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Petition for EA to release the "Create-A-World -- BETA" tool on the Mac platform.


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    You know not trying to be a trouble maker here but I just found out something you all need to know.
    I have a PC & have gotten ALL my games from Origin.
    I used to work on worlds, prior to Island Paradise release but upon the release of Island Paradise Origin updated its software to a 9.3 version.
    Prior to the release of Island Paradise the version of Origin that was released did not block Edit in game in CAW.
    Since Origin updated its software to the latest release I've been unable to Edit in Game in CAW.
    CAW is beta and is not supported by EA support.
    If you tweet you can tweet @AskEAsupport and they will tell you its not supported by EA because its a beta program.

    Without an older version of Origin I won't be able to complete my world.
    I took Origin off my machine & now I'm unable to play my games without it because the creators of Origin have tied the Sims 3 launcher into Origin.
    I am not telling you all this to complain to you, but rather to inform you so you can make a good decision about what you want.
    Origin failed to inform Sims 3 players that they would not be able to play the Sims 3 games without its software or that their newest updated version would stop Edit in Game in CAW from opening.
    Instead what happened was a merger of EA & Origin.
    The only option available to me now is to re-install Origin & I've tried installing an older version of that software & it automatically updates to the newest version.
    Intead IMO what we should be fighting for is a version of CAW that is a finished complete stand alone program not beta that cannot be blocked by Origin or any other software.
    And if you use CAW and have an older version of Origin don't update Origin if you can help it.
    I have an older version of Origin on another one of my other computers, a version & EIG in CAW opens just fine the only thing is I only have Sims 3 up to Seasons on that computer.
    I won't be able to update the world to Island Paradise standards unless I use the computer IP is installed on & that is the computer Origin is blocking EIG in CAW.
    Origin opened a ticket to look into the situation because I told them about it & I paid for that because I ended up having to re-install a bunch of worlds I purchased through the store & other things that suddenly became uninstalled in my game but I don't think they can fix it because it hasn't been fixed until today & I let them know on 8/1/2013.
    Just wanted you all to know so that you can consider asking for a CAW that is a complete stand alone program to make Sims 3 worlds with rather than eventually going through what I'm going through with a beta version of CAW & Origin which will naturally continue to update its software.
    But which blocks EIG from opening in CAW.
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    It is unfair! :x
  • heyitssaigeheyitssaige Posts: 1
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    I think It's stupid that we can't create a world!
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    allow me to say that this is a fantastic idea before pessimistically adding that its probably a waste of time, as EA pays no attention to any of these innumerable petitions.

    *signed* anyway, for what its worth.

    like fat free bacon, it would be ideal but not probable to happen.

    if it did happen, theyd sell all os versions as an expansion pack instead of a free tool
    I've got a double plumicide on 1st and Main. Witnessnes said the sus screamed you mother plumber (at the plumber and her son) and hit both vics with a round of ripe purple plums (plucked from the bountiful barrels of a 9mm shotplum).
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    How do I sign this
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    Signed. It's so unfair that most people think that macs suck, when really they are better than most pcs. And it's even more unfair that the people who actually develop games for both mac and pc won't even give us the add-on that pc users get! Most of the people who think pcs are better than macs haven't even TRIED using a mac before! Sure, they don't have as many games, but they run a lot better and IF people would actually develop stuff for mac, people would realize that they are actually better than pcs! I have tried pcs before, and good ones too. I still prefer my old iMac, which runs tons of games perfectly fine, including the sims.
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    I can't send a letter but I'll sign!
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    I sign!
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    sign! :D
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    Please put me on that list!! I totally agree!! :lol:
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    I was sad to find out I couldn't create my own world because I have a Mac :( This needs to change!
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    Signed! I really really wish they I could create worlds on my mac :cry:
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    I'm signing but I can't help feeling that if sims 4 is coming out soon, we're never going to get CAW ;-;
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    I'm in please add me.
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    Put Me On Petition!
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    Put me on too!!!
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    :D:lol: sign me up !
  • SimsFan33XDSimsFan33XD Posts: 80 Member
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    I'm all in, ******
    - fat amy
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    I'd love to sign!
    simblr :3
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    I'm not sure how to officially sign, but someone put me down! I'd love to make my own worlds, and when I found out that EA wasn't working on a way to let Mac users in on the fun, I was outraged and depressed! So glad to discover a thread where people are signing so many signatures! Maybe this'll work!
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    Even though TS4 is out, I still want CAW for mac.
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