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Things I miss and Things that could be made better

1)I would like to be able to see the number status of a relationship with another sim
2)Definetly NEED proper genetics (CAS built sims are base genetics)
3)I'd like to see more skills needed for jobs
4)Seasons and Pets and Right armed jewelery
5)More attributes - I want a gorgeous, gold digger
6)more career options (including part-time)
7)Blank Town Templates
8)Pool Table - Drums - Piano
9)Chemistry (w/an upgrade - choose 3 likes the 1st is worth 3pts, the 2nd 2pts the 3rd 1pt and 2 dis-likes the 1st -1pt and the 2nd -2pts) or something along with more like/dis-like choices.
10)Everyone else's more looks options (changing face-hair-etc.)
11) I like how sim social's skills and moodlets show up on the screen.
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