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Random Crashes

Just bought the game today, version 1.0.631.00001. Game plays great on highest settings on everything for a while. Seems whenever my sims are using a transportation, bike or taxi the game just freezes up. However it doesn't happen everytime just randomly.

Im running a Nvidia GTX 280, Core I7 940, EVGA x58 Classified Mobo and 4gb's of RAM on XP Pro. I have disabled all firewalls, anti-virus before installing, and during execution of the program file.

Let me continue to say that I have been playing "Sim" games since the orginal Sim City way back in the day, and has to be one of the worest releases they have had to date. Sim City 4 had some issues, and still does, but not nearly as bad as Sims 3. I'm beginning to wonder if it is possible that they might have forgotten to program this game for multi-core systems. Is there anyone out there with a Core i7 or Quad core that is NOT having a problem.

EA I have been a fan of many games for many different platforms, but I have to say that its hard defending you guys against "Anti-EA" people when you put out a poor release of your #1 selling game. I see your stock dropping a few points when this hits the press... and with the number of complaints that you all are getting its going to be hard to keep out of the press.

Please patch the game for further use otherwise this disk is going to become a just a fun office toy to throw around.


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