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World Adventures help threads, bug list threads, and articles

SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
Hi all,

Here's a list of threads and help articles for World Adventures issues that we are looking into. Big thanks to Simmers who have created these helpful threads:

World Adventures: Bug List (please post DxDiag)(thanks to greenXen)

World Adventures Bug List for Mac (thanks to dbloveshermac)

List of issues being looked into (thanks to Archivist)

Checklist before loading (thanks to Uzone27)

Step by step clean install (thanks to Uzone27)

Responsible Modding:

Master Help Thread

Latest Update 1.7 and how to recover corrupted saves:

How to recover saves after experiencing Error code 16:

Customer Support Home Page:

Thank you very much for your patience, Simmers while we look into these issues.
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