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Let's all play a good ol' game of The Simmer Below Me


  • IDontVibeIDontVibe Posts: 65 Member
    False - I'm a literal child.
    TSBM has commented on this thread before.
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,258 Member
    False. First time ever I see this and comment here!

    TSBM has a pet.
  • SteffariSimsSteffariSims Posts: 24 Member
    True! I have a Chinchilla (But he's with his original owners at the moment, I miss him :( )

    TSBM uses mc command center
  • KippuKippu Posts: 119 Member
    False, I tried to install but for some reason it didn't work so I gave up

    TSBM has lots of piercings
  • SteffariSimsSteffariSims Posts: 24 Member
    Semi True? Septum and lot's in my ears!

    TSBM Has seen the new Lion King movie
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,888 Member
    I have, I saw it the day it came out. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it.

    TSBM has seen Spiderman Far From Home.
  • IVXXXVIIVXXXVI Posts: 88 Member

    TSBM went on vacation this year

  • SteffariSimsSteffariSims Posts: 24 Member
    True! I moved to Canada from Europe so I will consider that as a holiday haha, it sure feels like one!

    TSBM has had breakfast today
  • HeathaHeatha Posts: 23 Member
    True - Eggs and cocopops!!

    The simmer below me has a useless superpower and will share what it is!
  • SteffariSimsSteffariSims Posts: 24 Member
    I just imagined eggs mixed with cocopops haha.
    False :( I am not super.

    TSBM can sing
  • HeathaHeatha Posts: 23 Member
    True - The simmer below you THINKS she can sing!! Haha I do love a good karaoke night!

    The simmer below me is a Harry Potter fan!
  • Distant_Wisteria666Distant_Wisteria666 Posts: 10 New Member
    False. I'm sorry.

    The Simmer Below Me was scared of bath colour tablets and stuff like that as a young child. And even asked for them just to panic afterwards. (I'm being too specific, aren't I?)
  • Delly621Delly621 Posts: 602 Member
    HOW'D YOU KNOW!!!!
    Jk I barely could follow that....

    TSBM Has played WoW (World of Warcraft)
    Origin ID: Willows_Ashes
    The Sims 3 ID: Delly621
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,258 Member
  • DevolvyDevolvy Posts: 8 New Member

    TSBM doesn't like chocolate.
  • Jaydewithay93Jaydewithay93 Posts: 7 New Member
    False. What kind of monster doesn't like chocolate?

    TSBM loves gardening
  • GguyGguy Posts: 184 Member
    edited August 2019
    False - I only enjoy it in the game, not the actual real world.

    The simmer bellow me wants to live on a tropical island.
  • ShadowyIceShadowyIce Posts: 18 Member
    False! I don't really like heat or the tropics x.x

    TSBM just wants to play the Sims all day and forget about responsibility.
  • HecticDogoHecticDogo Posts: 9 New Member

    TSBM has gone on vacation for the summer.
  • GguyGguy Posts: 184 Member
    edited August 2019
    True? Only two weeks off work really, ending in 2 days.

    The simmer bellow me is artistically talented in one way or another.
    Post edited by Gguy on
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,888 Member
    True, as long as you count writing as an artistic talent.

    Same question.
  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 356 Member
    ..uhhh, I like to think that I am, but I'm sure that I'm not.

    TSBM loves the rain.
    an old simmer whos gettin back into it.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,888 Member

    TSBM loves the snow.
  • Jaydewithay93Jaydewithay93 Posts: 7 New Member
    True! Have only been to the snow twice as I live in western Australia and we don't get it here but loved going on snow holidays !!

    TSBM loves making serial romantic Sims
  • DevolvyDevolvy Posts: 8 New Member
    True. I even have a save file where I try to have a baby with every female sim.

    TSBM is from Europe.
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