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Petition for EA to release the "Create-A-World -- BETA" tool on the Mac platform.


  • luckynicole659luckynicole659 Posts: 7,707 New Member
    edited March 2011
    Has anyone learned that petitions dont actually work with EA?
  • ShannachkaShannachka Posts: 798
    edited March 2011
    Apparently we don't care. XD

  • Illyianna2005Illyianna2005 Posts: 895 Member
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  • laurenxxosimlaurenxxosim Posts: 453
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  • MissSpicaMissSpica Posts: 54
    edited March 2011
    So I was wondering and procrastinating.

    I thought I'd post it in the case that others were wondering too. I didn't check this for double signs, so just take it as an estimate. I leave it to Alex to do the "official count".

    556. MrCrumplebottom1
    557. spoerke
    558. IndigoKitteh
    559. susols91
    560. Ramon28
    561. killerrabbit401
    562. Supermaddee
    563. Stinalina
    564. MelanieSimlish
    565. hazardousdevil69
    566. Shreddeddreams
    567. Me491
    568. Butterfly_Kika
    569. lilkia89
    570. Ravishing202
    571. atreyough
    572. AHENRICHs
    573. ImyBlinky
    574. YouMeNYC
    575. Tenix33
    576. Platt57
    577. 101random101
    578. Cubby_Michael
    579. LP100man
    580. LawMyLove
    581. cheloo22
    582. Cswartz9
    583. cutie9676
    584. masomulves
    585. sxc_princess41
    586. dudes10101
    587. shelwass
    588. easilyamusd987
    589. XStormyXDayzX
    590. Joffrey1
    591. estyle36
    592. Sarien
    593. melelana
    594. xXx_ILY_xXx
    595. Simsgirl1707
    596. gcrssmn
    597. dayumm
    598. unqua
    599. drema_paige
    600. apgshorty6
    601. kim213
    602. annabananabel
    603. differentfromyou07
    604. pieater
    605. J4M35
    606. Tutano
    607. CherriesJubilee
    608. PlexiglassPrism
    609. keyx9y
    610. Shannachka
    611. Illyianna2005
    612. laurenxxosim
  • rybeastrybeast Posts: 113 New Member
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  • eh314eh314 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I'm in
  • alexqpublicalexqpublic Posts: 10 New Member
    edited March 2011
    Whoa - wait - there's such a thing as Create a World??? I've only ever played Sims on a Mac. Consider me signed!
  • AlexRoz9AlexRoz9 Posts: 309 New Member
    edited April 2011
    MissSpica wrote:
    So I was wondering and procrastinating.

    I thought I'd post it in the case that others were wondering too. I didn't check this for double signs, so just take it as an estimate. I leave it to Alex to do the "official count".
    Your count was certainly close, MissSpica; although the official count is indeed 612, there were eight double-signatures that I caught, excluding the ones that were back-to-back. Most of the duplicates came from people whose signatures were in the 400's on the main page. I apologize for not updating the official count more quickly, but I generally like to do large updates, and the move to the CAW forum (from the Mac forum) has made those large updates a bit less frequent.

    I'd like to ask everyone to do one thing before they sign from now on: In your browser, hit Command/Apple+F (Control+F under Windows,) and in the search box, type your name to see if it shows up on the most recent list of signatures in my most recent post. If it doesn't show up there, please repeat the process on the first page of this petition. If it still doesn't show up there, please sign as you normally would, if it does show up, please don't write "signed" at the top of your post a second time. Thank you for your understanding.
    LP100man wrote:
    Has anyone tried e-mailing or even calling the headquarters, and simply asking if they will? And also telling them that there are about 600 signatures right on this thread?
    Others have supposedly called and gotten non-answer answers from EA; usually "well forward your request to the development team," or something along those lines. Nothing credible has been stated though that can be backed up with additional confirmation.

    In the past I asked people to write letters as well, and I'd like to reiterate that. One e-mail is generally worth a thousand petition signatures, one typewritten letter is generally worth a thousand e-mails; one handwritten letter is usually worth a few hundred typewritten letters. I would encourage handwritten letters from everyone possible. If you have bad handwriting, write the letter by hand anyway, and then attach a typewritten copy with a note that says something like "my handwriting is so bad that I'm attaching a typewritten copy of this letter as well." That little bit of extra work can really go a long way, it shows that you
    put additional effort into your letter, and believe it or not, that makes a huge difference in the value of your letter. A few hundred really well thought-out, adult, hand written letters to EA would be far more effective then this petition is on its own. Again, I hate to point to EA's competition, but look at what King's Quest fans did to get their fan-game released. They hand wrote letters to Activision, and it actually got Activision to change their stance on that fan-made game. While petition signatures are great, what we really need now are some well thought-out handwritten letters that are sent to EA as well. A few of those would be instrumentally helpful to our cause.

    gcrssmn wrote:
    AlexRoz9, any updates?

    None yet, Gcrssmn, but as soon as I hear anything, I'll definitely let you and everyone else know. As I noted above, we really need to push beyond the petition; new signatures are great, but we really need intelligent letters sent to EA as well. I always felt that this petition would be "step one," with "step two" consisting of intelligently written letters. Like you I was a PC user who switched to a Mac; I skipped TS2 though because I simply couldn't afford the game on two systems, (I had half Windows/half OS X computers at the time,) and didn't want to pour anymore money into Windows software at the time. When EA started messing around with SecuROM and not releasing each EP/SP for WIN/MAC, that's when I stopped thinking about buying TS2. I did by several variations of the TS1 base game though, (e.g. Deluxe, the Mac complete collection, etc.,) as well as the EPs. Naturally, I thought that TS3 was going to be fully WIN/MAC compatible, including all add-on tools, so I'm a bit annoyed that the game is A) inside of a Cider wrapper, rather then coded natively for OS X, and B) lacking CAW inside of the same Cider wrapper.

    I'm glad to see continued support for this petition though, and would like to thank everyone whose signed so far.
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  • alanaroseealanarosee Posts: 1
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  • organgrinder20porgangrinder20p Posts: 479 New Member
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  • tmeadnztmeadnz Posts: 2
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  • PennfanaPennfana Posts: 11
    edited March 2011
    Signed, and I can't believe that I didn't sign it before. CAW on the Mac would be absolutely awesome.
  • CarregCarreg Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
  • SesquipedalianSesquipedalian Posts: 26
    edited March 2011
    oh. is this still going? :roll:
    anyways, count me in. : ]
  • niconiconiconiconiconico Posts: 9
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    I don't remember if I signed this or not. I may have, but my name's not on the signature page. That's probably because I didn't have any other posts at the time, though now I do have a post under my belt.

    So, signed.
  • KCD4KCD4 Posts: 1
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  • shelwassshelwass Posts: 1,168 Member
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    I'd love to see this for Mac...I switched over earlier this year, and I'd like the chance to create some worlds too! I hope EA takes notice of this issue soon.
  • rickyvrickyv Posts: 20 New Member
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  • GreenDayGreenDay Posts: 669 Member
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    signed :)
  • Sapphire96Sapphire96 Posts: 330
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  • laurrcakeslaurrcakes Posts: 24 New Member
    edited April 2011

    C'mon EA we'd love to be able to create our own towns too!
  • SunshineShelby97SunshineShelby97 Posts: 168
    edited April 2011
    Signed!!! :D i had a crappy pc that couldnt handle the CAW tool and when i got my mac i was so excited to download till i found out i couldnt. please bring the tool to macs!!
  • KeriWhitneyKeriWhitney Posts: 4 New Member
    edited April 2011
    Signed. They refer to us as the 'beloved Mac folk'. How about showing it?
  • AthosHoundAthosHound Posts: 1 New Member
    edited April 2011
    Come on EA, it's what you do, it's ALL you do, now do it!
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