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Has your sim's children ever disappered or even been stolen?! Tell your stories here!

My sim, Amanda has had her daughter stolen before.

One day Amanda wanted to look for seeds for her garden. So she went to the grave yard. She couldn't leave her daughter, Myla alone (Amanda divorced Myla's dad) so she took Myla with her. She set Myla down and Myla got out her stuffed bear, Maggie. She was playing so Amanda went to look for the seeds she wanted. After about an hour or so (In sim time) she went back and Myla was gone! She looked around the graveyard for her but she wasn't anywhere. So Amanda just went home. After 3 days or so Amanda went to the bookstore to get a gardening book and found Myla with her dad! Myla's dad stole Myla from Amanda!! :shock:

I guess Myla's dad wanted custody of her. You have any stories of your sim children disappering or being kidnapped? (If you have stories of adults and such to post 'em here!) :mrgreen:
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