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Just read...

I just read that about two weeks ago there was a "pre-final" version of TS3 leaked on the net. They said it had tendency to crash alot and only half like half the town or something. So I just thought about everyone saying they have been crashing non-stop, and thought what if by accident...

I think you know what im trying to say.

LOL :wink:


  • ericschumann85ericschumann85 Posts: 105 Member
    edited June 2009
    what do you mean to say? that we are using cracked versions? i will tell you as my checkbook will. . .i am not. i didn't download the game as it was claimed 'EA lost 8 million' or whatever in money due to download.

    I believe you should be able to get what you paid for.

    the sad part is, there is no demo of this game nor was there. I again didn't download this game because i respect that it takes time and money to make games and anything. so pay for it.

    but i must say, i don't like to be hosed, and i feel a bit hoodwinked on this game.

    this isn't very good right now. the game is kinda crapy but lets hope it can be tweaked.
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