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Exotic world version 2

Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
Exotic world version 2

After playing game this week, I've decided to remove version one of exotic world, I was disappointed with the dark lighting while playing the game.





The entire concept was to make a large playable world, during the early stages of this world I reduced the number of textures and reduce some of the quality of the world in favor of being able to play the world, to much eye candy is bad for the speed of the game.
I was a little disappointed with the end result, let down by me changing the lighting files very late in the world development. With this new version I've done my best to correct them errors and taken on-board suggestions made by fellow simmers to improve and tweak the world.

So for anybody reading this for the first time I will do a full showcase of the world and include the new picture that show off the world:-

The biggest improvement in the new version is the lighting, you can see in the top left how clear the Sims are in the new version, the second pic top right you can see the heat glow on the taxi, this is a new additions to the files, I increased the bloom effects on a hot day, to give the world that extra cool touch. In the bottom left you can see I still make days murky, but like the close up pic in the bottom right shows you it makes little difference to the sim details.

The only time during me testing the files I did see some darkness that produced poor lighting was during a sunrise on overcast day, with no lighting from the street lamps and it being a bad day, to reduce this I've increased the bloom on them days, it still not 100% perfect, but it very much playable and a lot better than it was.


The first pic shows the new sunset, I wanted to keep this in this version, it makes a dramatic ending to the days.
The other things tweaked in this version are some of the lots made more user friendly


Version one would be great version to play if your a Goth, version 2, you will be more at home if you like lots of colors, the top right pic show you the new background terrain I made, notice how the background terrain now, is reflecting the heat from being a sunny day. During overcast day the background looks dull.
The bottom left pic shows a overcast day, notice how the mountains fades away behind the castle. Bottom right shows you the emerging train.


The top two lots show you the level detail used on the lots and with the new lighting in full force you can see more clear on how things look, notice the smoke coming out of the chimney on snowwhites cottage on the right pic, you probable missed this in version 1, due to it being so dark. Do not think I've forgotten about indoor lighting this also got a little tweak, it will be great place show off any new lots you build with the tweaked indoor lighting.


The Story

Hope Island is a picturesque development on the northern end of the Gold Coast.
In 2012 hope Island broke away from the gold coast, and became to the locals the Exotic world.

Current Year 2020

The Coast area

Here summers are warm, or even hot, with a three-month period when rain rarely falls. When it does rain in this season it is heavy and often associated with thunder. Sunshine is abundant, as much as eleven to twelve hours a day in summer and five in midwinter.
Winters are generally mild and sunny but this pleasant weather is often interrupted by very changeable cold and blustery weather brought by a northerly wind called the mistral. This blows with particular strength in the Exotic valley and around the coast area.

The Mountainous Regions

These areas are the wettest and coldest regions of Exotic World and much of the winter precipitation is snow. Winter sports are best developed in this area and Pyrenees but can be pursued for a shorter period in the other mountain regions. The weather and climate of the is very similar to that found in the Swiss Alps. Plans for a special Xmas Exotic world are already in the planning stages of the local Sims.

Central Eastern Island

Summers also tend to be a little warmer. Rainfall is generally low and tends to fall in summer when it is often associated with thunderstorms.
Winters become colder towards the east and they are not any warmer farther south. In winter occasional very cold spells can occur. There is a definite increase in summer warmth in the south and an increase in sunshine from an average of seven to nine hours a day. This is also home of the main city area for exotic island, most people come here for jobs.
On the north end of the island, a oriental housing zone was established, this was attempt by the city council to introduce a higher cultural level to the island.

Western Island

This is mainly a lowland region, winters are generally mild and cold spells do not last for long.
The summers are significantly warmer and sunnier than in eastern Island. They can be rather wet, particularly towards the border, but the rain tends to be heavy and of short duration. Summers have more sunshine and longer spells of settled weather than farther north.
This area also contains a small french rural area and a medieval castle. Also home for the main science and industry area and boast some great nighttime shopping area's

North Island

Low-lying and rather flat area, there are some high mountain regions around the small island. Since 2015, the military have used this area, still some people live in this area and rumors that several archeologist have set up camp to explore some new ruins bring this place some interest.


* Edit INI files
* All Rabbit holes
* Animated Train
* 122 Lots
* Compressed to reduce loading times.
* DX5 Textures used
* Vista used on the lots
* Texture sounds used
* Street names
* Lighting used on roads
* Emitters used inside lot, will only activate after one save, you will hear a bang the second time you load in the world, to tell you the emitters are working correctly
* Hiking area's used
* The Tricksters Dungeon, 5 levels of death and chaos
* Effects used on world map
* Spawners used in a balanced way
* Working Rainbow
* Edited Moon
* Edited Rabbit Holes
* Edited Posters inside the theater
* Working Ambitions lots with a new fire station

Download Link


Hillside Wedding Chapel
By rinirae

Briarwood Farm

Lone Artist Loft by EQ $39,475
by EuphorialQueen

Greenwood Waterfall
by glitzyangel

Romantic Oasis
by glitzyangel

Treehouse Camp
by glitzyangel

Weeb's Cottage
by glitzyangel

21st Century Central Park
by magician1

Doo P's 5 Towers Centre
by magician1

The Villa Dubai
by magician1

Starter Cottage under 16K
by magician1

Ocean's 11
by magician1

Mystical Lodge
by Euka

Pinehearst Science Lab
by Euka

Archeologist Camp Site
by Euka

White Wash Delight
by Euka

Irish Rose Cottage
by cerridyn

Many of the other lots in the world are made by me or I used edited EA lots.
The number of lots in the world might get reduced prior to release so this list might change.

All the designers of the world have been given credit inside the game for the lots they designed in form a plaque that your sim can read and it will state the designer of the lot.


I got sick of making guides in the end, but here is full list of all the guides and CAW stuff I used while building this world:

I started a building a world guide, it's split into 12 parts, the guide will cover all the trick I used to build this world.




Large Address Aware

Spillway Ambitions missing object from CAW

Replacement Dungeons
Pack contain a replacement exotic world dungeon

World Specific Params files

How to re-upload worlds to the exchange

Exotic World Household Sims

This pack contains 44 sim households to used with exotic world, all the Sims are based around lifetime wants


The world contains a large number of custom graphics, all the change are limited to this world only, you will not be able distribute the graphic changes inside any lots you design in this world. The world is mod free and nothing will be installed other than the world file.

Bigger pictures of the world

The World

The Trickster Dungeon

The Town

West of Town

The Swimming Pool

The Train

Northwest Area


Warning you need Exotic world version 2 installed for this to work

You need winrar to unzip the file



A copy of the setup is included in the download:

It's very simple, just copy the contents of the exotic world save to

C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves

Your good to go at this point



I've done some tweaking on the Holiday resorts, nothing major, just played about with base camps and tweaked a few lots.
To use them in your game, just place them in your saved game folder with your save.

worldbuilders files

This contains the files that I used in building this world, the Sea, sky, lights, posters, custom graphics. This folder is for builders who wish to tweak there own worlds and much of the donkey work is already done for you. Use them files anyway you choose.






Click on the "Save file to your PC: click here" to download the world

So this might be the end for this world, but it's going out with bang, many thanks for all your support and looking forward to seeing your worlds.



  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,947 Member
    edited September 2010
    I'm looking forward to seeing the changes you have made. Have downloaded and am installing now. Will be back later with feedback, if I don't encounter the white wall thing on this forum today.
  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    I am super excited to see this up again. I can't wait to get it installed and test it out. You did a great job and I know you put many hours into this world. Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us. I am downloading it now and will play it later this evening.
  • cazg1974cazg1974 Posts: 139 New Member
    edited September 2010
    woohoo thanksyou so much, been waiting for this, well as i told you before i have rated it as the best world created so far, so happy you have taken the time and effort to ammend the lighting.
    Again thanks so much.
    Enough from me im off to dl and play for several hours :mrgreen:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    DOLLDRMS1- I've had that white wall thing most of last week, it's a pain, I think somebody uploaded some **** pics or something and I missed them :cry: , I hope enjoy the new version.

    DarkMirage- Many thanks, I hope enjoy this version more, it's much brighter.

    cazg1974- "Best world created so far" :mrgreen: Thou it might be soon beaten by EA's Barnacle Bay, no amount of sarcasm in that :twisted: . Many thanks for youe wonderful comments

    Right I'm off to sharpen my sword, dust of the old parrot and do other pirate things while I wait for Barnacle Bay.

  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,947 Member
    edited September 2010
    Quick, before I run into a white wall, lol.

    I'm really just getting started playing in Exotic World but I can tell you that it is running smoothly and even though I had version one, I'm finally able to really see the world, :) The lighting changes you have made are wonderful, so for the first time I can really appreciate the details of the world.

    I also saw the additional lots you put in and am appreciative of that fact. I've already used one for a home I have that I wanted in this world. I also tested placing a lot. I didn't suggest it before you redid and probably should have but I found that I wanted a specific library lot. Yes, you have the library in the cool building behind the diner but I find it a little easier to click a library icon rather than send the sim to the diner first. I have a library from one of Rflong7's worlds that I had binned because I like it so much. It is on a 30X30 lot and I had no trouble placing that size between the criminal building and the home. It even lined up perfectly straight against the street, so I'm a happy camper.

    I'm using sims you created for this world and enjoying them. For anyone who wants sims, I heartily recommend them.

    So far, I haven't seen anything that needs to be reported as a problem but will let you know if I run across anything. Again, I thank you for making the changes. It's no longer a chore to play in Exotic world, it is a pleasure.
  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    Awesome world Stw! I am really impressed with what you did, like DD stated the lighting is great now and I can see all of the details in the world. I just imported Don Lothario in the world and started playing with him, I didn't run into any issues. I am going to take a look at your Sims as DD is recommending them so highly. Thanks again for such an fantastic world.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    DOLLDRMS1- Thanks for your report, sounds good so far, I'm please your enjoying the world. I'm hoping I can find time to have play the game later, you have probable played the new world more than me, other than testing everything was working ok, I've not had chance to sit down and play the game yet.

    DarkMirage- It' my pleasure, I hope you enjoy the new version. :D
  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,947 Member
    edited September 2010
    Hi Stw402, First off, feel free to abbreviate my name to DD. It's so embarrassing having not caught the fact my caps lock was on when I registered :oops:

    I hope you don't think I was crazy when I talked about my adding a library. I went to your building last night in Edit Town because one of the chairs at the upstairs chess table isn't usable. I realized you have a tag in Edit Town mode on that lot for a library but it doesn't show up in map view. All that is visible in map view is the diner lot tag, which I didn't see in Edit Town mode. Confused me but no big deal :)

    The chair at that chess table has a WA flower container behind it and one of the trellis objects may also be interfering with its use. I removed both but haven't been back there yet to see if that took care of the problem. That chair is the only problem encountered so far. Wow, just wow, if that's the only little thing I encounter, considering the complexity of this world.

    The only non-glowing critique I could offer at this point is that in my game the distant terrain you used looks blurry most of the time. Changing the lighting helped its appearance but compared to the clear, crisp rendering of textures used it looks almost out of place. I can put up a photo if you would like but you may have already noticed this yourself. Leastwise, I don't think it's my computer specs. My monitor is older than the rest of my system so I run the game at 1280X1024, native resolution. It's not bad, just not perfect, on my system anyway. By no means would I remove the world because of it.

    Got to share a quick happening. I've had my first ever child derived from a time machine. LOL, it seems so appropriate for the event to have occurred in this world.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    Thanks for the bug reports, thou unless we encounter a major bug, this version will remain on the exchange. The next version of the world, which will should Iron out any bugs, will be after the next EP, so I can include the bug fixes.
    In the mean time I will be uploading a saved game version based on the world over the weekend. This version will have all the Sims In the Sim pack in the correct location, plus some extra Sims, the saved game contains all the correct relationships also, this will greatly spice up the world. I will try to include any fixes in this Sim pack that do not require a CAW edit, so the save game remain compatible with the world.

    With the distant terrain, it might be something I will change after the next EP, it was based off a real terrain, it can look a little out of place, but it's something different and novel, so I decided to keep it in.

    Thanks DD :mrgreen:

  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,947 Member
    edited September 2010
    I'm in heaven. You said "save game" and I can hardly wait to get my hot little hands on it. Thank you so much for doing this :mrgreen:

    I completely agree that unless there is a major bug, you should leave this version alone. If you're going to do a Late Night version, you can address anything needed then. Do you still want reports of anything found for a list? I'm not trying to nitpick the world, just report anything I find to be helpful not hurtful. LOL, I'll even admit that I'm not really looking super hard because I'm already caught up in play :)

    BTW, even though I mentioned the distant terrain, I realize this is something new done for this world. As such, you did a great job and I'm sure will do nothing but improve with future images, be they for Exotic World or another world. I do hope you will provide future worlds, too.

    I'm still amazed you took so much time writing tutorials, too. I don't use CAW but if I did, I'ld be all over them :) Very, very nice thing to have done.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    Yes, the save game I will be avaible later today, it contains all the sims from the pack I released and over 10 new families all in the correct locations. All the sims, except one are unplayed beyond setting the sims up in the world, also the relationships of all the sims in world are edited to reflect the the story. You will get lots of fighting sims and loads of drama, during the big party's.

    If you do find any bugs, just make a list if you can and release the info to me near the release of Late Night, I'm planning to edit the world around this time, the edit will include some form of Vampire area and edit to the west town area mainly. I'm not planning to increase the size if the world by a great amount, more likely replacements and edits.

    With the topic of future worlds, I'm sure I will build another world at some point, but for now I'm just going kick back and play with world I've built. Thou I'm planning a new lot soon, which I will be building for another world that's in development, Spooky Town by auntielynds.

    Remember I've not really done anything but world building and guides for the last 8 weeks, so a little break to recharge the batterys is currently needed.

    The tutorials are reference for future builders, if something in them guides helps just one person to make a better world, then energy spent making them was worth the end result. At the end of the day I do download worlds and when I get chance I do play about with them, it's better for me if the world is completed and everything is correct. It's sad sometimes how many worlds get lost due to something being missed.

  • HARRYwasHEREHARRYwasHERE Posts: 3,298 Member
    edited September 2010
    Wow this is quite impressive. I love the lighting effects! How did you create the sunset sky?
  • HARRYwasHEREHARRYwasHERE Posts: 3,298 Member
    edited September 2010
    can I ask if there is a way to edit the sky texture?

    I'm just wondering if it were possible to create effects such as this with a giant planets in the sky
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    I must say I did have a play about with this, I tried to add a night sky, into the world, backdrop, now I'm no expert at this and it's tricky for me to explain, what I found was a star map, which basically was a transparent map with dot for the stars, then a second map which was pain white, so the little dots in the first picture where transparent and would show them as white.

    So you could change the star positions, you probable could even change the star colors(not tested) , making a full background of stars with extra planets, I currently think you can't do that, with the current setup. I did try this and it was beyond me.

  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    I have been playing this world and I love it. Thanks for all of your hard work. I did run across one small issue last night, my Sims house was robbed and the burglar showed up in normal clothing, then when the cop showed up he was in normal clothing as well. That was the first time I have seen that issue, I am not sure if it is something in this world or in my game. I am going to start another world and see if that still happens, but it could take a while for another burglar to show up. They don't seem to make frequent appearances in my game.
  • BSIReginaBSIRegina Posts: 5,110 Member
    edited September 2010
    Yesterday someone linked me to this thread to see what a wonderful world you have here. This may be a problem with my aging eyes but I tried to get the general feel of your world by looking at the pictures. Unfortunately I couldn't do that because so many of them are skewed, squished, and other special effects applied. While I love graphics and special effects, when I'm trying to decide whether or not to download a world I need largish images with plenty of clear detail. I'm also prone to motion sickness and skewing and fish-eye effects set it off badly.

    And man oh man, I don't mean to be picking on you, but the animated water in your sig image is also causing my stomach to churn. :oops:

    I apologize because I don't want to be offensive but if other people have the same problem they're also going to have a hard time getting interested in what is no doubt a beautifully crafted world.
    Thanks to AdBlock: currently blocking 184 annoying animated siggy .gifs ;)
  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    Regina - I am in the process of posting some pics from this world on my blog as I play the game, click on my siggy and you can see a couple of larger pics if you would like.
  • ParyPary Posts: 6,796 Member
    edited September 2010
    I too would rather see some larger, clearer images. From what I can tell your world looks very nice, but detailed pictures help me to decide whether I want to download or not. So far I have not, because I simply am not drawn to the world through its pictures.
    Looking at the two images DarkMirage provided it does look very beautiful and unique, but I would like to see more please :)
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  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    I will add more, I have been super busy today and I haven't had the time to go through all of my pics yet.
  • cazg1974cazg1974 Posts: 139 New Member
    edited September 2010
    Hiya Stw So i have played the world for a total of about 4 hours, had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever, I adore this world, and it is for me the best one ever made.
    I love the special effects and cc all runs smoothly, now the light is so much better, i even got into the weather part so much i made my sim family stay home and play games on a dull dreary sunday :lol:
    Thanks again for all your hard work and this wonderful world :mrgreen:
  • cazg1974cazg1974 Posts: 139 New Member
    edited September 2010
    oops double post :shock:
  • ParyPary Posts: 6,796 Member
    edited September 2010
    Thanks for putting up some more shots DarkMirage ( btw, you have some incredible graphic quality there )
    The sky... wow, that is simply stunning ! Obviously you have put an enormous amount of effort into this, and it shows.
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    PoppySims Archive
    InnaLisa Pose Archive
    Devolution of Sims - a once customisable open world sandbox which has become a DLC Party catalog in a shoebox
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  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    You are welcome Pary, and thank you for the compliment! I started posting my pics on a blog instead of on here as the quality was greatly diminished with photobucket. It's just easier to upload them to one place as well.

    This is a great world, Stw did a fantastic job of it. I spend more time out in the hood with my Sims now than I ever did with any of the other worlds just to see all of the amazing details.
  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,947 Member
    edited September 2010
    DM, I'm so glad you were handy to put pics up on your blog for Regina and Pary. I was going to put some pics in the thread but have had the white wall thing since early afternoon, on top of a grinch of a day. Just one of those days where nothing seems to go right, sigh.

    Anyway, your pics far outshine anything I've taken, so mine have hit the recycle bin, lol. I hope the ladies download it and see things for themselves. There is lots of eye candy in Exotic World. This second version is simply outstanding.
  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited September 2010
    DD, thanks, it is hard NOT to take pics of this world! I am using them as wallpapers for my desktop, they look great. I agree with you, the second version is outstanding. I am sorry you had such a bad day. Are you clearing your cookies and cache? That is taking care of the white page issue for me, on the rare occasion that it doesn't I switch browsers and that does the trick.
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