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Psychic Powers skill

KayO199XKayO199X Posts: 722 New Member
If any of you have taken a look at my profile and studio, you would know that i'm a big fan of the Earthbound (Mother) game series. It's basically an RPG series that is set in modern times, and all its games feature children with Psychic powers. That got me thinking that a psychic skill might be really cool in TS3. It would be kind of like magic in that it lets sims do impossible things, but different in that the sim does not need ingredients to do abilities. However, a sim must become psychic to build this skill. They can either be born psychic or become psychic as a lifetime reward. Psychic sims will start to manifest their powers once they become toddlers, but they must become children to build their skills.

Some abilities could be...

Emerging Telepathy- Basically telepathy allows sims to read another sim's mind to figure out what their mood is.
Emerging Telekinesis- Sim can bend spoons.
Pyrokinesis- The Psychic can start and put out fires with their mind.
Basic Hypnosis- the sim can make other sims fall asleep.
Basic Healing- Sim can remove many negative moodlets from themselves and others.
Teleportation- The sim can teleport anywhere in the neighborhood, but they must get a running start to do teleport (think of how the time machine in 'Back to the Future' works)
Basic Telepathy- The psychic can read another sim's mind to discover some of their traits.
Electrokinesis- the sim can make lights flicker and shock other sims.
Basic Telekinesis- The sim can move all items that can fit in the inventory without touching them.
Advanced Telepathy- the sim can read another sim's mind to figure out ALL their traits at once.
Advanced Teleportation- The psychic can teleport anywhere without a running start.
Advanced Telekinesis- The sim can levitate themselves, other sims, and all furniture without touching them. They can also do chores (such as cleaning or cooking) without touching anything.
Advanced Hypnosis- the psychic can hypnotise other sims to do anything the psychic wants.
Advanced Healing- Can resurect sims that died of un-natural causes.

It would be really cool to see psychic sims. What do you people think?


  • sim8040sim8040 Posts: 7 New Member
    Yus! That sounds awesome. Mind reading too would be cool. Like what is this sim thinking about or what is this sim need!
  • EA_CianEA_Cian Posts: 1,359 EA Staff (retired)
    I am gonna close this as the thread in question is about 8.5 years old and this isn't the right place to be discussing ideas for games but instead ideas for the forums. :smile:

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