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Trans Gender Sims

When I first installed my sims game I had a female townie who was named Kyle and had a buzz cut. I thought odd but basically ignored it. I just started a new family and in the process of meeting people ran across Leo Woodward. Leo has a male voice, male pants & shoes, a buzz cut and BREASTS! I don't know what is up with the female henley top with T shirt but my game is applying that top to males and also children which gives you the creepy spider like children (majorly freaks you out the first time you see it). Any suggestions for a fix are greatly appreciated.


  • Kelly3221Kelly3221 Posts: 905 New Member
    edited December 2009
  • 45rpm45rpm Posts: 2,606 Member
    edited December 2009

    Go to your launcher Installed Content
    Look for anything installed with .nkd in the description
    Then change the kids clothes and the adults

    I dont know what that shirt would show as in its description though
    so i hope you dont have to much installed content.

  • Prettyweed870Prettyweed870 Posts: 832 Member
    edited December 2009
    I don't have a lot of CC on my game. All of my items came from Parsimonious (less than 20 installed). I'll look for any .nkd items and delete them. This only happened with townies so my sims should be cool. The top it is effecting is the blue camo maternity top. My game is trying to have males and children wear that top. I think the problem may come from a sim I downloaded from the exchange that has a lot of third party CC I did not notice before. I'll delete him as well and hopefully that will fix it.

    Thanks for helping out 45 rpm !! :mrgreen:
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