job everyone--and what fun builds!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,367 Member
    Congrats @suzses on a fantastic win, and everyone else for their beautiful entries!

    I often find the mix of varying patterns within a room really distracting and discordant, though I’m fairly certain that is the vibe you were going for

    It wasn't, and I confess I don't see the discord. Perhaps simply a differing taste :)
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,487 Member
    Thanks @creativemetaphor . Congrats to you, too. Your build was wonderful. There were lots of interesting takes on this past challenge.
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